Best Laptops for Solidworks

10 Best Laptops for Solidworks to Buy in 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, or an artist, you want the perfect software that helps you design your product from the start to the very end with ease and efficiency. Hence SolidWorks is one of the top preferred software used by designers all around the world. The fact that this is an easy to learn software makes it one of the leading designing programs.

SolidWorks is computer-Aided designing software commonly used by Mechatronics engineers. This program creates both 2D and 3D models. It is a tool that is necessary for creating mechanical and electrical components from the start. From the designing of the product to the end; it’s working and assessment, SolidWorks assists each of these steps.

To use this program with its full potential, you must make sure you have the perfect laptop that is most compatible with its features. You must keep in mind several features when selecting a laptop to design using the SolidWorks software like sufficient storage, processor model operating system, etc

Here is a list of the top 10 best laptops for SolidWorks software that can help you create the perfect 3D designs with step by step assistance from the beginning to the final stage.

10 Best laptops for SolidWorks (2023)

    1. Acer Nitro 5

    Best Laptop for Solidworks

    Acer Nitro 5

    The top pick in the best laptops for SolidWorks is none other than the Acer Nitro 5. Although not a workstation laptop, it is perfect for managing large amounts of technical data for longer periods. Although a low budget product, this product consists of all the high-quality features that make it the absolute best for designing models and performing their technical processes efficiently.

    The 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H processor consists of four cores, which helps provide faster-operating speed. The user can multitask and perform stunning photo and video editing as well. For graphics, the laptop uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, which has a broader memory bandwidth and higher speed. This makes it perfect for a heavy-duty laptop.

    The memory is 8GB DDR4, whereas the storage is 256GB NVMe SSD. Sufficient storing capacity ensures designing software like SolidWorks can work smoothly without slowing down the system due to overload. The 15.6 inches vibrant display exhibits a full HD display. The IPS technology integrated into the screen provides better color resolution and wider viewing angles.

    Being a heavy-duty laptop, it provides a decent battery life of up to 6.5 hours. Its intelligent bass technology, good-quality speakers, and sleek design make it one of the best laptops in the market.

    However, if you are only looking to concentrate on AutoCad, then best laptops for AutoCad is the best choice.


    • Good battery
    • Very affordable price
    • High-quality speakers
    • Full HD IPS display
    • Fast NVMe storage
    • Dim screen display
    • No thunderbolt 3

    For both professional and beginners use, this is the top-rated laptop that you can use for running the SolidWorks program. It’s a powerful processor, and an affordable price makes it perfect for processing a large amount of technical data and designing top quality 3D models.

    2. Lenovo ThinkPad P50

    High-Speed Processing Laptop for Solidworks

    Lenovo ThinkPad P50

    The runner up laptop is the Lenovo ThinkPad P50. This laptop makes it to the top picks list of best laptops for SolidWorks program because of its exceptional 3D editing and high-speed processing. This is an ideal workstation laptop that helps professionals in their mechanical and robotic components construction.

    The Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5 processor uses the error-correcting Code for the seamless transmission of data. It prevents the data from getting corrupt. The NVIDIA Quadro M2000M integrated into this laptop, along with the 4GB VRAM, helps to process large sets of data efficiently.

    This laptop has a memory of 16 GB, which you can convert to up to 32gb. For storage, it uses M.2 SSD, which is more reliable than the hard drive. Therefore it is considered more beneficial in the long run to keep the data safe and secure.

    The 15.6-inch screen provides a Full HD View. The IPS display offers wider angles and flaunts striking, vibrant colors. The sleek and stylish design of this laptop includes a backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanning technology.

    It provides a fantastic battery time of up to 13 hours. Therefore users can design their products for long undisturbed periods. However, the 6 pounds weight makes it less portable and more of a workstation device.


    • Error-correcting code in the processor
    • Quadro GPU
    • Upgradeable memory
    • Amazing battery life
    • Heavier than average laptops
    • Low Brightness

    The Lenovo ThinkPad P50 is a fantastic option for professional use of designing and construction of technical models using the SolidWorks program. It’s a super-fast processor, and long battery life makes it a reliable choice for exceptional construction processes.

    3. Acer Aspire E15 E5-576G

    Budget Laptop for Solidworks

    Acer Aspire E15 E5-576G

    The Acer Aspire E 15 makes its position in some of the top-rated laptops for SolidWorks. This is because of the super affordable price it offers. Being a low-budget laptop, many students opt for this product. This is because of its remarkable features and heavy-duty performance despite being light on the pocket.

    The 8th generation intel core processor gives it an advanced processing power. The turbo boost 2.0 technology takes the processing speed further to the next level. The NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB GPU used exhibits remarkably high performance, making this laptop a perfect affordable option to choose.

    This laptop comes with a decent memory of 8 RAM. As far as storage is concerned, it consists of a 256 GB SSD SATA III drive, which provides better reliability and speed. It also has largely reduced power consumption and allows multiple drives to function smoothly.

    The 15.6 inches HD display is installed with IPS technology. It provides the user with high resolution and vibrant picture quality. It has an MX140 graphic card. This laptop is perfect for the use of the SolidWorks program

    Moreover, The Acer E15 E5 has a remarkable battery life. It can last up to 15 hours. While using the SolidWorks app, this laptop can sustain for up to 8+ hours. This makes it perfect for long uninterrupted periods of creative product designing.


    • Affordable price
    • High-speed performance
    • Long battery life
    • Memory can be upgraded
    • Not for professional use
    • Reduced storage

    If you are looking for a low budget yet high-speed laptop, look no more! This laptop gives you all the features required for a SolidWorks compatible laptop at a much reasonable price. Hence students who have just started to learn about product designing programs should opt for this laptop.

    4. Dell i5577 Inspiron

    Workstation Laptop for Solidworks

    Dell i5577 Inspiron

    The Dell i5577 Inspiron is one of the best laptops for SolidWorks. Unlike a workstation laptop, it caters to the more small or medium-level tasks. Therefore this laptop is perfect if you just started out working on creating product designs and models. Due to its convenient and easy-to-use features, it is popular for student use and beginners to design as a hobby.

    The new Intel i5-7300HQ processor is integrated into this laptop. This provides faster speed processing and a faster GPU clock speed. Hence designers and engineers can access quick and easy editing and formatting without buffering or lagging in work.

    It has an 8 GB memory that can be upgraded to 16 GB if found necessary. The storage for this laptop is 256GB SSD. This is suitable for holding a sufficient number of formatting and editing programs needed by the designer. The 15.6 inches screen has an IPS display and full HD technology. This makes it perfect for working with the SolidWorks program.

    The GTX-1050 boosts up the visual performance of this laptop. The latest technology built into this graphic card promotes super fast and efficient designing and gaming performance.

    It has a battery time of up to 12 hours. Hence this laptop is sufficient for long hours of efficient work without any kind of interruption or disturbance.


    • Powerful GPU
    • Memory is upgradeable
    • battery time
    • High definition display
    • Not suitable for large assemblies of professional use
    • Not enough storage space

    Overall this laptop is a perfect pick for students working on small or medium-sized projects. The long battery life and powerful graphic processing make it entirely compatible with the SolidWorks software. The beautiful HD display is a cherry on the top for this high-quality product.

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    5. Microsoft SurfaceBook 3

    Best Laptop for Solidworks 2024

    Microsoft SurfaceBook 3

    The Microsoft surface book 3 is no surprise being in the best few laptops for SolidWorks. Although a little heavier on the pocket, It is the only laptop that is officially certified to run the Solid works program.

    This laptop comes in 2 models. One comes in a 13-inch display. This is super portable for its size, Mostly suitable for students to use, or people working at beginners level designing. The GTX 1050 used in this laptop is high performance for its budget.

    The other model comes in a 15-inch display. This model is more suitable for professional use. Therefore engineers and architects or content designs who need to work with more massive data opt for this option. The 1660Ti/1650GTX used in this model is a graphic card that shows excellent quality performance. Not only is it fast, but it exhibits stunning graphics.

    It has an innovative design. The screen is detachable to the keyboard. The laptop also comes with a pen attachment making it easier to work for designing purposes. The battery life is up to 10 hours for uninterrupted long hours of work.


    • Sleek and Innovative design
    • Excellent battery life
    • Powerful processing
    • Beautiful high-resolution display
    • Expensive
    • The keyboard adds extra weight

    If you have a flexible budget, then the surface book 3 is the perfect laptop for your everyday work tasks. Being super portable, it has a high-quality, beautiful display. The powerful processor makes it ideal to use the SolidWorks program for designing and product Modeling by professionals.

    6. Lenovo Ideapad L340

    3D Modeling Laptop for Solidworks

    Lenovo Ideapad L340

    The Lenovo Ideapad L340 makes its way to the list of the top-rated laptops for SolidWorks. This laptop is one of the easiest to use laptops. The high technology components used in the making of this product make this the perfect laptop for 2D as well as 3D modeling.

    The Intel Core i5-9300H Processor used in this laptop consists of 2 added cores giving it a high speed of up to 4.1 GHz. Due to its super processing power, it is the perfect laptop for handling large data sets. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card is used in this laptop. This provides better memory and boosts the overall performance of the device.

    Available at an affordable price, this laptop comes with all the necessary features making this an ideal device for beginner designers or creative students. This laptop has a decent memory of 8GB DDR4 RAM and a massive 512GB Nvme SSD storage. This makes it capable of simultaneously working several programs, including the Solidworks program, at the same time without any difficulty.

    In terms of screen size, the Lenovo Ideapad L340 has a 15.6-inch high-resolution screen. The wide range HD display makes it perfect for professional designing programs like the Solidworks program. This laptop is also equipped with high-quality speakers, giving the user an even better work experience.

    With so many features working at full power, the battery time is also remarkable. It has a battery time of up to 9 hours. Hence with its impressive battery life and weight of only 4.8 pounds, this is a highly portable device.


    • High-quality graphics card
    • Powerful and high-speed performance
    • Portable
    • Impressive battery life
    • Suitable for only beginners to use

    If you are a newbie with creating product designs and models, this laptop is the perfect easy to use laptop for you. Its high-speed processor and excellent graphics make it ideal for the user to create 2D and 3D models with ease and efficiency.

    7. Dell G5 5587

    Dell Laptop for SolidWorks & 3D Modeling

    Dell G5 5587

    One of the top laptops for the SolidWorks program includes the Dell G5 5587. This is the perfect laptop that you can use for academic purposes or beginner use. The processor integrated into this laptop is the Intel Quad-Core i7-8750H. This processor consisting of four cores, is one of the most powerful among processors. They offer remarkable speed in their performance while consuming the same power as the lower quality processors. The GTX 1050TI 4GB from NVIDIA is used in this laptop. This graphic card offers an efficient power and a remarkable graphic display. All these features make this laptop perfect for designing software like the SolidWorks program.

    It has a 16 GB DDR4 memory, but the storage of this laptop is what makes it the real deal. It comes with dual-storage technology. 256GB M.2 SSD, along with 1TB HDD, ensures high-speed processing for even the most extensive data sets. Hence apart from SolidWorks, we can use other designing applications without overloading the system.

    It has a 15.6-inch screen with FHD technology. This provides a higher resolution with clearer, detailed images.


    • Exceptional graphic card performance
    • Excellent storage
    • Expandable memory
    • High-quality speakers
    • Heavyweight
    • A little noisy

    This is one of the top laptops when it comes to product designing as well as for use in homes and businesses. It can handle a large amount of data effortlessly. Its super-fast processing technology and impressive storage options make it the perfect choice for you!

    8. Razer blade 15

    Laptop for SolidWorks 2D & 3D Modeling

    Razer blade 15

    The Razor Blade 15 makes its way to some of the top choices for selecting a laptop-compatible with SolidWorks. Mostly this laptop is focused on gaming. However, it’s high-quality features make it a favorite when it comes to product Modelling and designing as well.

    The 10th gen Intel Core i7-10750H processor used in this laptop is composed of 6 cores. The hyper-threading mechanism of this processor makes it super fast in processing even large sets of data. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU is the graphics card used in this laptop. A budget-friendly option for an exceptional graphic resolution that is perfect for designing applications like the Solidworks.

    It has a 16 GB memory and a 512 GB storage. This provides sufficient space to run necessary applications for the designing of products and 3D models. The 15.6-inch screen gives a full HD display showing excellent picture quality with vibrant colors.

    Weighing about 4.6 pounds, these laptops offer a battery time of up to 6 hours. Hence it can be considered a portable product. It has many built-in ports, including the Thunderbolt 3, which gives high connection speed.


    • Good battery life
    • Remarkable GPU performance
    • High-quality display
    • Impressive sleek design
    • Thunderbolt 3 port available
    • Could use better Memory
    • A little Expensive

    This is mainly a gaming laptop. But its high-quality GPU makes it one of the top picks for SolidWorks compatibility. The lightweight and decent battery make this laptop portable enough for short trips. The impressive built of the product and the stunning screen display makes it perfect for creating new 2D and 3D designs.

    Our experience laptop experts keep your exact preference in mind while listing out high-end gadgets, mid-range notebooks, and even select budget models that are best laptops for drawing, part simulation, modeling, and rendering.

    9. Asus ROG Zephyrus S

    The Best Laptop For SolidWorks

    Asus ROG Zephyrus S

    The Asus ROG Zephyrus S is one of the best laptops for SolidWorks. It is also one of the top gaming laptops. It’s stunning features make it an all-rounder laptop preferred by gamers and amateur designers as well as professional engineers and architects etc.

    The Intel Core i7-8750H is used in this device. This is one of the most powerful processors. Its six cores provide higher speed processing than the four core technology, of about 3.8 GHz with only 45 watts of power consumption.

    The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU is used in this laptop. For its price, It is a potent processor. It lets you stream other files seamlessly along with other editing software like the Solidworks. This is done without overloading the system or causing any lags.

    The memory is of exactly 16GB, whereas the storage offered in this laptop is 512 GB. This space is sufficient to download the heavier applications intended for 2D and 3D model designing of products.

    It has 15.6-inch widescreen with HD displaying high resolution. The 100 percent sRGB color gamut gives vibrant and beautiful color display .This makes it perfect for detailed product designing.


    • High-quality GPU
    • FHD IPS screen display
    • Backlit keyboard
    • Compact design
    • Reduced battery life
    • No thunderbolt 3

    The high performing GPU makes this laptop Perfect for product designing. Both beginners and professionals can use this laptop for their tasks. The high definition screen produces high-resolution graphics making them popular among product designers etc.

    10. Dell XPS 15 9570

    Laptops for SolidWorks Compatibility

    Dell XPS 15 9570

    The high quality features this laptop exhibits makes it one of the top laptops for SolidWorks compatibility. This laptop is famous for the fantastic features that make it ideal for professional use. It’s high-quality 2D and 3D Modeling makes it a favorite among creative designers as well.

    The 8th Gen Intel i9-8950HK used in this laptop consists of six cores. It provides a high speed of up to 4.8GHz. This makes it easier for processing large data sets seamlessly. The GTX 1050Ti from NVIDIA is a high-quality graphics card which allows the user to multitask at the same time. This will not cause any buffering or lagging but rather exhibit smooth processing.

    The laptop has 32 GB of memory RAM. Apart from memory, the 1 TB SSD storage makes this laptop perfect for dealing with large data sets. Sufficient storage allows many designing applications other than solid works to work simultaneously without any negative overloading on the system.

    The 15.6 inches ultra high definition display is the outstanding feature of this product. The 4k picture resolution produces a cinematic experience for the viewer making this a top choice for graphic designing and model structuring by professionals.


    • The processor is of remarkable quality
    • Expandable memory
    • Massive SSD storage
    • Ultra High definition 4K display
    • lesser battery time
    • consumer-grade GPU is used

    This laptop is considered one of the favorites for Solidworks software by professionals. The impressive storage features let you design models for products efficiently and effortlessly. The high-quality screen display improves the overall work experience of the user.


    What is the best laptop for SolidWorks?

    The Acer Nitro 5 is the best laptop for solid works because of its affordable price and powerful processor.

    What graphics card do I need for SolidWorks?

    The NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro, or AMD Radeon Pro series are certified graphics cards for SOLIDWORKS.

    Is 8gb RAM enough for Solidworks?

    Generally, at least 16 GB of RAM is preferred for laptops that are to be used for Solidworks programs.

    Summing Up

    The market is flooded with different brands coming up with new models of laptops now and then. Still, only a few make the cut of being called the top-rated products suitable for designing using the Solidworks program. Among these few, our top 3 picks are

    • Acer Nitro 5 for its super affordable price and the high-quality performance it offers
    • Dell G5 5587 for its high speed and ability to handle large data sets

    In conclusion, many companies have tried to make the most “Solidworks compatible” laptop to provide the maximum convenience to professional designers, engineers, and architects, etc. around the world. Each version of these laptops has features that may be suitable to one but inconvenient to the other. Hence it is up to us to decide which one is more suitable according to our needs and fits our budget.

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    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q 6GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost (Base: 982MHz, Boost: 1198MHz, TDP: 60W)
    • AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor (8M Cache, up to 4.3GHz)
    • 15.6” 240Hz 3ms PANTONE Validated IPS-Type Full HD (1920x1080) display
    • 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM | 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD | Backlit Precision Gaming Keyboard | Windows 10 Home
    • 0.8” thin, 4.63 lbs ultraportable form-factor
    Dell Gaming G3 15 3500, 15.6 inch FHD Non-Touch Laptop - Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB...
    • 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz 300 nits WVA Anti-Glare LED Narrow Border Backlit Display
    • 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H (12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 6 cores)
    • 16GB 2933MHz DDR4, 512 GB M.2 [PCIe] NVMe (SSD)
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6
    • Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) and Bluetooth 5.1