4 Best Mop Stations for Small Apartments 2024 – Find the Right Products

In a small apartment, the major issue is the space. Whenever you set up the furniture, your rooms will become tighter and have less space for proper cleaning. Undoubtedly, it is not simple to reach every corner and mop everywhere.

Even if you opt for a typical method like a broom or mop, dirt will still be left under the furniture. You might be thinking about a solution that should be cost-effective and convenient.

There is a solution that you can bring into your house. You can purchase a mop station to automatically mop every corner of your house.

Even if your apartment size is small and compact, a robotic mop can do its job efficiently. There is no need to do anything, and all the work will be done automatically.

If you are not present at home, your house will still clean itself with this device. If you are searching for the perfect mopping station for your compact apartment, this write-up will help you find the right products.

Best Mopping Stations for Small-sized Apartments

1. Yeedi Robotic Vacuum and Mopping Station

Yeedi Robotic Vacuum and Mopping Station

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It is a fantastic self-cleaning mopping as well as a vacuuming station, perfect for small apartments. It can go anywhere, even in small corners, without any guidance. It can take all the dust and debris within a single swap through powerful suction.

After that, it can easily mop your room floors automatically. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic product that is available with many exciting features. Before making any decision, you must consider this product.


  • This device with two mopping pads can spin at least 180 times in a minute with a force of 10N to clean all the stains from the floor.
  • This product comes with a self-cleaning mode that mops the floor automatically without odor. The attached tank can carry 3.5 L of clean and waste water without causing contamination.
  • The powerful suction machine pulls all the dust and puts it in the attached dustbin capacity of 750 ml.
  • This product can recognize the room floor and use vacuum mode instead of wet mopping.
  • Using the app or voice assistant feature, one can manage the device’s settings and clean the house.
  • It can run for at least 180 minutes and recharge its long-lasting battery from its base station.
  • Better Self-cleaning mopping mode
  • Works well in small apartments
  • Powerful dirt suction machine
  • Not available in different colors and designs

2. Roidmi Eva Automatic Mopping Station

Roidmi Eva Automatic Mopping Station

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You can prefer this product if you are searching for a comprehensive mopping device for cleaning your entire house. It consists of customizable cleaning modes you can manage using an application.

This robotic machine knows how to accomplish its task without compromising anything. It can clean all the dust and debris from every corner of your house. Consider its unique features before finalizing any product.


  • It is a 4-inch device that works at a high speed of 180 rpm. You can expect perfect cleaning if you install this device in your house.
  • It can clean tough stains by sucking the dust and mopping the floor efficiently.
  • Three sweeping modes are available: mopping, vacuuming, and carpet cleaning.
  • It can detect and avoid obstacles automatically to save itself from a collision.
  • It follows the cleaning pattern straight line and automatically turns in another direction when required.
  • You must connect this device to Wi-Fi so that you can connect this device to your mobile.
  • If you need help, customer service is always available, and this product is available with a one-year warranty.
  • A fantastic device with powerful suction
  • Easy to use
  • The app does not work

3. 360 Store S8 Vacuum Self-Navigating Mopping Device

360 Store S8 Vacuum Self-Navigating Mopping Device

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There is a limited area whenever you stay in a small apartment, and a mopping device must go under the furniture automatically. This machine can detect a wall or anything that can damage it.

This device turns and proceeds further to do the mopping. With other exciting features, it is worth investing in it. You must know its unique features and you can decide whether it works well in your apartment.


  • This automatic mopping device with a self-emptying base station clears the attached dustpan automatically.
  • The bagging capacity is 4L, which you need to change only five times a year.
  • By using 3D mapping technology, this machine can map your entire house and move automatically using sensors.
  • It can detect and avoid obstacles without leaving any space for cleaning.
  • Two cleaning modes are available, vacuuming as well as mopping.
  • It can remove stains as well as dry them up quickly.
  • This device has a better running time and can charge whenever required.
  • You can control this device by using your voice or using its application.
  • It is easy to customize the cleaning settings with a few clicks.
  • You can contact the customer support team if you need any help.
  • Self-cleaning and self-charging
  • Simple to use and customize cleaning settings
  • Detect obstacles
  • Suction power is not strong

4. Airrobo T10+Voice-Controlled Vacuum Mopping Device

Airrobo T10+Voice-Controlled Vacuum Mopping Device

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It is another fantastic robotic device you can operate for vacuuming as well as mopping. It can be controlled by your voice and follow all your instructions.

Without doing anything, you can expect this machine to clean your home thoroughly. It is a must to add this product to this list because of its impressive features that you must explore.


  • The device base can dispose of the dirt automatically after 40 to 45 days.
  • It consists of a big water tank to wet the attached mop and clean the room floor.
  • The machine can navigate rooms in your house and plans automatically to cover the whole space.
  • You can control and customize all the settings using the Tuya app.
  • Its strong suction can suck all the dust and debris from the floor.
  • Affordable
  • Customizable cleaning modes
  • Poor design

The Bottom Line

Smart robotic mopping devices available for small apartments are mentioned in the list. You can read all the features and compare them.

The one that satisfies your needs is perfect for the purchase. Take your time to pick the best one to clean your house without doing anything.