Top 9 Parenting Apps you would need as you Parent your Offspring 2024

Parenting is a rewarding yet hard journey that has a lot of hard work, tears, frustrating and infuriating moments. However, there are proud, happy, precious and memorable moments too.

In this era, the parents have to fight through the real-world dangers and the virtual world dangers. Help from guardians, uncle, aunties, and grandparents are always welcomed however there are times when they are busy and you wish there was some always ever ready to be of your assistance.

Don’t worry in the 21st-century digital evolution has also addressed this problem. There are apps out there that will help you protect the child in both the virtual and in the real world in your absence.

Here are lists of apps that will be able to help you through this dilemma.

  1. Baby Monitor & Alarm

Newborns are the most difficult to handle, they have odd sleeping and waking up hours. It seems like you don’t get a moment’s sleep and you have to survive on a few hours’ worths of sleep each day. However this Baby Monitor & Alarm can be your support it will inform you once your baby is awake and needs. So that you won’t have a check on them again & again and you can get all your work done when they are napping. Also, you can sleep in your bed peacefully now that you don’t have to check up on them every few hours.

  1. Baby Connect (activity logger)

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Are you afraid to go out with your friends, spending a few hours at the spa or just going on a date with your better half? Just because you can’t trust a nanny with your baby?

This application is the solution to all your problems. It will help you keep track of your baby’s movements at all times, their emotions, how they are being treated, ensuring that they are getting nap and food on time and even a GPS locator on your baby. To connect to this and get a few hours to yourself. Being a mother or father doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your life anymore.

  1. PBS Parents Play & Learn

Are you a someone who doesn’t want to send their child to daycare or pre-school because you feel like it is unnecessary spending? Then you’re quite right, this app will help you teach all the basic things to your little ones. You can teach them academic things and also teach them real-world skills. Also, the games are interactive for both parties hence a great chance to build trust.

  1. OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries, and calendar

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It is essential to teach them all about responsibilities from an early age. Our home helps you seat work for each of the family members and give rewards and points when someone completes them. It helps the whole family stay in sync and each member plays their role. Because you might be here today to do the work but in the future, they will need to do their work when they go away for educational or job purposes.

  1. Talkspace Counseling & Therapy

Taking therapy and consulting an expert’s opinion on mental health issues is never bad. Often growing up and parenting people need therapy. A therapist can help both parties understand and deal with their mental health problem. Talkspace Counseling & Therapy has more than 50+ therapist. Take the help as soon as you – or else it will be too late.

  1. Scholly App-Scholarship Finder Tool

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Colleges are expensive these days and with the inflation growing it is hard to save as many people live from paycheck to paycheck. This app with help students and their guardians find the perfect scholarship for them. Help them get the education they desire and into the colleges, they have dreamed of going in to.

  1. FamiSafe

One of the biggest problems that have to be dealt with are the digital device which the teenagers today saw to have been stuck to. They forget all their responsibilities and play games all day long. They also have access to the internet which scares the elders because we know all sorts of problems that can arise with them. The problems being cyberbullying, falling in hands of pedophiles, falling in traps of phishing and many more. To save you from all these worries FamiSafe helps you monitor those devices which they have access to and give as soon as they detect anything suspicious.

  1. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

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Daily cooking things and thinking of recipes for food your child would readily eat seem like an impossible task. With Yummly Recipes & Shopping List, you can have access to thousands of such recipes and you won’t have to sit and decide for hours. Also with a shopping list, you can ensure you only get things from the grocery store which you need.

  1. Circle Home Plus

If you have teenagers you surely don’t want to have too many rules on them but also keep a stubble eye on them. Hence this is the perfect device to achieve both in one go. This will help you do one thing which every guardian finds the hardest to do which is taking them away from the screen. This device looks similar to Google Echo and can be kept in the lounge. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about screen problems as it will turn them off automatically and you won’t have to worry about shouting, scolding and punishing again

The most essential thing in all of this is to be friends with your offspring no matter at what age they are because if not they will never come to you with their problems and confide you in. So talk to them and make them realize the wrong and right with love rather than force because it can lead to bad things in the future.