Common Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them Fast

Modern smartphones are functional and highly demanded on the market devices. However, their owners often face minor and more severe malfunctions. They vary in nature and arise for many reasons. In turn, manufacturers are trying to improve their products and increase their resistance to various types of damage. Some of the smartphone problems can easily be solved at home with the help of special services or eliminated in repair centers. It all depends on the severity of a particular issue. So in this article, you’ll learn what you need to do in this or that case.

#1 Your Phone Fails to Boot

This problem is one of the most common and happens for many reasons: operating system failure, motherboard damage, and update fails. The cause may be a clogged charger slot and the inability to put the phone on the charger. If it happens, you’ll need to reinstall the operating system or replace and repair the board. So, unfortunately, in this case, you’ll have to look into the service center.

#2 Touch Screen is Damaged


The problem is familiar to most smartphones, even the most expensive models. Drop on a hard surface (tile, cement pavement) can’t survive even the most costly and rugged smartphones. With minor damage, you can get by with the touch screen replacement. However, more severe mechanical damage requires a complete change of display.

#3 Moisture Got into the Phone

Water damages the internal contents of the phone. First of all, the motherboard is damaged. The moisture results can show themselves not immediately but after a few hours or a more extended period. What to do if you dropped your gadget in water or moisture got inside the phone for some reason?

✔️ Turn off your device. Consider that it’s the first and most important thing you should do.

✔️ Remove the battery.

✔️ Go to the Howly website, which you can visit here, and get detailed advice from top experts on what you need to do in this case.

Remember that you shouldn’t try to remove the effects of moisture on your own with a hair dryer or other heating devices. So you risk burning the electronics inside if the exposure temperature exceeds the maximum permissible value. And the only thing left for you to do is to buy a new smartphone. Thus, you should never be in a hurry and try to practice unproven information you find on the Internet.

#4 The Battery Runs Out Too Quickly


Every modern smartphone contains many apps that shorten the intervals between charges. For example, people often use their smartphones to watch photos and videos, download games, etc. Too rapid depletion of charging indicates a decrease in battery capacity and, consequently, informs about the need to replace the battery.

How can you find out if your battery capacity is decreasing? To ensure the battery needs replacing, you must fix the charge level and not use your smartphone for an hour. Then check what the charge level is after the specified time. If the loss is significant, you need to buy a new battery.

# 5 Your Smartphone’s Battery is Swollen

This problem is common to owners of devices that run on iOs and Android. The screen separates from the case, forming a gap. In this case, it’s necessary to replace the battery. If it continues to bloat, the elements of electronics and microcircuits can fail. And unfortunately, it follows severe repair costs.

#6 SIM Card Not Detected

This problem happens relatively often. The first thing the user should do is make sure that the SIM card is active. Then disable the device and take out the card. Next, it’s necessary to check it for damage, dust accumulation, and other contaminants. If they are present, you should clean the SIM card.

If all the above steps have not produced the desired effect, and there’s still no connection, the receiver card may malfunction. For example, such a problem occurs if the owner regularly rearranges SIM cards.

#7 Speaker Fails to Operate Properly


If during phone conversations on the other end of the line, the owner of the device can be heard perfectly, but they can’t, it means that the speaker fails to operate correctly. It’s unlikely to eliminate the malfunction with your forces, so seek help from professionals. The problem may lie in the loop or a manufacturing defect. Before contacting specialists, you should ensure that the volume during the call is turned on.

#8 Smartphone Freezes

If your device slows down, check the amount of free RAM, clean your phone from unnecessary programs and apps, and turn off the function to update them automatically.

#9 The Charger Connector is Damaged

Ensure the cable is intact if your smartphone doesn’t charge when you connect the charger. The problem is often caused by using chargers from other phones. The main factor indicating that the connector is malfunctioning is a drastic change in the charge level. Repairing your device in this situation can only be done in the service center.

#10 And Finally, What to Do With Spontaneous Reboot

When the smartphone restarts, it is a sign that the software is broken and needs to be reinstalled. However, if a light touch on the body again starts rebooting, it results from mechanical damage. To check if this is the case and to know what actions to take, you need to contact professionals, which we have repeatedly mentioned in this article.



You can extend the life of your phone by avoiding all of the above problems. For example, overheating, too many apps, and everything else contributes to low battery life and poor standby time. However, none of us are perfect, and keeping your device in excellent condition is impossible. So if you know the solutions to a problem that has already happened, that’s great.