Top 10 Things IT Technicians Do – 2024 Guide

Information systems have become an integral part of both business and private life. Most of us would not be able to live without our computer and smartphone.

However, these are just machines and do not always work properly. The computer picks up the virus in an instant, the peripherals lose their connection to the home network, or the Wi-Fi network just stops working.

For most of us, this is an invincible problem that, as a rule, strikes us just in time when our device is most needed. Fortunately, IT support is developing along with the development of information systems.

The Importance of IT Support

Keeping track of new IT trends, survival in the market and competitiveness – conditions the inevitable use of modern hardware, setting up computer networks and appropriate software support in companies of different profiles.

Today, IT support is required in every business – be they small enterprises with small numbers of computers or large companies with hundreds of employees and computers.

Only the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of such computer networks requires competent personnel ready to meet all the requirements of modern business, which includes hardware and software solutions.

IT Support Tasks

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IT support relieves you of all the worries about computers and everything that’s running on them. It allows you to focus more on the primary tasks of your business, using advanced modern technology without having to understand and know more about them. Your only wish is that everything works perfectly in the service of your business. The task of IT support is to make it all possible.

IT Technician’s Job

An increasing number of companies of different profiles are choosing to implement a computer network in their business, which raises the need for people who will be responsible for the maintenance and management of such systems. Those are IT Technicians. Selection and procurement of computer and network equipment, network infrastructure design, network configuration and maintenance, as well as hardware, software, and customer support – these are just some of the tasks that IT Technicians are facing today.

Is This An Easy Job?

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No. This job involves many different responsibilities that IT Technician must perform professionally and quickly. People in this profession are mainly engaged in the hardware part of computers. This includes the maintenance and servicing of computers, equipment and computer systems. IT Technician repairs failures, replace parts, assembles new computers, and dismantles old ones.

He checks the performance of components and obtains new ones such as processor, graphics card, cooler, motherboard, hard drive, etc. Besides hardware, he also runs software, including installation of operating systems, various types of programs, Internet maintenance, and other types of settings.

According to Azstar Technologies, as the world of computers is very dynamic and characterized by frequent changes, it is necessary to follow new trends and apply them in this field. An IT Technician can work as a repairman in computer companies and similar positions.

The job involves working longer in front of computer screens, so it can be difficult for the eyes, wrists and spine. It also involves frequent fieldwork that can sometimes take a long time. What does it look like in practice and what do IT technicians encounter daily? Here are the 10 most important items.

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1. Hardware Maintenance

Computer and computer hardware maintenance involves proactively controlling all hardware and responding to potential problems. This includes regularly checking the functionality of the hardware according to the agreed dynamics.

2. Maintenance Of Networks And Network Equipment

Maintenance of networks and network equipment includes the installation and setup of active network devices following the conceptual design of the network, as well as making proposals for upgrading the LAN or WLAN network per user needs and to increase network reliability.

3. Procurement Of Equipment

When it comes to the procurement of equipment, it involves analyzing needs and submitting a bid for the purchase of hardware. The service covers all the delivery and installation work as well as the replacement of hardware components.

4.    Records Of Equipment

All equipment is recorded in specialized Asset Management software. These records include the inventory number, basic characteristics of the equipment, the name of the equipment user, etc. Services and purchases are also recorded in Asset Management software.

5. Implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure

Designing, implementing and maintaining network infrastructure is part of the job of IT Technicians, where their experience and expertise will enable them to respond professionally to clients’ requirements. The stability of IT infrastructure is vital in every work, and especially for the efficient operation of the business enterprises.

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6. Installing And Configuring User Computers

If you are unfamiliar with computer technology or do not want to spend time installing and configuring computer software, then you will certainly use the services of an IT technician who will do it quickly and efficiently. Independent installation of the operating system on a computer or laptop will cause problems and failures after a while. These can be system crashes, system startup errors, and more.

Also, the incorrect installation will result in the loss of personal settings and data from the previous operating system. Considering all the facts, it is better to entrust the installation of the OS to professionals. They will install and set up a new system so you can have a comfortable and safe work on your computer.

7. Technical Diagnostics

The IT Technician performs diagnostics on computers, laptops and tablets properly and thoroughly to correct the failure and prevent it from happening again. This type of diagnostics is a complex job, but also the most important, because with proper diagnostics, in almost 100% of cases, any failure is successfully eliminated. On the other hand, improper diagnostics make the service more expensive because a lot of time is wasted finding a fault, and often it will fail to repair.

8. Equipment And Software Upgrades

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Need a quicker PC? Put further developed parts in it. It’s a straightforward response to the inquiry each PC proprietor pose now and again. Equipment overhauls can expand the life of your present PC. At the moment when you purchase your PC, it was the latest model, however, a half year later better and quicker PCs were available. IT tech specialists assist you with keeping up-to-date with new advancements and PC parts to help facilitate your work and accelerate your present PC.

9. Providing Technical Support – Helpdesk

These experts respond to the problems of individual users with computer systems, provide guidance, training and diagnose and solve simpler problems.

10. Security Policy

This job sometimes involves providing security management consulting and outsourcing services. This way, companies can raise the level of their IT security – both by implementing new policies and security processes and by expanding the capacity of their own IT team.