Monstera Deliciosa: The Smart Plant Is The Hottest House Plant Of The Season

This year, more people have invested in house plants as caring for them has proven to be quite therapeutic and satisfying while living in a stay at the homeworld. Some of the trendiest indoor plants have even achieved celebrity status on social media, and these days, it’s typical to see a photo of a towering Monstera deliciosa or a lush fiddle leaf fig tree getting thousands of likes on Instagram. Having indoor plants not only enhances a home’s visual appeal, but it can also provide comfort during challenging times. Moreover, new smart tech innovations have upgraded the basic plant to make it interactive and provide emotional support to its owner. Learn more about smart plants and why they’re the hottest indoor plants of the season.

The Bons AI encourages you to live your best life


Most homeowners are hesitant to use smart home devices because they fear that they may be vulnerable to hackers. This is why Taylored Systems recommends having security solutions, such as a trusted internet provider and access control systems in place in order to deter cybercriminals and prevent them from spying on your family. Having a smart home system in place can improve the functionality of your home, and if you add a smart plant such as the Bons AI into the mix, you may enjoy the emotional and mental health benefits from it.

Some people who are experiencing depression or anxiety may choose to have an emotional support pet to get some comfort, and the makers of Bons AI has designed their AI-powered house plant to serve the same purpose as support dogs or cats. Released by the Japan-based tech company TDK, the miniature tree has artificial intelligence components so it can follow you around the house, find a place that has access to sunlight, test soil moisture, and even “talk” to you by quoting affirmations and inspirational messages. The Bons AI is said to be in the final stages of development and is expected to be available in the market soon.

Smart planters that let you know how they feel


A new line of smart plant pots is taking plant ownership to the next level as these will enable you to know what your plant is feeling. The Lua smart planter, created by Vivien Miller of Mu Design, has a 2.4-inch LCD screen that displays a range of emotions so you’ll know if your plant is thirsty, cold, sick, or happy. Built-in sensors measure soil moisture and light exposure levels to trigger emotions, so be on the lookout if your Lua is smiling, squinting, or crying. It has 15 animated emotions and six of them are related to the plant’s health. You’ll know if your plant is happy if the Lua displays a smile, but if it sports fangs, then it’s in vampire mode and that means that your plant needs more sunlight to stay healthy.

The Lua smart planter can even go to sleep and wake up when it detects motion, and it will track the movement with its eyes so it’s almost like having a pet in the house. The best part is that you can place any kind of leafy or flowering plant inside the Lua and turn it into a pet, and you’ll easily know how your snake plant, peace lily, fern, or money plant is faring. What’s more, the Lua smart planter can be a great tool to teach young children how to care for plants, and it makes a great gift for kids who love to garden. It comes in two colors– bright yellow and vivid violet and is now available on Indiegogo.

A robotic smart planter that chases the light


House plants can give city apartments and houses a touch of nature, but one of the most challenging aspects of owning indoor plants is the fact that some houses don’t get enough natural sunlight to help them thrive. Fortunately, a smart planter called the HEXA can solve this problem as it instinctively goes towards the sunniest part of the house. Part planter, part robot, this device was created by a Chinese company called Vincross and it’s designed to hold a small succulent plant. HEXA has six legs that help it scuttle across rooms in a spider-like fashion as it finds a sunny spot in your home. It also retreats into the shade once it senses that the plant has had enough sunlight, so it’s the ideal device to have if you spend hours working away from home or if you’re unable to move the plant yourself. It’s almost like having a little plant nanny, so you can rest easy knowing that your succulent is in good hands.

This robotic smart planter will stomp its little legs to let you know that it needs water, and if it’s happy, it’ll even do a little dance for you. Moreover, the HEXA interacts with you by doing a little bounce when you touch the plant, and it will even put two of its legs on your hands if you place your hands down low in front of it. Its actions are similar to a playful puppy, so it’s sure to be a hit among kids. Not only is it a great smart device for your home, but it also works as an amusing planter for the office. Just let your colleagues know so they won’t freak out when your HEXA suddenly decides to visit them in their cubicle.

A smart pot with no frills


Maybe you’re a minimalist who likes to keep a simple and clean aesthetic in your home. Or perhaps you’re not a fan of gadgets that move or talk to you. No worries, you can still care for your indoor plant in an innovative way by placing it inside the Xiaomi Flora Smart Flower Pot. At first glance, it looks like any other white plastic pot, but it’s actually a Bluetooth powered device that lets you know when it’s time to water your plant. It does this through an app on your phone, and you’ll get a notification when it’s time to give your plant baby a spritz of water. It also has a sensor that detects salt and nutrient levels in the soil, so you’ll know if you need to add some fertilizer to help your plant grow.

Smart plants and planters are the future of indoor gardening. Not only do they make caring for house plants easier, but these devices also make being a plant mom or dad so much fun. Consider having these tech-powered innovations inside your home and enjoy interacting with your plant babies.