4 Best Ubuntu Laptops in 2024

The Ubuntu is the leading and excellent software offered by Linux, but if you want to use Ubuntu on the laptop with Windows pre-installed you must buy a laptop with special specifications. If you do not do that you might have a problem with Wi-Fi. In this article, you can read about 4 best Ubuntu laptops that have Windows pre-installed and can be also used for Ubuntu.

The major important specifications for durable performance in a laptop is the processor and the graphics card. If you want to find out more about the best ubuntu laptops in 2024 continue reading.

1. DELL XPS 13

Img source: theverge.com

This is the laptop that is designed for several Intel processors and has 8GB RAM which can be upgraded to 256GB SSD. Dell XPS 13 has Intel Kabylake GT2 graphics, the design is elegant and light as the all models of the XPS series. It also has a 13.3 inches screen, and it can fit in every bag. The main advantage of this model of laptop is that has Ubuntu pre-installed, and no hardware issues of compatibility because this model even has chrome and chromium pre-installed. Windows edition of this model is more expensive than the Ubuntu edition.


Img source: cnet.com

This is the amazing model from the HP which has high resolution, and with reasonable price, you can get an excellent Ubuntu laptop. The body of this model is metallic with the matte finish, it is very durable, and has a 4K IPS screen. HP Chromebook 13 has a longlasting battery, more than 11 hours between next charging. The flaw of this model is that it gets heat up too soon and your keyboard area become so hot that you can use the laptop, but the Ubuntu is running perfectly.


Img source: pocket-lint.com

Zenbook Pro is the premium design model, slim, light and elegant. It has Intel i7 processor which can run Ubuntu’s latest Kernel very easy. The laptop has 16GB RAM which can be upgraded to 128GB SDD, and the battery will last at least 6 hours. It also has 3 most common USB ports, but the brightness of the screen is much worst when you compare this model to Dell’s laptop. You can very easily install Ubuntu 15.01, but you will have a problem with version 16.04.

4. DELL XPS 15

Img source: cnet.com

This is the overall best buy when it comes to Ubuntu laptop in 2024 on the market, with the durable performing screen. It has elevated brightness, an Adobe RGB 70% coverage and a contrast ratio of 1600:1. You can install Ubuntu on this model without any problem because the Dell XPS 15 is a robust model with a stylish finish. The battery will last more than 3 hours if you are using Ubuntu with Intel GPU. The decision is on you; will you install Ubuntu or not.

The conclusion is simple; there are many good laptops in 2024 for Windows, and almost every model allows you to use Ubuntu very easy. The user must decide how much money want to invest in small fixes if the problem shows up. On the internet there are many guides for fixing this small problem, you just need to search.