This A Cappella Group on YouTube Can Mimic The Music Sound Effects From Video Games & TV Series

The new music sensations that are making their way across the world are not what you may first expect when you conjure up thoughts of an unstoppable super-group; but that’s not to say they aren’t wholly deserving of your attention.

On the contrary; this group in question is likely going to peak your interest much more than that of any other band, and in fact, you may just come to find yourself endlessly bingeing all of their content on the internet.

What goes viral in the internet economy depends on a lot of factors. The conditions of the content and the platform have to be right, to get lucky. Finding the market for who and what appreciates talent isn’t always consistent but, for the few who make it, justice and success is sweet. TikTok and YouTube have enabled many to showcase themselves and, importantly, develop themselves. It’s the habit of performance that improves the performances, the creativity. It only requires one video, one clip to go viral for an audience to follow the thread back to previous releases and develop a waiting crowd for their future.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the new music sensation that has been taking over the world, as well as going through a few of the most notable reasons that make this group stand out from the rest.

Films and TV series


Perhaps the one thing that MayTree is most known for is that of their various TV show/film covers through a cappella. In fact, MayTree’s most popular video of all time on Youtube is their a cappella rendition of the Squid Game theme, and this is what began to put them on the map in the first place.

However, it doesn’t stop there when it comes to popular film series. To note just a few of the most popular TV shows they have covered; there’s Stranger Things, Squid Game, Gravity Falls, SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as a plethora of others.

Moreover, many of these soundtracks are incredibly difficult to perform without any instruments whatsoever, and the fact that MayTree is able to achieve this feat time and time again just goes to show how talented they truly are.

That goes without even mentioning their multiple film covers – Ghostbusters, Up, James Bond – the list goes on. Maytree has practically covered any piece of TV/film history that you can imagine, and it seems as though their skill knows no bounds.



Whilst MayTree is mainly known for their outlandish ability to replicate a wide range of sound effects that shouldn’t be able to be voiced by humans, they also have done their fair share to cater to the sports fans of the world too, available at sites like and

With this area not being their forte, the options are somewhat limited in this category. However, they did perform an excellent cover of the UEFA Champions League theme, and the fact that this video went on to get a whopping eight point six million views just goes to show that the demand is there.

You can almost guarantee that Maytree is going to do more videos based around sports in the future. Sporting anthems and moments are among the most popular pieces of content online. There’s so much of it in the archives, so much of it produced live. It’s relentless. Finding a space within this ever-burgeoning vein could mean repeatable success for the group.

Video Games


Video games are one of the main sources of content that MayTree bases most of their videos on, and if you are a gamer yourself or just have a fondness for game soundtracks, you are well and truly going to be in for a treat.

Whether it be the GTA theme, The Legend of Zelda soundtrack, or the Super Mario medley, Maytree has covered a vast range of different games, and the chances of you being familiar with at least one of the games in question are incredibly high.

Furthermore, with gaming being as popular as it is, it will come as no shock to you that their gaming covers tend to fare extremely well, and this is one of the biggest draws that brings newcomers into their channel. In this, its similar to sports. There’s a massive audience for it. Fandom is filled with passion. If what they love is being adapted, covered, interacted with in a new and unique way, they will come flocking. Nostalgia plays a role in this, especially with the classic Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Super Mario. We all have that reverberating opera of the Halo soundtrack buzzing about our heads. It’s a consistent source.


Not only are MayTree exceptionally talented, but they’re also unbelievably creative. Over the years they have covered almost every sound imaginable, and you would not believe what they are able to do with just their voices alone.

This even applies to unconventional sounds that you would not imagine an a cappella group to cover – Maytree can replicate the Windows sound with staggering accuracy, and it goes without saying that this is somewhat of an impressive feat when you factor in just how robotic this sound is in the first place.

The combination of both their skill and their creativity is undoubtedly the concoction that has allowed them to explode in popularity, and we may yet see them come up with more interesting ideas in the future.

So, do you think you will be taking a more in-depth look at MayTree after finishing this article? If so, you will certainly not be on your own. Maytree is truly incredible, and there are few other a cappella groups in this world that possess the same skill as this.

It would not be a surprise to see MayTree further grow in notoriety throughout the next few years – this level of talent is always rewarded, and they are able to offer something that nobody else in the music industry is able to offer.