KingRoot 2024 – The Ultimate Root Software

Kingroot is a King of all Android rooting software. It is a universal rooting tool available out there for free. It roots almost all the devices with the latest OS and therefore, it is gaining popularity among rooting lovers. This feature makes it unique from other rooting software.



KingRoot supports different mobiles/tablets to date including Phones, Smartwatches, TVs, and Car DVD Players. We can simply assume them as a super tool for rooting android devices since they support most of the devices in the market.

That’s one of the main reasons for its popularity among Android users. KingRoot offers a great user interface and easy-to-use features so that beginners can also root their devices with the help of this tool very easily without any prior knowledge about rooting.

Why Use Kingroot

Kingroot is available for free on the Google Play store. It needs no technical expertise to use it. Anyone who has some basic knowledge about using a smartphone can root his/her device with KingRoot within a few minutes by just following a step-by-step guide given on it.

Features of Kingroot

KingRoot is an advanced version of other rooting software currently present out there. Some of its great features are as follows:

– Very simple interface with clear instructions for use.

– It roots almost all android devices including Phones, Tablets, and appliances.

– It can uninstall pre-installed system apps with a single click only. – Kingroot installs Busybox in rooted mobile/tablet which makes the device more stable and smooth.

KingRoot is a Scam?

Some customers claim that Kingroot is a scam software developed by cybercriminals to cheat people since it does not root android devices properly rather it shows fake messages of successful rooting on different devices when in fact their device remains unrooted so they lose their money.

We have seen many customers complaining about this issue but we have researched most of these claims and found that these are baseless claims having no reality at all since Kingroot uses some secret codes while rooting android devices.

How to Root Android With KingRoot:

Step 1: A customer needs to download the Kingroot apk on his/her mobile/tablet and install it by following simple instructions given on the package.

Step 2: After installing this software, the customer needs to get into Super User Mode so that Kingroot can detect your device properly for rooting it.

For that, you need to go into Setting >> About Phone >> Software Info and tap several times on the Build Number until Developer Mode is enabled.

Now you can see the “Developer mode” option in the Settings menu, enter this option and turn on USB Debugging Mode by going into Development Option.

Step 3: After enabling USB debugging, you need to attach your device to a PC using an authorized USB cable through which KingRoot will detect your device properly for rooting it.

Step 4: After attaching the device with your computer via a compatible USB cable, click the root button visible on-screen of Kingroot tool. While clicking the Root button, keep patience since it may take a few minutes to complete the process depending upon the Android version installed on your mobile/tablet.

Step 5: Once the rooting process is finished, you will be notified about the same. Now your device is successfully rooted and you can enjoy all pre-installed rooted apps as well as new rooted games on it.

In the End

KingRoot is a great tool for those who want to root their android device for playing advanced-level android games as well as enjoying other features of rooted devices by installing various apps on it.

Anyone can use this tool easily without any knowledge about Kingroot apk download. With this software, one can also remove bloatware from his/her mobile after rooting it which further boosts its performance.

Why root your Phone?

phone root

Keeping your device rooted has many benefits. Some of its benefits are as follows:

– It enables you to remove bloatware from android devices by taking backup of pre-installed system apps and then flashing them back after removing bloatware.

– You can easily update the latest versions of android apps only found on Play Store by directly downloading apk files from different sources without waiting for their official updates.

– Rooting enables you to make full use of your device by installing various apps compatible with other versions installed in other devices such as floating windows, desktop features, controlling hardware like camera, GPS location, etc.

Why should I Root my Phone?

Rooting gives you complete access over the system which enables you to perform various advanced operations such as:

– Overclocking your android device, managing different profiles and switching between them, and much more.

– You can always enjoy the latest version of any app by directly downloading apk files from Play Store without waiting for their updates. It saves lots of time.

How to unroot my Phone?


An unrooted phone is just like a brand new phone with nothing installed in it.

Follow these steps to unroot it:

First, download the SuperSU zip file on your PC or Laptop.

Now switch off your smartphone and put it into recovery mode by pressing the Volume Down button along with Home Button simultaneously.

That’s it, now choose ‘recovery option’ in TWRP menu and tap the ‘Install’ button. Here, select the SuperSU zip file that you had downloaded earlier on your PC.

Once it’s selected just swipe right below to flash this zip file onto your device. Now reboot your device from the main menu and enjoy all features of a fully rooted android phone.


So that’s all about how you can root your android device using Kingroot.

You can also remove bloatware by flashing pre-installed system apps via CWM/TWRP recovery. It is highly recommended to enable USB Debugging Mode before rooting your phone and always backup your important data before flashing anything on your smartphone for security reasons.