Best Laptops for Architects

10 Best Laptops for Architects to Buy in 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Architects used to design papers and charts, which would consume a lot of time. Are you an architect trying to avoid these traditional and time-consuming methods? Then what are you waiting for? Your task can be made a lot easier by designing it on a laptop that can provide you with the best precision and creativity. After all, an architect should be clear with his designs and measurements while being creative as well. The wish can be fulfilled by choosing a perfect laptop for yourself.

What exactly is a perfect laptop? You do not have to worry about this as there are only a few things you have to see about the laptop before choosing one for yourself. A good laptop should have a fast CPU and a GPU. A large and fast working GPU and CPU would help you to work more quickly with heavy designing apps.

Architectural software consumes more space, for which one should have at least 8GB RAM and a large internal storage capacity of SSD or HDD. For your design, you have to keep in mind the size and the resolution of the screen. It should be big and in High Definition, so your designs come out more clear and attract your customers in the first go.

Is the market flooding with laptops? Are you confused? This article is just for you to understand which laptop is the best for your architectural brain. Let’s see which one is best for you!

Best Laptops For Architects 2024

    1. Microsoft Surface Book

    After introducing the surface series, Microsoft has been in the limelight. Microsoft surface book is the best laptop for architects and architectural students. It is a powerful 2 in 1 laptop that makes your work super fast.

    Architects use powerful software for projects for which you need a powerful GPU and vast internal storage. Microsoft surface book covers these needs for you. It is a dual-core 6th generation laptop with a 2.5GHz processor and an NVIDIA supported GPU. You will rarely find yourself with slow processing and lagging issues using this laptop.

    The best thing about this laptop is that you can use it as a tablet. The screen is detachable and comes with a pen enabling you to work on your models more precisely. You can charge the tablet separately with the keyboard attached, which can last up to 12 hours with a fast charging feature.


    • Fast charging
    • Can be used as a tablet
    • Fast processor
    • A little big in size

    Even though it comes with a 13-inch high-resolution display, it can be difficult to carry it around 24/7, but with the battery life and detachable screen, you can still have it on the go.

    2. Acer Nitro 5

    Who would have thought Acer would be so exceptional in making such beautiful laptops. Acer Nitro 5 is one of the amazing laptops for architects with a strong GPU and an affordable price.

    This laptop is the best for students trying to save their pocket money and investing in the perfect laptops for themselves.

    If you don’t want a workstation laptop, you can easily turn the mid range GPU into a high end and have all your software run smoothly on this computer. Not only does the GPU make your work better, but the fast processing CPU also helps you to work a lot faster. You can save all your work with 8GB RAM and internal storage of 256GB.


    • Fast processor
    • Bigger storage
    • Affordable
    • Not very compact

    Acer Nitro 5 has a 15-inch amazing display that helps you to work on your projects in a more fun way. It has fast charging, which lasts up to 6 hours, making you work on your projects a little longer with concentration and precision.

    3. Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK

    Dell has always captured many hearts of all types of professionals. Dell has always excelled in gaming or designing laptops. This time Dell has come up with the best laptop for architects. The laptop comes with a 2.5GHz fast working processor. The GPU mounted in the laptop is tested by the authorities and is approved to be the best one so far. With such a fast processor, the laptop comes with dual fans, which protects the laptop from overheating.

    With all these attributes, one would think it might be an expensive laptop. Fortunately, it is not! It is a very affordable price with an advantage of value for money. It has an 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.

    The laptop comes with a wide-angle 15.6-inch display with perfect display and a higher resolution.

    Mostly, one application program is never enough for professional architects. You would have to rely on SolidWorks, for other CAD indulgences. For this purpose, best laptops for SolidWorks are also listed for you.


    • Fast charging
    • Lightweight
    • A bit bigger in size

    With the advanced feature of fast charging and good battery life, the Dell Inspiron lasts up to 10 hours with a single charge. It is also the best laptop in terms of carrying it anywhere, though its big but is very lightweight and can be carried almost everywhere.

    4. Dell XPS 15

    Dell has introduced the best lightweight laptop for architects. It is the best among its competitors and is totally a value for money product. It is a fast processing laptop with a really upgraded RAM one could ever think of.

    The laptop comes with a 32 GB RAM and a really fast processing CPU. It comes with a 2TB SSD internal storage. More than enough for you to store all your models and projects in one place without any lagging or glitches.

    Dell XPS 15 has a high-resolution 15-inch screen, which allows you to work on your models with more precision. The laptop provides you the best working GPU ever. This is not it; you can also make a combo of HDD and SSD cards to increase the productivity of your laptops. Even if you don’t, the laptop would never stop. A 15-inch laptop is never this light. The lightest a laptop could go with this size is the MacBook pro.


    • Lightweight
    • High storage
    • Expensive

    A laptop with high storage, fast charging, and a battery life of upto 10 hours is a complete package for the professionals. The laptop is an innovative creation of dell, allowing you to carry it anywhere with you.

    5. MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro is known to be the best MacBook for architects. If you have been an Apple user, you would know how famous MacBooks have become in the architectural world. Applications like Maya Rhino and AutoCad run a lot faster on MacBooks.

    MacBook Pro has the fastest processor. The CPU varies from core i7 to core i9. The internal storage ranges from 512GB to 2TB while it has a 64GB RAM. On the other hand, the GPU is as fast as the Dell XPS 15.

    The MacBook pro has the best resolution screens, even better than the HD screens. The colored display screen has the most vibrant giving your models a life. Macbooks are always light and can go light on your shoulders.


    • Lightweight
    • Good resolution
    • Perfect display
    • Does not support Revit

    Overall, MacBook pro is the best option for architects, either it is for the students or the professional. Apple makes sure to cater to everyone’s needs. However due to lack of Revit, many architects may find it difficult to buy this one. So, we have also listed best laptops for Rivet for you.

    6. Acer Aspire E15

    Acer Aspire is mostly known as one of the best laptops for the architects under $600. One can never ignore the amazing specifications which go light on the pocket. Most of the people buy expensive laptops without knowing the specifications and end up using less than half of the total. One needs to search for what specifications when needed and make the right choices.

    Your software can run very smoothly on this laptop as Acer has introduced these products with 6th generation fast processors. The laptop has a fast GPU, which helps you with graphics in a much better way. The laptop is supported with an internal memory of 256GB and 8GB RAM, allowing you to avoid any glitches or lagging issues and work in one go. The laptop comes with a 15.6 FHD high-resolution display helping you to work more focused.


    • Inexpensive
    • High resolution
    • Great storage
    • GPU consumes more battery

    It is a perfect laptop if you are an architectural student, as the battery life would last you up to long hours of college days. It is also very budget-friendly, saving you from spending a fortune over a laptop.

    7. Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241

    You know about Acer being the affordable yet best laptop. Wait till you hear about this laptop. Toshiba satellite is the most efficient and effective laptop one could get. It is easier on the pocket and fulfills all your basic needs of an architect.

    If you are a professional, this laptop might not be for you. But as a student, this can be just the right laptop for you. It has a processor of core i5 and a GPU that fulfills all your assignment criteria.

    Toshiba satellite comes with an 8GB RAM that helps you multitask easily while it has the internal storage of 1TB. It also comes with a 15.6-inch display. That helps you see clearly and intensely for any mistakes made in your models.

    This laptop is very lightweight and stylish and serves you with an all in one feature, which allows you to get your tasks done effectively.


    • Lightweight
    • Sleek design
    • Inexpensive
    • GPU not up to the mark

    Given the lightweight and sleek design, this laptop is a perfect choice for you if you are an architect. As the design gives easy portability without compromising the efficiency of the device.

    8. MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX -615

    MSI GF laptops can be acknowledged as the best laptops for architects. If you are a professional and is looking to invest in a really high functioning laptop that caters to all your needs, then this is the laptop for you.

    It has both a high-speed functioning CPU and GPU that makes multitasking and designing a memorable task. Unlike other laptops, it has a 4GB vRAM GPU instead of 2GB, bringing your models to life. It comes with a quad core processor that makes your modeling much faster without any lagging.

    MSI GF has not taken a step back in any attribute. It comes with a full HD IPS display with a matte finish, which is easier on the eyes. This prevents you from straining your eyes and allows you to work for longer hours.


    • Fast processor
    • Eye protected display
    • Heavy

    With the amazing specifications comes the long battery life and fast charging facilities allowing you to work for longer hours—a must-have for the professionals out there.

    9. Lenovo Thinkpad P73

    If you are an architect trying to have a balance between specifications and worth of the laptop, then Lenovo ThinkPad P73 is the best choice for you. This laptop is the best workstation laptop for professional architects.

    This laptop is so much up to date that even some of the softwares for this laptop have not been released yet. There will come a point in time where these softwares would be implemented and you will be needing them. Though it has a great working processor and a GPU that makes your tasks easier. This laptop allows you to make 3D models for your projects which is definitely a cherry on top.

    The laptop comes with a 2TB SSD internal storage and a 128GB RAM! Making you work on your projects like a Usain Bolt. It has a 17 inch full IPS HD display, which is indeed a huge display to enjoy your work on.


    • Large storage
    • Value for money
    • Perfect resolution
    • Heavy

    Regardless of all the attributes this laptop has a fast charging feature which lasts up to 4 hours of standard time, making it easier for you to finish your projects without any interference.

    10. Asus VivoBook 15

    Last but not the least is a powerful laptop for professionals and students that save time working softwares and completing their models. Yes it is the Asus VivoBook 15.

    Asus vivobook is a lightweight and a powerful laptop making your work a lot easier and faster. It has a strong and fast processor that is supported by 8th generation. Multitasking has been made with Asus vivobook 15 as it has an 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD internal storage.

    It comes with a beautiful design and is available in many colors as well making all the men and women the new cools. It has a 15.6 inch full HD Display that makes your projects more vibrant and clear.

    Asus is acknowledged for making high performing budget laptops but this surely is the best model they have introduced in the market with high customer demand.


    • Availability of colors
    • Fingerprint for security
    • Portable
    • Lightweight
    • Short investment
    • Not for gaming

    With the most attractive looks and sleek designs, this laptop has been winning the hearts of almost everyone in the market. With high processing and no lagging, this laptop is probably the best for your job.

    If you’re still unable to find a device, please check out our laptop finder.


    What laptops do architects use?

    Lenovo ThinkPad and MSI GF are the most used laptops by the architects.

    Is the Macbook pro good for architects?

    MacBook does not support AutoCAD but does support other software that architects use and works well.

    Is a gaming laptop good for architects?

    Dell Inspiron is a gaming laptop and works very well with architectural software with its high functioning processors.


    We keep in mind your needs and care for what an architect needs in his laptop to work well in the industry. We have chosen the top 3 best laptops for architects, so it saves your time and helps you even more in decision making.

    • Microsoft Surface Book this laptop is genuinely the best for any architect or an artist out there. You can work on it using it as a laptop anywhere with long-lasting battery life and perfect display.
    • Dell Inspiron is definitely a value for money laptop. Its fast processing makes it easier for the work to get done without glitches and lagging.
    • MSI GF63, the balance between your money and its features, is one of the best combinations one can ask for. It has a fast CPU and GPU, making your work easier and efficient with a perfect display to work on.

    The above mentioned are some of our best picks for you which may help you in choosing the best architectural laptops. No one can complain about your late submissions, as all of them have the most powerful processors allowing you to multitask. I hope you find the laptop just for you.

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