Best Golf Video Games 2024

Best Choice
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360
Second Best
Mario Golf: World Tour
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360
Mario Golf: World Tour
Best Choice
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360
Second Best
Mario Golf: World Tour
Mario Golf: World Tour

Video games are a much-needed thing in this era. We would all like to agree that videogames can actually be included in the basic necessities these days. The way gaming programmers are earning, and evolving new technology says it all. They have become so player-centric that they actually give the feeling of playing a live game.

Golf video games are gaining popularity day by day. Sometimes considering that golf is an expensive game to play, players are taking their hobby of playing golf through them, according to

Virtual golf games have gained real popularity over the coming years. The best part of them is that you do not have to buy expensive equipment, gear or memberships. Just buy the game or rent it, and you can have a whole new experience.

And it is as good as the real one. Here are some golf video games that we think users really enjoy and thoroughly recommend.

1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

This game is named after the synonym of golf itself- Mr. Tiger Woods. This is one of the best ones that could have been ever invented. It is so fantastically real that it gives you the feeling of playing golf on the course itself.

You can choose your players, and their virtual avatars will be right in front of you. Imagine controlling Tiger Woods’ swings by your hand. Well, how much ever unimaginable it sounds it truly is real.

Plus, the crowd cheering and the variety of golf courses they offer are the icings on the cake. They have actually partnered with golf courses to give you the ultimate experience of a real experience.

2. Links 2003

Links 2003 has its own fan following. The user interface is not as mesmerizing as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but it surely is a hit among golf players who love video games. The people who love the links 2003 Microsoft edition truly loved the latest edition and thanked everyone who is keeping it alive.

The USP of this game is the pinpoint control that it offers. It may not be as advanced as the latest ones, but it sure gives true golfers the thrill and excitement that they need.

3. Golden Tee

Golden Tee has arguably come down from the coin arcades to the best UI in today’s video games. It is one of the best console games and has the best trackball control system. Developed ages ago, but still, it has improved itself while keeping the essence of golf.

The developers have done their best job, and needless to say, they have succeeded. Their controls are so very much developed that they can actually help you in training for the actual physical game. The controls have been praised by each and everyone who has ever played it.

4. Mario Golf

Yes, you guessed it right, it features the favorite Mario and has amazing interactive features. This includes camera angles, wide readings, velocity tracking, and much more. Mario Golf gives the user so much accessibility that you actually have to set it and then play conveniently. It has its own in-built games that host tournaments.

And the special thing is that it offers courses too. These give you a cutting edge to get you the best out of the game. You learn tips and tricks which are really fun and give you the best possible experience.

5. Hots Shots Golf Fore

Hots Shots Golf Fore has gained its popularity for its backspin control. The graphics are not that great, but it gives total enjoyment, but it scores highly in being an addictive game. The hotshots game promises to be as entertaining as it can be.

It teaches you the right attitude of the game. Once you play it, you will play real golf with the same attitude.

6. Cyber Tiger

Cyber Tiger combines the best features of all the games. From the arcade console features to the PGA interfaces, it covers everything. Its most eminent features are player editor, best animations, power boost shots, etc. Though it was developed by EA sports, it became a little less popular than EA sports. But nonetheless, it has its own fan following.

It has power-ups, superballs, etc. it also has some hidden tricks which are given by Tiger Woods himself. The journey starts from career mode, and you can unlock other championship modes.

7. John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

Yes, this two-time golf champion has a game, and it is a complete fun package. It is really popular among PlayStation owners. It popularly teaches John Daly’s ‘Grip It and Rip It’ tricks. The motion control is quiet enhancing.

The best part e is that it gives you a realistic approach to golf. It doesn’t have any super or extra features which generally video games have. That’s why we said that it has a realistic approach to golf.

So, these are some of the best golf games that we have listed. You can enjoy them on different platforms and take your golfing experience to the next level. These video games are really popular and give everything that a golfer wants in a video game. The personalized features add the player with more belief that he is playing in the ambiance of a golf course.

Plus, you actually play the game by being real golf professionals on the computer, and that adds to the entertainment. You can play yourself or be Tiger Woods, and he plays whatever shots you like. It is really fun and entertaining. These golf games have raised the bar of video games and the virtual gaming experience.

No more long walks on the golf course, and you play without getting physically strained like in the real game. So if you want a real, first-hand golf experience, grab your favorite game and start playing!

Before you go, check out some other golf video games available in today’s market.

The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One
  • Explore the new and Officially Licensed page Tour Career mode including q-school, web﮳com Tour, page Tour, and the FedEx cup playoffs
  • Compete online against friends or the world in match play, alt-shot, Skins and more
  • Design, build and share your own course creations online or play the creations of others
Everybody's Golf - PlayStation 4
  • The classic PlayStation golf franchise is back with its unique blend of deep golf mechanics and quirky visual style, now with customizable golfer avatars, new online gameplay modes, free roam golf...
  • Robust online experience (team battle, daily tournament etc.)
  • Offline single player and multiplayer mode up to 4 players
  • Free roaming on the game's golf courses
  • English (Subtitle)
The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition - Xbox One
  • Career Mode! - Progress by winning, earning money, and buying into more prestigious golf societies/clubhouses, facing more difficult competition as you rise to the top
  • Online Golf Societies - Online clans for you and your friends to compete in, either against each other and/or against other clans. Includes customizable clubhouse to show off status
  • Compete online in full seasons and major tournaments, either by yourself or with your Golf Society
  • Full Practice Range including driving range, putting green, chipping green, and Sandbox Mode. Features real-time feedback and stat tracking to help improve your skills
  • Improved course creator with even more props, tools, and the addition of crowds for a more immersive golfing experience