5 Best AV Receiver’s under $500 in 2024

Many AV receivers have hit the market this year, and that is the good news for many technology geeks. Yet, something that bothers people is the price of those devices. Some of them are too expensive, and a large number of people is not able to afford them. So, does this mean there are no AV receivers that are quality and cheap at the same time?

There are actually many of them that cost under $500. However, their features are not bad. More precisely, they are modern and sophisticated. The only thing that you need to determine is for which purpose you would want to get a new AV receiver. The answer to that question could make your decision-making a lot easier.

Before we start, there is another thing you should know. The newest models are not necessarily better than the older ones. The upgraded version is maybe not something you are looking for.

1. Onkyo TX-NR787

Img source: avlgear.com

Believe it or not, this receiver can deliver up to 100W of power to each of 9 channels. It is a great solution for people that are looking to find some of the best audio receivers for a fair price. For instance, these characteristics are good for the home theater system in the rooms of medium size.

Besides that, we should mention that this model has a quite good polarity. The product’s back panel is competent for both, banana plug connection and stripped wire. It takes less than a minute to plug or unplug the receiver. We can conclude that Onkyo TX-NR787 is an easy-to-use model for absolutely every user.

Finally, the product comes with AirPlay and Chromecast. These two will allow you to stream music with clear sound from your mobile phone. Besides, Chormecast supports video streaming which is another advantage of this product.

Still, we have to say that not everything about this product is perfect. It is not perfect for people that are using Apple products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t interface with their products via USB.

2. Yamaha RX-V485BL

Img source: acousticsounddesign.com

This receiver is interesting to many people because it has a specific design. The first thing you will notice is the size of this item. It is shorter/smaller than other products you can find within this price range. The position of the “buttons” is also a bit different. For example, the headphone jack and power button are on the left side of the front panel. On the opposite side, you will find volume dial and the USB port is in the center of the front panel.

Anyway, the design of this model provides visible shortcuts to the most important inputs. You won’t have to turn around the device each time.

RX-V485BL can produce 80W of sound power per each channel. Something more important is that THD is only 0.09%. Besides that, the product supports Dolby Vision that will provide a high-quality picture, 4K HDR and Dolby Audio.

However, it has two disadvantages that we have to mention. If you are a fan of Bluetooth headphones, then this product isn’t for you. The receiver can’t connect with them. Another thing we need to say is that this product has only 1 HDMI output. People that buy a new gaming console will have to buy have to spend money on a new output.

3. Sony STR-DH790

Img source: gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca

Sony offers three different series of products – DH, DN, and ZA. The second and third ones are offering more expensive receivers. If your budget is limited, the DH version is the best option you have. However, that doesn’t mean they are not good.

The first thing we should say is that this model has all the characteristics necessary for 4K video through your home theater system. It also supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. You will be able to configure the speaker levels thanks to the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration feature. Yet, the only thing you will have to is to place the microphone in the seating position. The system will calculate and correct levels of sound by itself.

Just like the previous one, it has 4 HDMI inputs and only ONE output. However, buying an extra output won’t cost you a fortune.

The good thing is that you will be able to connect the device you use via Bluetooth to the receiver.

Anyway, Sony is a trustworthy brand and it is hard to believe that you won’t be satisfied with their products.

4. Pioneer Elite Audio & Video Receiver

Img source: audiovideonation.com

This model has an integrated Wi-Fi into the receiver. It is good for people that are using platforms such as Deezer and Spotify. Pioneer Elite comes with DTS Play-Fi Technology and Apple AirPlay that will allow you to listen to music in different places. For instance, you can listen to music while you are at work in your office. Besides that, it also has 4k and 3D pass-through that allows you to access to high-quality videos.

5. Denon 7.2 Channel AV Receiver

Img source: newegg.com

This receiver has something that others from the list don’t. The stereo recorder has the ability to work with Amazon Alexa. The power of each channel is amazing 165W which makes it the strongest from our list. By the way, we should mention that the receiver has 7 channels. You can conclude how powerful this receiver truly is.

However, that’s not it. The best thing that you can do is to stream the music with so-called HEOS app. You can stream from absolutely any device you have.

There is one disadvantage that some people are complaining about. They say that their receiver worked good for only a year, year and a half. After that, they experienced different sorts of issues. But, we can’t confirm that this is true because there are also many satisfied clients among AV receiver users. However, it is good to mention it.


We provided you with the advantages and disadvantages of 5 products that cost less than 500 dollars. Think twice before you buy an AV receiver because each of them has its disadvantages. Decide which characteristics are the most important ones for you.

Besides that, do not chase the newest products. Most of them are not cheap and they are not necessarily a good choice.

So, which one is the best choice for you?