8 Best Rechargable LED Desk Lamps in 2024

Having a well-lit environment should be a priority of everyone that spends the majority of their work time at the desk station. Regardless of your occupation, blogging, gaming, programming or else, chances are you are going to do your work at night and straining your eyesight should not be an option. Today we’re going to cover some of the best gadgets that you may use in order to light up your desk.

1. FeinTech Portable LED Desk Lamp

img source: amazon.com

First up on our list is a sphere-shaped, white, modern portable LED light. This multi-functional lamp can be used in numerous ways – as a bedside light, desk lamp, or even as your go-to gadget if you ever go camping. It has a built-in, rechargeable, 4000 mAh battery that will provide you with over 8 hours of light at maximum brightness and over 200 hours if you are opt-out for the minimal setting. It can also serve you as a power bank, sporting 2 USB type-A ports. Touch controls for both brightness and color temperature, key lock and discreetly illuminated power switch make this gadget very simple and easy to use.

2. Auraglow Cordless Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

img source: amazon.com

Next up we have a wirelessly charged LED lamp that is not only clean and minimalist looking but is also cordless. All you need to do to charge this lamp is to dock it on a charging pad and let it power up. The LED indicator will let you know when the lamp is charged up so you can continue using it. It can be configured in several ways. You can decide on a steady light, or you can choose a flickering option if you want it to resemble a real wax candle. It will provide you with up to 30 hours of on-time before needing a new juice-up. On top of all that, it is remotely controllable. It comes in several different styles and colors. You may choose from:

  • Marble – a cubic shaped minimalistic style with marble print.
  • Egg – an egg-shaped lamp.
  • Pillar – cylinder-shaped and clean looking with sort of matt finish.
  • Vase – a shallow, cubic shape that may also serve you as a, you guessed it, vase.
  • Wooden – a wooden base with a white matte finish.

3. Wooden Folding Book Lamp

img source: shopify.com

This gadget will certainly be a conversation piece if you place it on your desk. It’s small, therefore, it is very portable and convenient to carry around. Also, because of its unique design, it’s very suitable for a present. It is powered by a 880 mAh Li-On battery, and after 3 hours of charging, it’s going to illuminate your surrounding for about 8 hours. As we can see, the functionality is not the focal point of this gadget – design is. Speaking of design, it is crafted from environmental white maple wood and is built in a way that it can endure constant ‘shape-shifting’ without damaging the lamp. It can be folded outward to complete a full circle, casting light all around. There are no buttons on this device – open the book to turn it on, close it to shut it down.

4. Dimmable Lepro LED Desk Lamp

img source: lepro.co.uk

Coming back to more traditional lamps, here we have a smooth, white, S-curved LED lamp that fits basically every setting out there. It comes equipped with a premium LED panel providing you with beautiful neutral white-colored light. You may easily switch between the 3 different brightness levels by simply touching the sensitive panel conveniently set at the base of the lamp. Lamps base can be either a simple stand or you may use its clamping mechanism to attach it onto your desk for extra security. Since it has the clamping ability, it may be attached to essentially any piece of furniture you wish to illuminate, bookshelf, head of the bead, bench, you name it. Lepro also offers a selection of other high quality LED lamps and lights in their assortment.

5. Fiberglass Lamp

img source: midcenturymaddist.com

These might look ‘too 90s’ for some people, but a great fiberglass lamp is always going to bring a playful vibe to your room. It is more of a decor lamp than the actual lamp you might use for reading, writing or any other activity, but who’s to say you shouldn’t ‘lighten up’ the space around you?

6. LED Lantern Light

img source: alicdn.com

Another one of our creative design picks for our list. Lantern light at first glance looks like a pretty, modern desk lamp. The rotatable head makes illuminating certain areas very easy and several temperature and brightness options make this a useful gadget to have around. What makes this lamp even better is that when you rotate and pull apart the two sides of the lamp shell, you get this traditional lantern look. It has a built-in 1200 mAh battery which will provide you with 4-12 hours of use, depending on brightness of course. Since it’s only weighing about 200 grams, it is very good option for a portable light source if you’re ever in need of one.

7. 5-in-1 LED RGB Lamp

img source: alicdn.com

Yes, you read it correctly, 5-in-1. This multifunctional lamp comes with a whole lot of other options besides providing you with light. Aside from it being a 4000 mAh powered lamp, it is also a Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, MP3 player and kind of a Hands-free calling device. Sure, most of these are basically a gimmick that you might not use, but as a tech-head, it is nice to have these outlandish devices. As far as lighting goes, it’s RGB, so you can set it to whichever color you choose and even create gradients.

8. Zafferano Poldina

img source: eporta.com

Finally, we have this minimalist, traditional-looking table lamp. It is available in over a dozen colors, but the pure white just looks right. The built-in battery will provide you with 9 hours of light. It is completely wireless, charged by placing on a wireless charging base. It’s premium build materials and IP54 certification place it in a higher price range, but if you opt-out for this model, chances are it will serve you for a very long time.

Now that you’ve read about our picks, it is only up to you to decide which one of these lamps is a suitable option for you.