6 Ways New Technology is Improving Vehicle Safety – 2024 Guide

Driving a car was never considered a danger of any type, but there’s always that small risk of getting in an accident whether because you or someone else wasn’t careful enough. It’s also quite important for every driver to ensure that they never drive under the influence of alcohol or any psychoactive substances. But, when accidents end up happening, it doesn’t really matter whose fault was it. What matters is that nobody ends up being hurt, and one of the most significant factors that determine this is the safety of the vehicle itself.

As the years go by, manufacturers of vehicles give their best to improve everything safety-related. They improve the airbags, make the brakes more responsive, add sensors to cars that can detect the road ahead, and correct your steering if you lose control and so much more. But, even that is considered “old-fashioned” in 2024.

It’s pretty safe to say that we’re living in the future, and some of the things we have nowadays were difficult to imagine a few decades ago. Thankfully, inventors and engineers are restless, and this is what they came up with.

1. Automatically signaling if you fall asleep

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Falling asleep while driving is something that happens to a lot of people, unfortunately, and although we never recommend driving while tired, there still needs to be something to wake you up if it ever happens to you. So, although it’s not the newest technology we know of, modern cars have a way to beep and wake you up if the system notices that you’ve lost control of the steering wheel. This is usually done by detecting the painted lines on the road. But, not every car can do it.

In some vehicles, something like this comes as additional equipment, while in others it belongs in the baseline package. It all depends on the brand. If you are looking to purchase a safer vehicle, for example, you can check out the offers at cintamobil if you’re specifically after cars for sale in Indonesia. It is one of the easiest sites to navigate on if you are looking for a new car for you.  They have a good reputation in this country, and they offer a variety of choice.

2. Improved airbag technology

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Airbags saved millions of lives worldwide, and as we all know accidents happen on a daily basis. But, airbags are here to save the day. Unfortunately, older car models don’t really have them, or they have only one or two at most. But, modern vehicles designed or safety have more than eight in some cases, with larger Jeeps and SUV’s have more than ten. This ensures that all of the shocks is absorbed by them when your body ends up being thrown to the side or forward.

Not only is the amount of airbags improved in modern cars whatsoever. The “reaction time” at which they deploy is also improved, minimizing the risk of anything happening to the driver or the passengers. The concept is the same, but the technology behind it constantly improves.

3. Sensors when parking and while driving on the highway

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Parking safely is something that falls into the category of safety, and since some people have a problem dealing with this properly, car manufacturers constantly try to improve all of the parking assistance their user gets. Sensors, external cameras and even third-person view is what helps a driver park safely and without hitting anything. But, this doesn’t only help for parking purposes. Imagine being stuck somewhere and you cannot move an inch in the wrong direction because you risk falling down or damaging your vehicle. Having all these cameras and sensors surely do improve your safety by quite a lot. Technology is truly amazing and we only realize it during such risky scenarios.

4. Automatic re-adjustment of the steering wheel

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Whether you fell asleep while driving or you’re just an inexperienced driver who lost control of the steering wheel at high speed, it doesn’t really matter. Both of these scenarios are very dangerous and they can cause some serious damage both to your car and the passengers in it. Thankfully, modern vehicles have an automatic re-adjustment of the steering wheel if the system notices you’re in danger and not driving properly. The adjustments are minimal and some cars even forcefully stop the engine so that you don’t fly off the road. Definitely, a nice thing to have, and if you have it in your modern car, don’t disable this feature, it can sometimes save your life.

5. ESP – Electronic Stability Programme

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The ESP is something that exists in vehicles for about fifteen years, if not even more than that, but although the concept is the same, the technology behind it gets constantly improved and perfected with each year. The precision and reaction time of this program was definitely not the same ten years ago as the one we have now. Nowadays we have vehicles driving on their own without you having to touch any of the controls or pedals, which happens to be our last thing on today’s list.

6. Fully automated driving – Auto Pilot

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Tesla is the best example for this. Honestly, a few years ago this seemed like something “from the future” that would probably take decades to make. But, here we are now in 2024. Tesla cars drive automatically without any mistakes. They can park on their own, as well as take you anywhere you want after you set the destination on the board computer. In case you don’t know how to drive and the main driver is injured or cannot operate with the vehicle, a car with autopilot can take you to a place where you can get help without you having to operate it and risk your safety even further.


Driving a vehicle that’s as safe as they come is the dream for every automotive enthusiast. Thankfully, the current modern market delivers everything that we’re looking for in terms of safety. In our quick guide, we listed the six major technology improvements that manufacturers implemented in some of the latest car models.

Before we end this article, we want to remind every driver that your safety doesn’t solely depend on the type of car you’re driving. You can still get hurt even in the safest car, so what we recommend instead of opting to purchase the safest and most expensive vehicle, to ensure that you’re always ready to drive both physically and mentally. Your reaction time will have the most impact on your safety. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t engage in any distractions.