Best Gadgets & Gears to Make Your Commute Super Easy

The most frustrating part of a workday is the commute. Not only is a significant portion of the day spent in the monotonous hold of traffic with the company of unyielding crowds but the inevitable boredom is unbearable to deal with.

To give you an estimate, the average American spends the equivalent of nine days a year just traveling to and from work. Although there isn’t much that we can do about the commute itself, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to make the journey more bearable.

Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Public noise can seriously dampen your daily commuting experience. The cacophony of sounds from cars, crowds, construction sites, and many more avenues isn’t good for anyone’s ears or mental health.

Most commuters deal with this by popping in earphones and listening to music. However, getting a pair of noise-canceling earbuds may be the best option. You can tune out the world and opt for total silence. There are many earbuds available that can even control the level of environmental noise to block so that you don’t miss out on important public announcements while at the same time isolating yourself from the most disturbing noises.


Bike-Friendly Bag

Perhaps the best way to avoid the morning rush and hectic schedule of trains and buses is to ride to work yourself. Cars are not particularly wallet-friendly and don’t help you avoid the traffic. Instead, you can bike to work comfortably and bypass most of the traffic.

A bag that can be easily balanced on the bike so that you don’t go off course is essential. You should also look for a bag that allows you to carry all your essentials while being light and portable as well.

A traditional bike can be tricky to navigate especially through unpredictable roads and impatient drivers. A sturdy bike like an e-bike that is equipped for all terrains and easy to maneuver is an ideal choice. For more details, check and find the best ride for you.


An E-Reader

The average commuter spends around 20 minutes commuting. However, for many, commuting can take hours, and what better way to utilize all that spare time than reading?

You can catch up with the work of your favorite authors or even spend time to study up on topics related to your field. The large display and slim design make it ergonomic for readers to provide the most comfortable reading experience anywhere.

E-readers are capable of holding thousands of titles, are lightweight, and easily fit in your carry-on bag. The long-lasting battery life ensures you can binge your books over several commutes after just charging once.


A UV Sanitizer

Public transport has always been a cesspit of germs and the pandemic has made us even more stringent regarding hygiene maintenance.

Having UV sanitizer in hand can help you sit on the subway or at your desk with peace of mind. UV sanitizers kill 99.9% of bacteria. This makes them a handy gadget to own over traditional sticky liquid sanitizers.

Game Console

A gaming console can significantly brighten up the tedious commute trip.

Gaming consoles support a variety of games both online and offline. Furthermore, with the large screen and long-lasting battery, you can play as long as you want without having to waste away the charge on your phone.


Battery Pack

A power bank is an indispensable item for a commuter. With a power bank, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge and be able to use your devices freely.

You don’t want to be left with a dead phone battery when your train is delayed, you are running late, or alone late at night.



Taking your phone out of your pocket every few minutes to check the time can be quite annoying. Sure, wearing a regular watch can fix the problem but a smartwatch offers so much more.

You can keep time, get important notifications as well as set off an alarm for when the train arrives at the destination.


Leak-Proof Coffee Holder

Coffee is the bane of almost every commuter’s existence and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone without this weekday elixir. Whether you buy your coffee or make it from home, opt for a flask that has a good seal to keep your coffee warm for hours. You should also look into brands that protect against accidental spills. The holder should be small enough to easily fit into your backpack or the cup holder of your car.

If you prefer drinking other drinks or just plain water, a wide-mouthed bottle that is spill-proof is a preferable choice.


Folding Keyboards

If you are one of those people who work during their commute or have to type a lot, then it is better to get a folding keyboard. These keyboards are compact and allow for fast, two-handed typing.

Most importantly, they save you from a really bad neck cramp that you can otherwise get from typing for long hours. You can charge them beforehand and connect wirelessly or connect to the device directly. They are compatible with devices running on Android, iOS, and other operating systems.


Lunch Purse

You will be staying at work for a considerable portion of your day so it is best to bring meals from home rather than spend money on takeaways.

Lunch Bags can be an additional burden for you in addition to being usually tacky. Hence, invest in a stylish lunch purse that is insulated to keep your food warm but big enough to carry your necessities.

Compact Tool Set

It is always handy to carry a compact tool set to be prepared for anything. They are usually equipped with torchlight and screwdrivers among other items. Many compact sets also feature enough space to carry ear plugs, vitamins among other small items for easy reach.



Commuting is unavoidable but with the help of these simple gadgets, it could become something you look forward to every day. Make the most of the time you spend commuting and turn it into ‘me’ time. Listen to podcasts or play games on your console or get ahead on some of your office work. There is plenty to do on the commute when you have the right gadgets. There is always a way when there is a will.