How Does the Trezor Model One Wallet Work – 2024 Guide

You will find a lot of wallet apps to keep and manage your cryptocurrencies. However, in addition to the software wallet apps, there are also hardware wallets. Hardware wallets have their perks and they provide you with better security. And Trezor is one such hardware wallet and not just any but the world’s first one too. Therefore, it will provide you with the option of storing your sensitive data in there and also your wallet keys.

Why would you need a hardware wallet?

You will need to store your cryptocurrency keys somewhere safe and Trezor Model One is that safe place. The reason for its invention is the provision of protection to cryptocurrency owners. Losing your keys means that you will lose all of the money in your wallets. Furthermore, it will expose you to various malware attacks and also to phishing. Therefore, having such a hardware wallet is of utmost importance.

Apart from Trezor Model One, there is also the newest and latest model which is Trezor T. And because it is the latest one, it will provide you with better functions and safety features.

And of course, it will be more expensive. So if you are looking forward to finding the difference between Trezor T vs Trezor One, you will find it at provides you with a variety of different hardware wallets. In addition to Trezor One and T, you will also find Ledger, KeepKey and Crypto tag, etc. All these are hardware wallets and in addition to these, you will also find the accessories for your wallet. So this will be a one-stop shop for crypto users. So whether you want a wallet or accessories, or cases for your wallet, you can easily find them there.


How does Trezor One work?

Trezor One is a device that needs power to operate and it does not have a battery. Therefore, you will be able to operate it after connecting it to your mobile phone or computer through a USB port.

If you want to access your certain address, you will need to connect the Trezor and use the interface provided to you. There, you will enter the details of the transaction that you have to make. On top of the device, there is a touchscreen that will enable you to control the wallet. And because there is no connection to any other thing, your account will be safe from spyware.

Before making the transaction, you will also see the confirmation message. You will need to confirm it for the transaction to be successful. And if there is some manipulation from anyone else, you will also see that. Thus, only those transactions will be successful that you confirm.

In addition to this, you will only need to key to confirm the transaction. And because of this, none of your data will be exposed to the internet. The whole process takes place on the chip of the gadget and not through the web. Therefore, the risk of spyware and malware is almost zero.


Trezor suite app

Although Trezor is a hardware wallet, if you want to make your use very easy, there is also a Trezor suite app. This allows you to control your transactions through your mobile or PC.

When you connect your device and open your Suite app, you will get the option of Dashboard. In Dashboard, you will get the overview of your portfolio. Furthermore, it will also allow you to control your crypto assets. For example, you only had Bitcoin till now but now you also want to make transactions through Litecoin. So to do so, all you need to do is click on the “enable more coins” button and you will be able to enable it very easily.

The next step is to select your device. If you are using Trezor One, you will select it and choose a standard wallet. It will also allow you to select additional wallets. So even if you have a passphrase-protected wallet, you will be able to select that too. And of course, after putting in the password.

Then the next step is to select your account. Open the sidebar on the left and from there, you will select your account. And there is no limitation to just one account. You can open up to 10 accounts at the same time. However, there is one condition: you will need to put some coins in that account. If your account is empty, Trezor will not open it.

After selecting the account, you will open your account tabs. There, you will see the different options like Send, Receive, and Trade. So if you want to send some coins, you will press ‘send’ and if you are receiving the coins from someone, you will get the receiving address after clicking on this button. Likewise, you will be able to buy, sell and trade your coins through the “trade’ button.

Benefits of using Trezor

Hardware wallets keep your account keys and important data safe from attacks. Thus, it keeps your cryptocurrencies safe. The key is not always connected to the internet. Therefore, the risk of attacks is very low.

But because this is not a thing that everyone uses, use might be difficult for people. Therefore, to make the device user-friendly and easy to use, there are special features in Trezor.

There is a pin entry procedure to access your data and then there is also a passphrase-protected account. So if you have any doubts regarding the login security, you can go with this one. And then in addition to these two security checkpoints, there is also security token support which is U2F and 2FA. This token will provide you protection in the Trezor Suite app.

Other benefits that you will enjoy include, protection from online and physical attacks. So you can stay tension-free because the device is with you and only you can access its data through a pin code.