Path of Exile Divine Orbs and Initial Ways to Obtain Them

Path of Exile is known for its unique currency system, which is an integral part of the game mechanics. The currency in the game is represented by various orbs and scrolls, each of them has its unique function and value.

Divine orbs, like other currencies, have their unique capabilities and properties, but they are also the basis of the game’s economy, determining the cost and value of items in the world of Path of Exile.

Due to its huge influence on the game, many players try to farm large quantities of resources in the game or buy divine orbs poe on special sites, for purchasing high-quality and strong equipment.

Game Mechanics of Divine Orbs

Divines are a useful tool for improving and changing the modifiers of your equipment. They allow you to re-roll the number of modifiers, change bonuses and their values. All the main features are below:

  • Divines are used with any type of item quality.
  • Mirrored or corrupted items cannot be modified.
  • Currency mechanics only change explicit equipment modifiers
  • The rarity of the item, its connections, and the color of the cells aren’t changed
  • Prefixes and suffixes can’t be swapped by divine orbs.
  • Divines update the value of modifiers on legacy items.

Using Orbs is Not Always the Best Solution


Path of Exile divine orb is an expensive and rare currency in the game, so you need to use it carefully. If you have a weapon with two good modifiers and want to make it perfect, don’t waste the orbs, because there is a huge chance that you will make it worse.

The best solution in this situation is to buy the necessary weapons from other players. This will reduce your risks and allow you to get a guaranteed result.

Exchange Rate

The Divine Orbs exchange rate in Path of Exile (PoE) is dynamic and depends on the current supply and demand in the game market. Before making any transactions with other players, you must find out the current exchange rate at the moment.

This can save you precious resources or prevent you from overpaying. To find out the current exchange rate for divine orbs in the game, players are advised to refer to the official websites and resources of the PoE community, where information on market prices and exchange rates is updated.

Methods for Farming Divine Orbs in the Game


Killing Mobs

During the game, killing mobs will be the main component. All game mechanics and all your actions are tied with mobs, but some of them have their features. The poe divine orb drop chance is small, but never equal to zero.

One of the advantages of this mechanic is the opportunity to try different game modes where each of them has a chance of orb drop. The more you play, the greater the chance of receiving the desired reward. You can also get currency by selling useful resources that drop during farming. If it is an inexpensive currency or consumable,  you can convert it into chaos orbs, and then, convert them into divines.

The Increased Amount of Currency Dropped


For increasing the amount of resources dropped from mobs, players can collect special builds with a characteristic that increases the Quantity of Items found. This will allow you to get more than one divine orb at a time. The number of orbs depends on the value of the characteristic.


Strongboxes are special boxes with rewards that you can find in different locations in the game. Strongboxes, like other items, have 4 rarity levels, which determine the quantity and quality of possible drops.

Be careful, after opening the boxes, enemies will spawn near them, and you need to kill them to receive the reward. Strongboxes have their suffixes and affixes, which can affect the difficulty of enemies and rewards.

Maps Farming

After completing the campaign acts, the end-game content stage begins, where the player gets acquainted with new mechanics and game activities. Maps are one of the first mechanics that encounters the player. They are unique locations that the player can explore by killing mobs and bosses. Each map has its rarity and level, which affects the location, difficulty, and value of the rewards.

The player can modify maps using special currencies on the map device, which increases the difficulty, and rewards, adds certain mechanics, or excludes their appearance. For beginners, this activity plays an important role.

Maps are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to collect divines for buying good equipment that will allow you to explore other gaming activities. One of the valuable resources for beginning players is Divination cards.

Divination Cards

Cards are special items that you can get by passing maps. The game has a huge number of cards, each of them has its name, gives a certain amount of currency, and also drops on certain maps.

Below are the names of the cards that give divine orbs:

  • The Sephirot(10x Divine Orb)
  • Emperor’s Luck(5 different currencies)
  • Divine Beauty(7 orbs)
  • Fortunate Card(2 divines)
  • The Brother Gift(5 orbs)



In general, divine orbs play an important role in a player’s development and progression in the world of Path of Exile. The correct use of orbs can have a significant impact on a player’s success in the game.

If you do not have enough time and energy to farm this currency for many hours, you can buy divine orbs on special marketplaces. This will allow you to enjoy the game and do what you want without a problem.