Most Popular Naa Music Producers in 2024

India is full of talented artists that try to get their work monetized. But with so many artists out there, a strong emphasis on music production must be placed to separate the good from the bad ones. Music production has never been more groundbreaking in the Naa music industry. Because of that, here is a list of the most popular Naa music producers.

1. A.R. Rahman

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If we are talking about value in terms of production, then look no further than the legendary A.R. Rahman. Rahman is the most decorated person in the entire Indian music scene. With multiple Academy Award nominees, of which two he has won, and dozens of other awards in both home and abroad, Rahman is the most respected music producer in the entire Naa industry. But more importantly, Rahman is on this list because he has completely revolutionized the industry in India. The proof for that is the incredible number of copies Rahman has sold, more than 150 million. He is so popular that his music has featured in more than 100 professional movies, and has been awarded dozens of awards because of it.

2. Amit Trivedi

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A graduate at the Rizvi College in Mumbai, Amit Trivedi is someone that should not be overlooked. He started his career when he joined OM, an Indian band that created fusion music. They were so popular in the world that they even featured on Times Music. The album which was supposed to make them world-famous ultimately failed due to poor marketing, and the band has never recovered from it. However, when one door closes another opens and Amit quickly turned his attention towards music production. After a few years, he began mixing it with film production and ended up being the most decorated ad-jingles, music video, and TV producer in India.

3. Pritam Chakraborty

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You can find most of Amit and Rahman’s work on naasongsmp3. But another person that has made his music widely accessible, is Pritam Chakraborty. Born in Calcutta, Pritram was one of the most promising music artists in West India. His ceiling was so huge that he was dubbed “the boy wonder”. He quickly rose to the name and started producing music for some of India’s best films such as Barfi!, Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, and hist most recent work, Dangal.

4. Shankar Mahadevan

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Shankar is a name that most Naa music enthusiasts will quickly recognize. Born in Bombay, Shankar was part of a trio band that took Bollywood by storm. The trio comprised of Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy, but it was Shankar that made the most of his career. The trio’s music featured in a lot of Bollywood flicks. After the band broke off, Shankar continued his career as a music producer, and has multiple awards to show for it.

5. Harris Jayaraj

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Harris is an Indian music producer that never stops to amaze the public. Harris is a huge name in the industry, with him being described as the most highly sought-after man in the entire scene. Harris is a talented music producer that has a successful career. His work has featured in dozens of Bollywood movies and his skills as a music producer have inspired the next generation of musicians.