Best Laptops for CAD

8 Best Laptops for CAD in 2024 (AutoCAD Compatible) Review

Are you looking for the best laptops which make use of CAD?

CAD is known as commercial aided design. It is a drafting software developed by Auto-desk. CAD software is used by engineers, architects, project managers, graphic designers, and other professionals. Auto-CAD is used for 2D, 3D formats, drawings, for the use of different products and software; it further also provides 3D navigation, 2D regeneration, and storing databases.

The demand for CAD software has been increasing tremendously as to its efficiency in designing and grafting. Buying a laptop for school is an easy task, but keeping in mind the needs of a specific profession and the software they require for the designated niche, one needs to take account of a lot of the things.

The laptops mentioned below will help you with apps such as CAD, Auto-CAD, and 3D modeling.

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Best Laptops for AutoCAD (2023)

    1. Dell G5 5590- 15

    Best Laptops For Autocad

    Dell G5 is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop and is one of the best gaming notebooks. It is a straightforward brown boxed shaped laptop, not having much aesthetic appeal to it. The computer has 3 USB ports, USB A ports, a USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI, MINI Displayport, and an SD card reader. You also get Bluetooth and wifi with exceptional connections.

    The laptop may not have much appeal to the looks, but the specs it provides are remarkable. It comes with an intel six-core Core i7-8750H CPU. Dell G5 has a generation of eight chips. When talking about the graphics, Nvidia RTX 2060 is the latest ray-tracing generation for the graphics. It has a 15.6-inch screen and has anti-glare properties with a 1080p display. The storage includes up to 265GB, 1TB Hard drive and 16GB of RAM.

    Further specifications include a WASD keyboard, palm rest, integrated Nahimic Speakers, and a professional webcam. The gadget also has its cooling system, which prevents it from heating up and causing any damage to the laptop and its performance level.

    The battery lasts up to 8 hours. Dell G5 can smoothly perform the CAD-specific tasks, and with all the features mentioned above, the software will cause glitches while working.


    • Powerful processor with Hexa-Core architecture
    • Vibrant display
    • Powerful battery
    • Dual-storage support
    • Anti-glare display
    • Strong built
    • Very simple box-shaped design
    • Heavier than expected
    • Expensive

    Dell has always brought something that is worth on its price point while providing all the features to its customers. This is a good option for the use of CAD and even for gaming purposes. With solid graphics, this is one of the top-notch laptops.

    2. ASUS TUF FY 505

    Best Laptop To Run Autocad

    ASUS TUF has an elegant design and provides a big vibrant screen. With a 15.6-inch screen, ASUS TUF is an anti-glare, with an overall display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Storage of 265GB plus 1Tb on the hard drive, RAM of 16 GB. This is a generation 9 laptop, it makes use of both the intel core and the hexa-core, which is a plus point. The most salient feature of ASUS TUF is that this is the most inexpensive laptop on the list for the more budget-friendly audience. Providing all the significant features a high-quality CAD software would require.

    For input, cameras can be attached, stereo speakers. ASUS TUF provides a multi-touch keypad. It has the hyper strike keyboard, which gives you enhanced keystrokes. For the dissipation of heat, ASUS also has ADC technology. The laptop weighs 2.2kg, which makes it portable on the go laptop. It also has USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 2.0, RJ45 LAN, audio jack, HDMI 2.0 ports to go along with the needs of different gadgets.

    The battery on ASUS TUF is not as long-lasting as the Dell G5. It covers a 5 hours shift on average usage of the laptop.


    • Durable frame
    • Decent processor
    • Excellent cooling technology (ADC)
    • Excellent iGPU
    • Sizeable storage space
    • Budget-friendly
    • Low battery life

    ASUS TUF has excellent graphics and a powerful hardware system. The laptop has a solid frame, which increases its durability. Overall, Asus is a powerful laptop and, at most, the affordable choice, which allows you to pursue the use of CAD software.

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    3. MSI WF65

    Autocad Laptop Recommendation

    MSI WF65 is a powerful workstation. The chassis of the laptop is made up of layered aluminum and has a golden diamond rim around the lid edge of the laptop. In the center of the laptop is a golden color designed W for the workstation. The interior of the laptop is as sleek as the out. The keyboard keys have a white backlight and golden forts for gadgets.

    The laptop has a 15.6-inch display with a 3840 x 2160 pixel display, making the screen extremely vivid. The computer has numerous ports, an RJ45 Ethernet port, two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, a microphone jack and a headphone jack all present on the left side, and the right side comprises power jack, an HDMI 2.0 port, a mini DisplayPort, one Thunderbolt 3 port and one USB 3.2 Type-A port.

    MSI WF65 is a lightweight, durable laptop. It can withstand pressures, vibrations, and shocks. For security purposes, it has provided a finger scan on the touch keypad. Now talking about the perforce of the laptop, it has an Intel Core i7-9750H processor and 32GB of RAM. Even with the opening of a considerable number of tabs, the laptop does not show any signs of a slowdown. Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q GPU covers the Graphics with 16GB of VRAM.

    The cooling system on the laptop is not very efficient and is, therefore, to be kept on full blast to maintain the temperature. The laptop has a decent battery life of about 6 hours and 30 mins. The RAM processor is one of the fastest on this laptop, making use of CAD software way faster than any other laptop.


    • Slim, lightweight, sleek design
    • Gorgeous 4K display
    • Strong performance and graphics
    • Durable and secure
    • Solid battery life
    • Expensive
    • Cooling system

    MSI WS65 is a killer at its performance level. It has a solid battery life, great graphics, and a 4k display. It is one of the most impressive laptops available on the market, and one of the most suitable choices for the use of CAD.

    4. Razer Blade 15

    Best Autocad Laptop

    The razer blade 15 had been on the market and outstanding performance, good battery life, and excellent built. The model has a sleek built and an eye-catching logo. Razer blade keyboards offer RGB backlighting with chroma capability, and typing has an easy flow over it.

    The razer blade offers storage of 1TB NVMe SSD, 16 GB of RAM, which complements the CPU. The processor is powered by the Intel Core i7-9750H chipset, which clocks about 4.5 GHz. The razer has an advanced cooling system that goes along the aluminum frame of the laptop.

    The display is a decent 15.6 inches and suitable for a CAD avid user. The laptop provides three-port Thunderbolt 3, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI. This is an efficient CAD laptop to make brilliant designs and 3D works.


    • Stellar build quality
    • Impressive game performance
    • Solid battery life
    • Brilliant keyboard
    • Vibrant display with a refresh rate of 144Hz
    • Upgradeable memory
    • Thunderbolt 3 for connecting external displays
    • Low storage space
    • The frame is a dust magnet

    Razer Blade 15 is one of the most efficient laptops to make use of CAD. It packs up great graphics and performance, Razer blade 15 has an attractive look and a strong, durable built.

    5. Acer Aspire 5

    Best Laptops For Cad Work

    Acer Aspire is not a high-end laptop, but the one that gets your job done as per your needs, at a reasonable price point. It preferably ticks all the boxes for the use of a university student, those who are in the learning phase. In the looks, Acer Aspire is very similar to the MacBook. Acer Aspire is not an over flashy laptop but instead has a sleek and stylish design. The design is really pleasing to the eye, making it look worth more than the actual price.

    Acer Aspire has five ports, USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 port with two USB 3.1 Type-A Gen 1 ports, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, a microSD card reader. It also has a port for headphones and power. The screen is 16.5 inches with a 1920 x 1080-pixel display. The screen further has high saturation, giving you a substantial visual experience. It provides good sound quality. It also uses a dual microphone array and Acer’s proprietary Purified Voice technology.

    The keyboard, though highly responsive to the inputs and along with the wider base for the ase of hands, is still not as clicky as one would prefer. On performance, levels aspire 5 has a core i5-1035G1 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB NVMe SSD and UHD graphics GPU. This laptop can easily handle your tasks quickly and efficiently. It also does a tremendous job at heat dissipation and not letting the system heat up, leading to no rise in the temperature.

    It has a high battery backup up to 9.5 hours, and low weight for easy carrying.


    • Affordable
    • Runs cool
    • Full selection of ports
    • Decent processing speed
    • Adequate storage support
    • Powerful battery
    • Aesthetic design
    • Brilliant display with Acer’s Color Intelligence
    • No Thunderbolt 3
    • Low power processor with minimal capabilities
    • Mushy Keyboard

    Acer Aspire 5 is the choice for you. It is one of the most budget-friendly laptops on the list, with good performance levels to match the CAD software and an aesthetic appeal. It is further highly portable and worth your consideration. Similarly, we have also listed some of best budget friendly laptops in our article best laptops under $400 for you.

    6. Apple Macbook Pro

    If the budget is not one of your concerns, the Apple Macbook Pro is an excellent choice for the use of CAD. MacBook Pro is one of the most preferred by CAD users due to its premium features and the experience it provides.

    The Apple Macbook has a hexa-core 9th generation processors along with intel core i7. That enhances the performance of the laptop and lets you do your task faster witch a hitch. It further also offers either 512GB or 1TB SSD storage options. Apple Macbook has evolved to a 16-inch screen retina display and IPS technology, with the resolution being bumped up to 3072 x 1920 and a pixel density of 226 pixels per inch of the screen.

    The design of the laptop has not changed much rather than being slightly larger than its predecessor. On performance levels, the laptop provides graphics AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4 GB of GDDR6 and a 16 GB of RAM.

    The laptop keyboard switches have been shifted to the scissors switches, which has helped in keeping the laptop as slim as possible. This replacement from butterfly switches has made the keyboard more efficient and leads to no stiffness of the keys when dust accumulates. The battery life on Mac books has always been impressive, up to 11 hours and 44 minutes.


    • New keyboard
    • A faster processor on an upgraded model
    • Nice build quality
    • Perfectly Optimized OS
    • Excellent Battery Life
    • Can be Upgraded
    • Sleek design. Superfast
    • Immersive Retina Display
    • Not Heavy
    • Expensive
    • Battery glued in place

    Apple Macbook Pro has no competition. The laptop has no such real flaws to go along with, and that’s why it should certainly be used by CAD users.

    7. HP ZBook

    HP ZBook is the best for the workstation. This laptop can make CAD as easy as a cake. It has earned a well-deserved place among the designers, architects, and anyone else who carries work on CAD. The laptop is generation 8 with a hexacore Intel i7 processor clocking at speed of 4.3 GHz at a time. This is not only a great feature it has added 32GB RAM, which represents quite well the amount of speed and power this laptop brings to the table. It has a 1TB SSD drive and 512 GB SSD drive. Huge space to store tremendous data without compromising any of the speed. Graphics card is an important accessory when it comes to a drawing and gaming laptop. GPU differentiates between a full functioning machine and a below-par one. That why the HP Zbook has an Nvidia Quadro p1000 GPU with a 4GB dedicated VRAM memory.

    HP ZBook has a 15.6 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a multi-touch functionality screen. Hp had a standard backlight for the keyboard keys, a smooth and responsive touchpad. It further has an integrated fingerprint scanner, dual speaker system with good quality audio. It also provides webcam, microphones.

    As to the durability and size of the laptop is weighs around 2.3 kgs, which makes it portable and easy to take with oneself. There are a number of ports included on the gadget, which are the following, Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-A, DisplayPort, and additional functional slots. It also provides Bluetooth 5.0, a dual-band wifi 5, increasing the credibility of the HP ZBook. The battery capacity on the laptop is 6 hours.


    • Powerful GPU that is ECC compatible
    • Decent Display
    • Reliable processor with HyperThreading support
    • A massive chunk of RAM
    • Dual-Storage module
    • Fan Noise is slightly unnerving
    • Middling battery

    This is one of the best laptops to have CAD on for extreme levels of graphics, high speed, and great processing precision. It has a good keyboard for ease and a good pair of speakers which give you the feel of being at a concert.

    8. Dell XPS 15 9570

    This is one of the best CAD laptops. This laptop is highly-priced but is worth the cost of each penny it. It is a powerful laptop with excellent performance. The laptop is slim and sleek, about 0.7 inches. The laptop is powered with generation 9, Intel Core i7-9750H Hexa-core processor.with a clock power of 4.5GHz.

    Dell XPS 15 9570 has a gigantic RAM of 16 GB with 1 TB SSD storage. This makes multi-tasking easy and quick. The laptop is a powerhouse on its self. The XPS 15 is a package deal. It has a 15.6-inch infinity display, with a resolution up to 3840 x 2400 resolution. It has Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 dedicated GPU along with the infinity display, which makes the visuals extremely vivid. The laptop is bidet friendly and a really good option for the use of CAD.

    The battery power on for this laptop is also great, with a backup power of 8 hours.


    • Strong Performance Unit
    • Premium Chassis
    • Excellent Battery Life for a 4K laptop
    • Strong Dedicated Graphics
    • It can be used for all sorts of work, not just CAD
    • Vivid and Super high-res display
    • Great Overall performance
    • Expensive
    • Gets hot

    Dell XPS can do it all, and that to greatly. The laptop can be easily used when required for long hours while going without a charging plug with a good backup battery life. It is a solid workstation, which can take a heavy workload.

    These laptops are the best ones in this category. Similarly, we have also searched and found best laptops for engineering students for your interest.

    Laptop Requirements for AutoCAD

    Some core features are to be positively taken into account for the CAD software to run. They are mentioned as the following,


    The latest generation of processors are 8th- 10th. The quad-core should be hexa-core or and intel based. (e.g., i5, i7) .The i5, i7, works well for an engineer, but if you have a high budget range opting for the hexa-core is the best option as it is specifically designed for CAD software.

    Core and Threads

    Within the processor, there are numerous cores and threads, which increase the processor’s speed, which is referred to as the clock speed measured in gigahertz (GHz). Additional cores allow multiple operations to be carried out at a faster pace.


    RAM stands for random access memory. It acts as the memory store of the PC. RAM further allows you to read and rewrite. RAM controls the number of programs you can run and the datasets that can be opened. Having a larger RAM allows more workspace before the windows start using the vital memory of the PC.

    SSD storage

    SSD is the solid-state drive. Most modern PCs and laptops offer SSD. SSD has no moving parts and is silent, along with increased reliability compared to the hard drive. It is faster than a hard drive.

    Graphic Card (GPU)

    CAD software demands one of the most powerful graphics. GPU rapidly manipulates the memory and accelerates the output display on the screen.


    This guide recommends the top best laptops that make use of CAD software. CAD is a heavy software. Due to this, it requires a huge powerhouse to run smoothly. It is used for the aid of the drawing, designs, and modification in different projects, which certainly is a heavy task and requires an immense level of performance for the gadget to work upon. That is why choosing the right laptop for all this task is the initial first step before entering the CAD world.

    Just any pick of the laptop will not go well with CAD. You need to be extra careful to check all the criteria the laptop has and how well it can run the heavy apps. A good performance laptop will reflect on the quality of work you will provide to your consumer. So it is better to take your time and pick one that full fills your needs. On the list mentioned above, we have made sure to keep in mind all sorts of budgets available currently on the market, from a budget-friendly laptop such as Acer Aspire to The Apple MacBook. CAD is an interactive tool; not all laptops can handle heavy software. That is why we have mentioned the eight best you can get to get your job done.

    I am mentioning the top-picks from the list above.

    • Acer Aspire 5 (most reasonable and great for multiple users) – if you are a college student with a low budget or anyone who is new and wants to not spend a huge bulk of money on a laptop on the first go.
    • Apple MacBook Pro (Best Macbook for CAD) – you will hands down a great experience with MacBook Pro. It has the highest battery life on the list, providing up to 11 hours. Great graphics and high-performance laptop.
    • HP Zbook (best portable option) – when it comes to setting up a CAD workstation for yourself. The high demanding software will work most smoothly on HP Zbook. It gives you a boosted performance and a high battery time when required to be used for longer durations.

    I hope this guide helps you buy the best CAD laptop for yourself. These are among the top-rated ones and worthwhile pick. Buying a new laptop is a whole new experience, and you can certainly make it more memorable when you get your hands on the perfect gadget that ticks all the boxes you require for your needs. All the mentioned ones are high-performance laptops. You surely would love the pick you make.

    So, in the end, which one are you going to opt for?

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    • Win10 Multi-language Giant Speakers 3W x 2 6 cell (51Wh) Li-Ion 230W