How to Buy the Right Gaming Laptop For Your Needs  – 2024 Guide

In the past, not many gamers used laptops for their biggest passion, as they weren’t suited for it. But, as times changed and computers evolved, today you can play most games on these devices. They’re powerful enough and offer versatility desktop computers don’t. They kill the need to have two computers if one you’ll need for school or work, while the other is your gaming station. Today, you can use the laptop for your work and other obligations, while also having it by your side for gaming relax moments.

So, if your mind is made up, and you want to switch to laptop gaming platforms, you have come to the right place. The laptop market is saturated, so you’ll probably need help to decide which options are the best for you. There are a couple of decisions to be made before you get the latest gaming device. We are here to give you the guidelines on how to buy the right gaming laptop for your needs. Stick to what we tell you, and avoid mistakes. Let’s get going.

Pick a Platform


This is the first step. While there aren’t dozen of options, there are a few ones, all of which are good, so you need to find the one you prefer the most. By now, you are probably familiar with both Macs and PCs. If you are buying a laptop that already has a pre-installed operating system, then you are going to encounter one of the following three options: Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS. As we said, all of them have their advantages, and the final decision lies on your shoulders. If you have experience with any of these from before, then your choice will be made easier. If the experience is good, go with that one. If it is bad, then pick another option and give competitors a chance.

Select The Best GPU


If you are not well versed in computing terms, we’ll dissolve this for you. The GPU is the graphics procession unit of your computer. Thanks to it, the images your computer needs to produce come to life faster. Games are making millions of images per second in some cases, and this is why you need a powerful GPU. The recommended option for most gamers is the GTX 1060, which is more than enough to handle the gaming masterpieces such as Devil May Cry or Halo Infinite. When we tell you to select this GPU, we also have a price on our minds. It is not expensive beyond reason. You have cheaper options such as GTX 1050, but you need to lower your expectations with this one.

Pay Attention to RAM and CPU


After resolving the issue of GPU, you need to move on and think about RAM and CPU. These three things go hand in hand, and you need to have them on the same level. The reason is simple. Better components can’t elevate the weak ones. Instead, the weak one is going to sabotage the better pieces. To have the best performance possible, try your best to match these three things as much as you can. The route to take would be to go with the Intel Core i7 CPU.

If you can’t afford this one, then your next option would be Core i5. We’re sorry to tell you that if you can’t go with either of the two, then Core i3 is your next option, but with it, you need to say goodbye to any thought about a gaming laptop. With Core i3, you probably won’t be able to play any of the modern games. As far as the processor is concerned, you’ll be good to go with a 3.3-GHz version, which vastly outperforms the 2.2 GHz one. In the end, you’re left with RAM, which shouldn’t be below 8GB, which is needed for most new games. 4GB just won’t do the trick, and you shouldn’t even try it.

Keyboard and Touchpad


Even if you pack a monster under the hood, you won’t be able to max it out without a quality package. Before falling in love with the configuration, make sure that the keyboard and touchpad are up to the task. If you plan to work a lot on your laptop and then play games on it, you need a keyboard that offers precision, suitable to excellent tactile feedback, enough key travel, and enough space between the keys. Touchpad also needs to be precise, as you do not want your cursor jumping all over the screen.

Size of the Display


You probably heard this before, but size matters. But, if you are going to carry your device around to work and back home, you need not have it oversize. The best option would be the one that fits into a backpack. If this is what you have on your mind, then go for the 14 inches or even smaller options. Furthermore, the bigger the computer, the more weight it has. This is another thing you need to think about. If you are going to carry it around, you need to have it at an acceptable weight. Don’t go for heavy ones weighing over 5 pounds. But, if you are not going to be dragging it around, then be free to go for the big guns. A 17 inch, a 10-pound laptop is ideal for gaming size vise. It could be precisely what you were looking for, as a machine as massive as this can pace tremendous configuration able to tackle any game.


So, there you have it – all the perks of buying a gaming laptop. If you have followed our steps and still can’t decide on your future machine, do not worry, you haven’t hit the brick wall just yet. According to, some of the best laptops with affordable prices are Acer Aspire 5, Dell Inspiron 15 5000, and Acer Aspire E 15. You can choose any of these models without worrying that you have made a mistake. If none of these suits your needs, be free to check out their entire list of best gaming laptops under $500.