Top 5 Automated Website Testing Apps in 2024

Software testing is one kind of evaluation process that will identify any kind of differences that exist in the actual output and desired output. Testing is actually the quality control procedure for any software. The great testing can allow the web developers to sort out the chinks in the software, and assuring the best product quality. The automated testing is a cost-efficient and effective way of providing software testing.

What is Automated Software?

Automation testing means to run any software programs, which carry out the execution of the test cases automatically as well as produce an amazing test result with no human intervention.  It’s a step ahead of manual testing. This saves human time and effort up to a greater extent and also does not leave any scope for the errors in automation testing. When ready, automated tests will be run many times for testing a similar application, therefore, minimizing the redundant manual work.

  • Comparium

Comparium is a one-stop place for cross-browser web testing on the widely used platforms such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is particularly true in the digital age today since web page performance & reliability plays an important role in attracting prospective clients and buyers for making the business both popular and successful at short notice.  Comparium also helps you do the quick review of a website on various platforms through a single test through simulation software. Though the cross-browser test is also done manually just by checking every version of the browser against available OS platforms, it’s the redundant and tedious job.

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Important Features 

  • Supports parallel and simulated runs on the multiple operating systems that include macOS, Windows 7, and Linux
  • Compact and lightweight web-page analysis and monitoring app that is run on desktop & mobile devices both.
  • Final test results can be seen in screenshots that depict an individual page being tested that helps us to identify incompatible versions of OS & browser platforms with a particular web page.
  • Comparium also helps to improve the accuracy of the website just by highlighting errors with some operating system or browser configurations with complete results after this test.
  • Supports various web page testing over multiple browser platforms that includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari
  • Selenium

Selenium is the open-source online automation tool and presents the highly popular and most accepted tool in a market. This will automate across many OS Like Windows, Linux, and Mac and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Headless Browsers. Selenium automation suite includes four basic components that they are; Selenium IDE, RC, Grid. WebDriver, IDE is the Firefox add-on that will record & playback various web application tests. The WebDriver communicates directly with a web browser and uses the native compatibility for automation.

Selenium test script is written in programming languages such as C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript. Selenium provides playback and record features with the browser add-on IDE. This powerful Selenium Web Driver helps you to create complex as well as advanced automation scripts. For using Selenium in the right way, users need to have advanced programming skills as well as have to spend a huge amount of time on building the automation frameworks or libraries essential for automation. It is the main disadvantage for Selenium that has been addressed in the integrated tools such as Katalon Studio.

Important Features

  • Selenium very easily integrates with different development platforms like Maven, Jenkins, QMetry, TestNG, SauceLabs, and more.
  • Parallel testing with the Selenium Grid enables the web developers to get feedback faster as well as work on changes immediately rather than waiting overnight for the test pass.
  • Since it is portable over different platforms and often does not need learning any new languages, but Selenium allows for the unmatched flexibility
  • HP UFT (or QTP)

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HPE UFT or Unified Functional Test or QTP, is a leading cross-platform web automation testing software out there. This will automate Desktop, Web, Delphi, SAP, ActiveX, Net, Java, Flex, Mobile, Oracle, PowerBuilder, PeopleSoft, Stingray, Siebel, Visual Basic, and many other apps. The list is of the development environment it will automate is vast! The UI is known as Integrated Development Environment that comes with different functionalities that motivate the tester towards testing. The QTP makes use of VB Script language for running the script or supports Java (Advanced and Core), Web, Flex, Net, WPF, Web Services, Power Builder, Delphi, Terminal Emulator, Stingray 1, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, VisualAge Smalltalk, Windows Mobile, Silverlight, and terminal emulators.

UFT makes use of VBScript as its scripting language. This tool is integrated tightly with the HP ALM and HP LoadRunner. Some distinguishing features of the UFT include the Business Process Testing, XML support, keyword-driven framework, test results, and robust checkpoints.

Important Features:

  • Executing the tests from stored scripts
  • Storing the expected result in the form of the screen and GUI object or comparing this with the run-time screen and object
  • Sending test summary over test management tools
  • Access of the data files for the use as the test data
  • Logging the test results
  • TestComplete

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Test complete is the most powerful and simple-to-use functional automation tool by SmartBear. This will automate the tests over mobile, desktop, and online applications. TestComplete supports a lot of scripting languages such as Python, VBScript, or JavaScript and different testing techniques like keyword-driven testing, regression testing, data-driven testing, as well as distributed testing. TestComplete is the functional UI testing tool, which you may use for creating and running the tests over any desktop and mobile application, which includes apps that have custom controls or dynamic web pages.

With the tool’s record & replay feature and robust object ID engine, you also can create the complex automated scripts without even writing the single of the code line.

Important Features

  • TC will automate various platforms like Java, .NET, browsers, mobile applications, and more.
  • TC is simple to adopt by the non-technical testers because of the keyword-driven method
  • TC supports Python, JavaScript, Jscript, VBScript, C++, C# and Delphi
  • Cross-platform tests jumping from the API to mobile, desktop, and web at one flow.
  • Built-in spy tool
  • Locating elements by using different properties that include text, ID, and XPath.
  • Built-in integrations like HP Quality Center, Jenkins, and more.
  • Gartner ranked this tool as a leader in 2018 report
  • Built-in record and playback, which runs reliably

LEAPWORK Automation Testing Platform allows you to do the test automation without any need for programming. The test cases are made as to the flowcharts on the design canvas just by putting together the powerful building blocks. These blocks include commands or logic required for automating the applications. Every UI operations and elements are defined and captured with some clicks. With the LEAPWORK testing, anyone will be able to build powerful test cases by using full-featured automation testing platform features:

Important Features 

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  • End-to-end web testing over technologies – It moves seamlessly between the app types, like desktop and web, within one single automation flow.
  • Data-driven automation –It runs test cases in automated input from spreadsheets, web services, and databases. Call the external sources by HTTP and APIs requests and use results live in the cases.
  • Enterprise-Grade – You can deploy to individual needs, download on-premises or encrypted database storage
  • Quick troubleshooting with the visual documentation
  • Run tests anywhere and anytime –remote, local, as well as virtual machines, in the closed networks, or in the cloud.
  • Support constant delivery – Plug LEAPWORK in CI and CD pipeline by using the native plugins for common DevOps tools
  • Test over apps, browsers, or devices


We have many Automation Testing Tools accessible that aim over different kinds of testing. Some of the tools come open-source, whereas some are licensed. So, the choice of tool may always depend on your needs, but we really hope that the above list of 5 automated apps surely can help you out when making your selection.