Essential Tools for your Next Home Improvement Project – 2024 Guide

As a handyman ready to either do it yourself or for hire, it is necessary to have basic tools aside from the usual hammer, measuring tape, screwdrivers, etc. Here we’ll discuss some other important tools too.

Before becoming a handyman, it is important to sit and decide the kind of jobs you’d like to take up, depending on what you might be good at, say Carpeting, or you love to paint? Would you rather fix the plumbing? Are you scared of heights and can’t go up a ladder? All these are necessary questions because of the role they play in deciding the kind of tools to get. A plumber would get different tools from someone focusing on carpentry.

When purchasing tools, it is easier to roam and buy tools you might never need, drawn to buy it either because of its aesthetics or just the need to own tools so you must be careful of your purchases. Before going off to buy every tool available, go through these recommendations for the best tools to consider as applies to your choice of work.

Cordless Drill

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This tool is used for drilling holes or driving screws of various width and size. This should be the first power tool anyone should get as it is essential. Even though it is a drill, it’s importance lies in its ability to act as a powered screwdriver, making screw jobs easy and fast. If you were considering getting an impact driver, reconsider putting it off and opt for the versatility of the drill. Get a cordless one and an extra battery so you keep working while one battery charges.

Reciprocating Saw

This saw was made for versatility, and if you don’t own one, you’ve been missing out. It can function as a tree pruner, can be used during demolition for taking down drywall, pipes, and framing. It can saw rough pieces of wood, and reduce large debris into smaller ones. As a handyman, a day without this tool is a day too late. Holding one of these gives any handyman a superior feeling, as not every homeowner would have this.

Wire Cutters

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Wire cutters are used to cut different types of single and double-stranded metals. They can be used for commercial and industrial purposes. If you want to cut a metal cable effectively, then a wire cutter is the tool you need. A good wire cutter will cut through a wire cable without any damage to the cutter and the wire. Wire cutters can be used to work on power cables, communication cables, parrot mesh, chicken wires, mattress springs, guitar strings, piano wires, washing lines made of steel, barbed wires, catenary wire, tension wire balustrade, and curtain wires. To look for different types of wire cutters, visit


Despite owning a ladder themselves, most homeowners expect handymen to come along with theirs. Ladders are useful when patching drywalls, painting, installing a ceiling fan, trim installation, roof repairs, etc. Unless you’re doing roof repairs, your ladder must not necessarily need to reach the roof but should at least reach the ceiling. If you encounter vaulted ceilings a lot as you work, then get a ladder that is a little longer than the normal ceiling height.

Circular Saw

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For any handyman who intends to cut wood, this circulating saw is a must-have. Getting a corded or cordless saw depends on your choice, even though the cordless takes it for versatility and easy handling. Unless you’d rather use the old fashioned hand saw, the circular saw is a saw you’re bound to use very often.

Allen Wrenches

Armed with a few Allen wrenches, any handyman can tighten a faucet, repair a bicycle or assemble a piece of furniture. Even though you can easily lose them because of their small sizes, these tools are gradually becoming a part of everyday life and unless you’re super-organized, embrace the fact that you’d have to constantly replenish your stock as they are bound to keep missing.

Crowbar or Prybar

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You need to understand that as a handyman, destruction, as well as construction, will be part of your job. Notwithstanding the various tasks the reciprocating saw can handle, something more precise is often needed which is where a crowbar or prybar comes in. Even though the claw end of a hammer can serve, a professional handyman should have the right tools at his disposal in cases like pulling materials apart – nail out of wood, trim from the wall, trellis away from the side of a building- amongst other things.

Time To Go Shopping

Since you can justify buying and owning any variety of tools out there, as a professional handyman you shouldn’t spend your money on tools you’d hardly use often. Put into consideration the kind of work you would do often and get specific tools that will make your work easy, efficient and fast.