A Detailed 2024 Review Of The Game – Minecraft

It is a true and notable fact that gaming has now evolved to be a bigger and more prominent thing. Games, in the early years of their inventions, were primarily used for relaxing the brain. Playing games provided the peace and rested three brains and body needs after a hard-working session. Games were mostly played by small children and teenagers to get rid of their boredom.

But now, the whole scenario is completely different. Gaming is now not limited to relaxation only. It is an unlimited category. People have started realizing the importance of playing games as gaming has provided career and incoming opportunities to many. And there are almost a hundred thousand games being released per year. Not all of them make it to the successful category. And not all of them are capable of leaving a notable mark.

There are very few games which, when after a decade of their release, are being played by gamers. And one such game is Minecraft. It is a First-Person Perspective or Third Person Perspective survival game. If you love playing survival games, then check this link to have a look at some of the similar games like Minecraft, which can keep the gamer in you alive.

Here is a detailed review of the game of Minecraft. If you are planning to play this game, then this article is going to help you a lot!


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Minecraft is basically a survival game where you have to learn the art of survival by using various things available around you. And your survival is not surely limited to the available environmental factors only! You have to keep yourself safe from the predators hunting for you during the night! For a summarised description, we can describe Minecraft as a complete survival game.

It was first released on the computer platform. First, its PC version came out. And unlike keep games, it was an instant hit. The PC version is still played by various people, most of which are streamers. This makes Minecraft PC a popular game that is streamed on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc.

After two years of its release, the creators planned to launch is the mobile version. The mobile version was launched, but it pretty much failed to make an impact instantly. And Minecraft is remembered as one of those games which were played more after about the years of its release on a platform. The platform here is mobile.

The mobile version took its time to be popular and currently is a favorite fan game. It is also played by various prominent You Tubers like Philza and Black Clue Gaming.


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The gameplay of Minecraft is pretty much like any other survival game out there in the industry. But it is different with the perspective it provides to the players. As told earlier, the game is a survival game that operates in two-player perspectives – First Person and Third Person.

When players enter into the game, they will be spawned in any random place on a random island. And then starts a game which may be never-ending! Yeah! Minecraft is a game which players can play all throughout their life! They can start by building their houses and gather for. Then they can grow their own plants while taking various animals like pigs, cows, sheep, and chicken.

Further, in the game, players can enter a whole new different dimension called The Nether. It is basically the simplest path to death! Another dimension includes The Overworld. It is where players end the game by killing the main boss named the Ender Dragon. The nether gives players the second boss mob named The Wither Boss.


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The game has a lot of features to boast of, and all of them are described below.

1. Building and Crafting

Minecraft allows players to build and craft various things while they are in their world. This makes the game a never-ending one. Players can craft their own houses by using resources like wood, stone, sand, wool, etc.

Other craft-able items include beds, armors, weapons like sword, trident, view and arrows, food, furnaces, and many more.

2. Mobs

Minecraft features a lot of mobs, some of which are inspired by real-life, and others are created. These moves are divided into two parts – Active and Passive.

Active mobs are those who are basically the enemies in the game. They have been created to make the survival of the players difficult and challenging. These mobs included –

  • Zombies – Are of various types like normal zombies, drowned found in water, creepers which are living dynamites and zombie villagers, which are the villagers infected by zombies.
  • The skeleton attacks using bow and arrows.
  • Enderman which moves at a speed of light and can kill within seconds.
  • Pillagers who have sworn enemies of villagers and attack the players using tools and magic.
  • Ghost found in the Nether floats in air and fires fireballs
  • Blaze found in The Nether as well and fires fireballs etc.

3. Resources

Various resources are available for the players. These include real-life items and are used for constructing and crafting various stuff need by the players for their survival. These resources include wood, sand, stone, wool, good, iron, diamond, emerald, bamboo, wheat, potato, and many more.

4. Magical Elements

The game also involves the use of magic. Players can use magic to enchant their weapons and armors. These magics are used by evil pillagers. Some examples can be water breathing, fire resistance, mending, unbreaking, night vision, etc.


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Frankly, this game is not for those people who like a game with freaking good graphics. Three graphics offered by Minecraft make it appropriately matching to the game. The graphics are somewhat like old fashioned square ones. This means everything is a square, almost everything!


From my personal game experience, I can undoubtedly declare Minecraft the best survival and crafting game available now. It has all the essential features needed to make it a must-play. And like PUBG, it has provided career to many gamers stream this regularly on various streaming platforms. Adios!