Types of Metal Business Cards and The Technology Used to Make Them – 2024 Guide

As you already know, handing out your business cards is one of the best ways to promote yourself and your business. However, what happens if you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you opt for paper cards that are colorful and have an interesting design? Well, you could choose those ones, but if you truly want to be different – you should opt for metal business cards. They are durable, quite uncommon, and they will certainly put your face to your card. In this article, you will be able to read about the types of metal business cards, as well as what technology is used to make them. Let’s take a look:

The Types of Metal Business Cards

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  1. Stainless Steel Cards – these cards are made from real stainless steel, and they capture a modern, clean feel in a timeless manner. And, like all the other cards in this article, they are highly customizable to fit your wishes and needs. These are perhaps the most popular option since it is attention-grabbing and cost-effective, and it will instantly make a memorable first impression. Since they are highly durable, your customers will surely want to keep them.
  2. Black Metal Cards – if you want to make a luxurious and sophisticated impression, you can opt for these metal cards. They are simply designed to impress with their matte feel and look. You will be surprised by the reaction you will get from your customers when you hand them these cards. Go beyond even the highest quality paper card and make a difference with these black metal ones.
  3. Carbon Fiber Business Cards – the carbon fiber cards are made from high-quality carbon fiber source materials. They provide a unique quality and design that will certainly mesmerize your associates and clients. They are quite light, however, they are stronger than stainless steel. If you want to see more about these cards, visit here.
  4. Copper Cards – these cards are a combination of modern and rustic. Once you hand someone this card, do not be surprised that the casual small talk turns into a 10-20 minute conversation about the card and your business. If you want to escape the modern stainless steel vibe, these copper cards are perfect for you.
  5. Brass Finish Cards – these are great if you want your cards to look like they are made from gold – and that is what makes them a major attention grabber. Their coating looks like shiny brass or polished gold, and they are perfect if you are a fashion or trend-conscious business owner.

The Technology Used to Make Metal Business Cards

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The manufacturing process for these cards is intricate and complex. There are several ways to make these cards including:

  1. Chemical Etching – this process requires the metal sheets to be placed onto an etcher where acid is sprayed in a controlled and precise way, on both the top and bottom of the sheets. The areas without the artwork or design will be etched away.
  2. Screen Printing – sometimes, the best way to make a card pop is to add some color to it. The cards are screen printed, either by a machine or by hand.
  3. Laser Etching – yet another method for making metal business cards. During the process, a low wattage laser hits the card surface, which then etches in light silver. However, it does not create depth in the etching. The color you see is likely the metal used to make the card.


If you want to stand out from the crowd of casual, paper business cards, opt for creating your own, personalized metal business cards. They are attention-grabbing, durable, and in the long run, less expensive.