The Best Online Resources For Nursing Students In 2024

There are countless online resources that help nursing students in their studies. We have listed the best sources in terms of categories to help you find reliable apps, sites, and social platforms.

The Use of Online Resources

Nursing is a profession where you learn to take care of other people. At the same time, you need to pay attention to yourself during the learning period to earn the required grades and certification. To ease this, nursing students need access to free resources and data sources that will complement their education. Also, according to AdvancedMedicalCertification, the key to being successful in nursing school is preparation. Students who are making an additional effort in preparation for nursing school before starting will be better suited to take on the challenges.

From the year 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics observed an increase in the number of nurses retiring. As a result, they predicted that nursing will be among the many healthcare occupations that will experience the largest growth for the coming decade (2014 – 2024). In their Employment Projections 2019-2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that registered nurses would exhibit the highest growth.

As a result of these projections, medical learning institutions expect an increase in nursing students. To ensure these caregivers transit from schools into the job market, several websites and medical professionals have made it possible for nursing students to access free online resources through applications, websites, and social groups. Learn more about how to complete an online nursing degree here:

Online Resources For Nursing Students


Online information can be disseminated in three common ways. These include mobile applications, websites, and social platforms.

1. Mobile Applications

Pew Internet & American Life Project data reported that 53% of mobile phone users are using smartphones. A similar study by Test Kitchen indicated the same percentage of college students had smartphones. Nursing students can use smartphones as an asset to access valuable applications that are academically significant. Three of the best mobile apps in this category include:

Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg

This is a valuable app for nursing students through which they can access NCLEX study questions. It can be crucial when preparing for exams.

Pill Identifier by


This app is beneficial for both nursing students and professionals. By searching for known physical features of a drug can help identify unknown pills. During a student’s clinical practice, this app can be so important.

Pocket Body

Anatomy is an area all nurses can attest to how much is demanded of their memory. This app gives the students instant access to human anatomy, providing the names and structures of all bones, muscles, nerves, and more in a simplified format.

2. Websites 

While mobile applications provide quick access to information, websites are a good source of more detailed information for study purposes. Websites also give access to valuable access to resources necessary for medicine/ nursing essay writing. Websites are the first data sources to get updated in case information changes in a given matter. In this section, we review 5 websites that rank highest in this regard.

1. Student Nurse Journey


On this website, pre-nursing students get to access tools that help them get a feel off their academic paths. Here they can engage with their peers. Here students can access an introduction to NCLEX  and other testing aids for the nursing profession. The website publishes a regal newsletter with valuable information such as clinical reflections and guides.

2. National Student Nurses’ Association

For nursing students seeking to plan their careers and for valuable mentorship, then this is your destination. Here you get to connect with actual professionals as well as get preparation courses for NCLEX. Any news about awards scholarships and grants eligible for student nurses can be found in this site’s periodicals. Beyond the discounted insurance packages, the site is involved in numerous charitable works as well.

3. Learning Nurse

This website is crucial for studies or research about nursing essays. This site is a free reservoir filled with modules, tests, videos, apps and so much more to allow student nurses free access to crucial information. The safe resource is accessible by all levels of nurses from students to RPNs, including nursing instructors, trainers, and educators. The site can also be accessed from anywhere for both educational material or up to date industry news updates.

4. Get Nursing Essay


If you are a nursing student, then you already know how much nursing essay writing goes into your academic practice. While not everyone is gifted as a writer, being a poor essay writer does not necessarily make you a bad nurse. This sounds even more interesting when you realize most of the nursing research papers are not even useful, yet the lecturer needs them completed. Why then should you waste valuable time writing it?

Get Nursing Essay provides you with writing services for all your essay writing needs in a fast and affordable manner. In addition, you can get to see nursing research topics trending. This could give you valuable insight into bigger academic projects.

5. Practical Clinical Skills

This site unlike others is beneficial to the practical aspect of your nursing education. The site provides access to free training exercises and support aids for clinical decisions. These are training simulations that educate nursing students on EKGs, blood pressure assessment, murmurs, heart sounds, and so much more. All levels of nurses can benefit from this resource either to complement their clinical practice/ training or their classroom work. It helps nursing students prepare for real-life applications and study for exams.

3. Social Sites

The use of social media is continually growing worldwide. Growing communities and increasing engagements have been on the rise in social sites. Twitter and Facebook are some of the most used platforms to grow a global community for nurses. Below are a few top social media groups for nursing students:



Every evening at 9 PM Eastern Time, RNs across the world gather on a chat on Twitter exchanging views on important topics in the nursing community. The chats cover a considerable amount of topics. Since this chat is open to the public, student nurses can join and air their opinions or observe the conversations to learn from their seniors. Besides the valuable information, student nurses get a chance to network with nursing influencers. – Social Nursing Resource 

This is a Facebook group for nurses. With over 54,000 ‘Likes’ the group is ever-growing its audience. Here peers can engage each other, connect, and converse on matters regarding nursing. The mission is to “help nurses develop and maintain successful careers.”

Writing The Best Essay On Medical Topics 


With the appropriate resources at your disposal, you can easily come up with the best medical school essay. A nursing essay can either be an academic or a professional study of a patient attended to by a student during placement in a practicum.

To write an intelligible nursing essay one needs to conduct thorough research and sharpen their writing skills. For essays that do not add much to the score, one can outsource writing services from experts such as 

A nursing essay is divided into three sections. Here is how to approach each:


The introduction is meant to grab the attention of the readers and convince them that the essay is actually worth reading. Here you submit the general idea of what the essay is about. Also, provide your thesis statement here.


This is the essay’s main element. In the body, you provide evidence and analyze it in an attempt to prove your thesis.


Rewrite the same thesis statement and summarize the key points in your body. You can also make recommendations, if necessary, in this section.