Things you Need to Know About Paper and Non-Woven Bags – 2024 Guide

Since we are now aware of how our actions affect the environment,  you can read more on, we have to make some changes. We are not talking about decreasing the carbon footprint and switching to renewable sources of energy, but we are also talking about small changes in your everyday life. In the following article, we are going to discuss the paper and non-woven bags, and tell you why you should start using them instead of the plastic ones.

These bags come with many benefits. First of all, they are environmentally friendly. They are made out of recycled materials which means that the manufacturing process causes little to no pollution. What’s more, the process is fairly simple and since recycled materials are used, both energy and natural resources are preserved. Furthermore, these bags are bio-degradable and do not leave any toxic waste which means that they don’t cause any kind of pollution, unlike plastic bags. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, they have a negative effect on the environment, which is why paper and non-woven bags are the perfect alternatives. If you want to learn how these eco-friendly bags are made, check out KeteGroup website, where you will find detailed features of different kinds of machines that are used.

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Furthermore, they are economical. Machines use recycled material, so there is no need to purchase the new one every time. This lowers the cost of production significantly which means that the manufacturer gets to save a lot of money.

Due to the above-mentioned benefit, many brands and business use non-woven bags as an advertisement tool. How? Well, they print the company’s logo and slogan on them and hand them to their customers instead of using plastic bags. They use vivacious colors which make these shopping bags trendy and loved by the customers.

Moreover, non-woven bags are durable. They can be used hundreds and hundreds of time and can last up to five years. Plus, they can be used to carry heavy objects, and they will not break or tear, unlike plastic ones that can only carry a certain weight. Also, they can be used for many different things. You can use them to carry groceries or bring them to the mall to pack your new piece of clothes, or you can even use them on certain occasions instead of a purse. Plus they are super light and can be easily packed and stored anywhere.

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When it comes to paper bags, they are not as durable as non-woven ones, but they also have some benefits of their own. Did you know that these protect the quality of food you put in them, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables? Plastic bags release toxins over time, which means that they accelerate the decomposition of fresh food. Yes, they do this even when stored in a refrigerator. Unlike them, paper bags allow the veggies and fruits to breathe, which ensure that they will stay fresh for a longer period of time.

To sum up, these are some main advantages of paper and non-woven bags. As you can see, their most important benefit is that they are eco-friendly, which is an important feature these days. Not only do they prevent pollution, but they are also durable and can be used and reused many times, which saves you a lot of money, you would otherwise spend on buying plastic ones.