How to Choose a Perfect Student Laptop?

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are likely to have plenty of friends. That’s the beauty of student life. But there is one friend with who you spend much more time than with others. That inseparable friend of yours is a laptop. Whether you have one or not, the time to get a new computer will eventually come. You can always buy a new student computer laptop on a special by following this link with Best Buy promo codes. The electronics assortment straddles kitchen appliances, TV, cell phones, cameras, audio, tables, and computers. It is the latter we are going to bring into focus today. You can check Amazon and Walmart laptop offerings as well. These store-giants display a wide range of laptops for students, business people, gamers, professionals, etc.

You alone have more than five computers

We’ve got used to reading awe-inspiring quotes. But the thought that quotes may convey foolish meaning rarely if ever crosses our minds. You may have read tens of thousands of tantalizing quotes about the future of computers. But have you ever tried to take a peek at some screamingly foolish predictions? Let’s indulge ourselves in the number 1 foolish prediction of all times. If the 1943 president of IBM Thomas Watson had suddenly been resurrected today, he would have been terribly ashamed of what he once had said about personal computers.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” – said T. Watson.

Ah me! Dear Mr. Watson, we wholeheartedly wish you had seen what today’s world looks like. It isn’t just fine computers out there. The figure stands at billions! There are many more computers than people because everything has a computer in it. A car, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, an aircraft, and even a missile and an artillery shell, all have computer hardware! We are talking about tens of billions of computers the world’s hardware industry has ever manufactured, not to mention how many more billions it will make in just the near future.


Have you tried to count how many computers you already have? You are likely to have at least half a dozen. You alone have more computers now than Mr. Watson predicted for the whole world! Alright. Let’s step down from a teaser position and leave poor Mr. Watson alone.

Tips to choose a perfect laptop

Among all computers you have, your laptop lays the firm foundation of your professional life. For a student, a laptop is like the Infinity Gauntlet for Avengers in Marvell’s universe. It is a tool that affects everything. It changes everything. Without a laptop, you cannot study at all! Without a good laptop, you cannot be efficient.

A perfect laptop matters as much to a student as a rifle to a marine. Without your perfect laptop, you are useless. Without you, your perfect laptop is useless. At Best Buy, you can find a computer that will contour to your best expectations. A constellation of tips below will help you to navigate an immense landscape of laptops and take the bearings of the one that will serve you obediently for years to come.

1. Laptop dilemma – it is either a red pill of power or a blue pill of size

A dilemma represents an unsolvable equation for one simple reason. It is the laws of physics. You can either have a bulky but super powerful machine or a thin but moderately powerful one. There is no way to find a detour path. It is either going this way or that way. You can have a relatively powerful piece of hardware in a relatively thin shell. But this one will cost you a fortune. You can alternatively spend that amount of money on a bulkier laptop that wields immense power in the world of bulky computers. As you can see, it is a dilemma. What you choose depends on your budget and needs.

2. Graphic design, video editing, programming, architecture, and other hardware-demanding fields of study


If you study graphic design, architecture, programming, or any field that requires powerful hardware, then go for powerful hardware only. You will need at least a 15.6-inch screen, at least 2 TB of storage (it is better to be SSD or HDD+SSD), a market-top graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce RTX or GTX lineups), at least 16 gigabytes or RAM (32 is always better) and at least Intel Core i9. That would be a hell of a costly machine. But believe it or not, it is totally worth it. You invest heavily now to gain hardware power that will provide you with high performance for at least 3-5 years.

Let’s check what Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy has to offers in the premium laptop segment. Dell XPS 15.6 3.5K OLED Touch-Screen Laptop stands out the most. This machine is coming with a mind-blowing $300 discount. You can pay in full if you have a weighty financial cushion. Or you can pay in 12 installments. This device comes with a standard 1-year warranty. At Best Buy, you can pay extra and get 2- or 3-year accidental geek squad protection. This type of coverage protects you against terrible accidents that a standard warranty doesn’t cover. Damaged parts will be replaced. If they are beyond repair, a customer receives a new device if the damaged one is beyond repair. Battery replacement also fits the extended warranty.

3. Finance, economics, medicine, social studies, and other non-engineering fields of study

Non-engineering students can breathe a sigh of relief. If you are reading this, it means that you don’t need a powerful GPU and CPU to work on your projects. You need a lightweight, thin laptop with moderate power. It should be powerful enough to allow you to browse the web and keep many apps running at the same time. You ought to apply the following hardware specs filters:


  • 8+ gigabytes of RAM;
  • 13.3+ screen size;
  • SSD storage type;
  • 250 GB+ storage capacity.

You can leave other power-oriented filters such as graphic cards or CPU unengaged.

We would recommend considering two particular picks. One is more budget-oriented while the other one belongs to the premium class.

  • Budget – HP Pavilion x360. It is a transformer. It rotates 360 degrees and transforms into a tablet. Hardware carries enough power to keep many apps running at the same time without affecting performance. Performance is high as for a budget laptop.
  • Premium – MacBook Pro 13.3. If you put a premium on daintiness, Apple laptops are your choice. This pick has the longest-ever battery for its class – up to 20 hours. 8-core CPU will allow you to go far beyond your regular tasks. This machine offers by far the best performance-to-size ratio.

Bulky or thin, powerful or elegantly thin


It depends on what kind of tasks you have to fulfill. You will need to pick a laptop using the average power demand of your study projects as a safe purchase. Engineering students won’t be able to get things done if their laptop lacks power. You will have to eventually trade it up for a model that has enough power to get the job done. For non-engineering students, sheer hardware power isn’t a major focus. They may go for compact thin models, including the ones that can be converted into a tablet. Tasks define a laptop.