How to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ (Step by Step)

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Without PC (Step by Step)

Complete Root Samsung S9 Without Data Loss

You heard from many smartphone users that they are just going to root their phone and you say awww??? Root?? What is this? How is it possible to root the android phone or Samsung Galaxy S9? Yes, they said true. You can root your phone easily without any software or be losing any data. In this tutorial, we are going to root Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

There are many ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ if you are not familiar with rooting the android phone. Moreover, if it is your first time of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other versions then you are on right platform. We are going to introduce the easy method and step by step of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Samsung Galaxy initially released in 2018 February with amazing features. We are not going to introduce the amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. In fact, our focus is to root the S9 edge and S9+.

Method#1 Root Samsung Galaxy S9 Using Android Manager

Android Manager is one of the easiest tools using this, we can root any android phone even you can root the IOS phone also. Let see step by step, How to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+.

How to Download and Install Android Manager on Windows & MAC

Before move on, you have to download and install the Android manager. It is the best option to root S9 fastly in one minute. Also, this is not a tool, its simple, reliable and easy to use.

Once you install the Android Manager using the above link(guidance is available in the above link).

Step-2 Connect Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+

Step 1 was to download and install the Android Manager. In the second step, use the USB cable and connect your S9 phone with a laptop or PC in which you installed the Android manager. Now, Open the Android Manager program. Once the phone automatically connects, this tool will detect your phone and show your phone it’s Android Manager’s main window. It is the first step towards rooting your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the single click.

Step-3 Go To One Click Root Samsung Galaxy S9 Options

In this step, you will go to the direct one-click root to Samsung Galaxy S9 easily. Follow the few steps:

  • From the Top Menu, select the¬†ToolBox¬†options.
  • Click on the Toolbox.
  • You will see many options there.
  • In other options, click on “ONE ROOT CLICK”

Note: When you click on this option, you may see that there will option appear which tells you it can affect your Samsung Galaxy S9 warranty. Just ignore the message and click on the root because it does not matter. After the root, you can completely access your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

Method#2 How to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 without PC, Laptop & MAC (Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Root)

Actually, this is too simple to root your Samsung Galaxy S9. Also, you can root Samsung S9+ in a single click without any tool or even PC, laptop or MAC. Follow the guidelines below:

See Here: Download Latest Version of KingRoot file

  • Download the Kingroot as mention in a link above.
  • Once you download the Kingroot, open this on your phone and run this.
  • Follow all the Instructions after you open the Kingroot on your Mobile.
  • Reboot your Mobile Phone.

Do I need to Root Samsung Galaxy S9?

It depends when you want the apps that you can not access directly you have to root your mobile phone. Also, when you want to delete the apps that you don’t need and apps are build in then you may require rooting Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the rooting Android phone especially Samsung S9.

We all know that you may lose the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone but you have to compromise on some features.

Why is Samsung Galaxy not Root Already by default?

This one is a huge question, and there exist many answers. Samsung has many reasons that they don’t provide rooted Samsung Galaxy S9 built-in. One of the reasons is, security reasons because if you install any Best antivirus app on Android then it may cause problems.

What Have We Concluded At End About Root Samsung Galaxy S9?

In the above article, we have told you how easily you can root Samsung Galaxy S9 in one click. Actually, we mentioned two methods, one is with any software and the second is without PC. In the first method, we prefer Android Manager and in the second method, we told you the of Kingroot. Both methods are easy.

Let us know in the comment if you have any problem while rooting your android phone or Root Samsung Galaxy S9. Thanks!