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The Secretive Side of Texting: The Ethics of Sending Anonymous SMS Messages 2024

Sending anonymous messages is not a problem nowadays. We have multiple ways of doing so. However, there is something that makes texting even more anonymous. And it is sending an SMS from the internet. You will find various sites that allow you to send anonymous messages. This will not leak any of your personal information and you will be able to send the message.

How Will You Do So?

If you want to send the message, you can click here. As you click on the link, a new site will open. You will see three options there.

The first one is your name, whether you want to send the message anonymously or with some name. The second option is the number of recipients. You will have the option to choose your recipient from the provided list of countries. All you need is to select the country and then type in the number to whom you want to send the message.

After that, you will type your message and lastly, press the ‘send’ button. Your message will be sent to the recipient. The best thing about this site is that your information remains anonymous. So if you have something to tell someone and you do not have the courage to do so, this is a great way to do so.


Anonymus SMS


Once you press the send button, a new screen will appear. It will ask you for the payment option. You can pay through PayPal or through your Debit or Credit card. The charges are only 1.40 Euros. So you will pay the price and then your message will be sent.

The Ethics of Sending Anonymous Messages

Although you have the option to send an anonymous message, the problem comes when people do not follow ethical rules. When ethics are not considered, problems appear.

1. Do Not Use It for Threatening Others

One of the problems that appear with this texting option is that not everyone uses it with good intentions. So if someone has an ill intention, he or she will make the best use of this feature.

Childhood and teenage is the time when children are at the stage of life when they take everything lightly. They are not aware of the consequences of their actions. Furthermore, they think that they are able to handle even the worst consequences.

But wait, there is something that you should know. Even if your identity is hidden, it is only hidden from the recipient. However, if you use it for unethical purposes and you are threatening others, the regulatory authorities are able to trace it back to you. This is because you will be using your credit or debit card for the payment.

Threatening Others


In another case, if you think that using someone else’s card will protect you from the authorities, then you are wrong again. You will be using some computers and all the computers have their IP addresses and so do internet connections. Thus, you will not be able to hide. So do not make a decision that will let you end up with a punishment.

2. Bullying Others

Bullying is also something that happens among teenagers. College and school students bully the weaker ones. And when they take things further, they will come to social media bullying. Thus, such teenagers send messages anonymously. This is not a good thing to do.

But then again, you should know that every action has a reaction. Even if the one that is being bullied is not doing something instantly, he or she will ultimately show a reaction. And at that time, the bullies won’t be able to stop the reaction. In case, the response leads to a police investigation. And if that happens, they will reach you. Because there isn’t anything that is completely hidden.

3. Do Not Be Meaner

According to the studies, if you have the option to say something in front of a person or through an SMS, most people prefer SMS. This is because they know that they won’t see the consequences. So think when they have the option of sending an anonymous message, will they restrict themselves? Of course, not.

Furthermore, studies also show that people can be meaner over messages. One of the students told that he always wanted to say this to a girl “You are quite fat and you need to join the gym”. However, he never wanted to say this to her face. However, when he got the chance to send this message anonymously, he did send it.


There is no way to control such behavior. People can get meaner when they have the chance to do something anonymously. Therefore, it should be everyone’s personal choice. Every person as a human should never hurt others. We should consider the feelings of others and try to show some empathy.

The Need to Give Awareness

So how can we prevent such behavior? There is one option to prevent the spread of such sites and apps. However, this is not a good option. Why? Because there are a lot of uses for them as well. We can make someone’s day happier with this. Furthermore, there are many more uses for this system.

So instead of banning this, there should be awareness of the consequences of bad actions. Furthermore, there should be proper education on good and bad behaviors (if we are talking about teenagers).


A lot of people say they would never say something meaner in person. However, if they get the chance to say it anonymously, they would say it without thinking twice. According to their psychology, it is easier to be meaner and brutally honest when you cannot see the reaction of people.

However, ethics are something that makes our society. Therefore, even with such messaging options, people should never cross the limits. Because it is only right to do so.