5 Best Water Dispensers for Home Use in 2024

Whether we want to admit it or not, we live in an age where drinking water is becoming a privilege. People live in cities and towns that have water that may not be of the greatest quality and that may not be very good for health. This is the reason why people have started using water dispensers at their homes since this is the only way that they are sure that they would always have bottled water at all times. However, not all water dispensers are of equal quality and it should be also mentioned that there are great differences among them. Let’s see what the best water dispensers for home use are.

  1. Primo Water Dispenser with Pet Station

Img source: store.primowater.com

When we are talking about this one, we should mention that the manufacturer has used stainless steel and chrome alloy for the construction of this one. It should be also added that this is a great thing to have at home during the night as well since there is a nightlight included, and it is a LED one. On top of all this, if you have a pet, this is the best water dispenser you can have at your home since it also has a pet station. It can be adjusted and this is not all. Moreover, there is also a safe pet bowl included. To make the device as safe as possible, the manufacturer has made all materials with the water in accordance with BPA certification. If there are leakages of the bottles that have been damaged, this dispenser has a prevention system for this, i.e. there is a leak guard installed to prevent this. On the other hand, if you want all this to work, you would need to position the device on a flat and level surface, otherwise, it may not work properly. There have also been some complaints that the device cannot make ice-cold water.

  1. Avalon A1 Water Cooler

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One of the best things about this one is its design. The reason for this is its slimness and this is a great thing because you can fit it easily in any corner of your home. It should be also mentioned that the device is also equipped with water dispensers for both hot and cold water. If you have a child, this is also a great device to have since there is a lock for hot water. The tanks of the device have been made in such a way that they are made of stainless steel. On top of all this, the water dispenser has been UL certified and Energy Star rated. On the other hands, many buyers have complained that they could not make their warranties work. This was not the only problem that was encountered. It should be also noted that the water is never ice cold and the leaks start to appear as the usage of the dispenser goes in its third year.

  1. Whirlpool Water Cooler

Img source: amazon.com

When we are talking about the bottom loading for hot and cold water, we need to point out that the water dispenser for these has been designed and made to fit the commercial standards. There is hot and cold water provided but it needs to be emphasized that the cold water provided is extremely cold, up to 40 degrees F. The dispenser has been Energy Star rated. This one is also great if you have children due to the safety lock that the manufacturer has incorporated. The entire dispenser has been made of steel, both the sides and the front. If you tend to drink water during the night, this may also be a great thing since the device is equipped with the LED nightlight. Also, another good thing about it is the fact that it is great for the bottles whatever their size is. Even though it has an audible alarm, which is good to know when the bottle is empty or when it got blocked, many users found this irritating. On top of all this, many users have complained that the device is a bit loud, and the reason for this is a heavy-duty pump that a device has. Even though the device provides ice-cold water, this feature may diminish during the usage of the device throughout the years.

  1. NewAir WAT40B Black Water Dispenser

Img source: walmart.com

When we are talking about this one, we need to point out that it has a dispenser for hot and cold water, hot to 185 degrees F and cold to 39 degrees F. it should be also added that the compressor which is used in the device is great and it has Energy Star rating. The device also has a design which is both bottom loading and BPA-free. This is another one designed for families with children since there is a safety lock for hot water. The device is also NSF certified. When disadvantages of the device are concerned, there have been some complaints on the noise a device creates when it works. Also, if you do not service it regularly, there is a chance that some bacteria and minerals may appear pile up.

  1. Brio CL520 Top-Load Cooler

Img source: amazon.com

The dispenser has been equipped with two dispensers, one for cold and one for hot water. It should be also pointed out that the device is good for the bottles ranging from 3 to 5 gallons. The tanks have been made of stainless steel which is great for the quality and safety of the water inside the dispenser. It should be added that the body of the dispenser has been made in accordance to commercial-grade standards and it has been made of ABS. When we are talking about the top-loading dispenser, we should point out that the manufacturer has made it in such a way that it has a feature that prevents spills. If you have children, do not worry since there is a kind of a child lock on the spigot for hot water. The control of this lock is done through a power switch. When the drip tray is concerned, it can be removed and cleaned easily.

Having taken all things into consideration, the popularity and the usage of water dispensers at home has become increasingly popular due to the fact that people are constantly provided with top-quality water that can be either cold or hot whenever they want. The only thing here is to sit down and think which water dispenser of the above mentioned is the best for home use. Reconsider if you have pets, children, how much space you have and there is not any doubt that some of the water dispensers above would be a perfect choice for your home.