Be Careful When Applying for E-Visa Online – 2024 Guide

For a person coming from any other country, VISA is needed. It acts as a permit letter that permits you to live in another country. But it depends on your VISA how many days you can stay in another country. It will also specify your job role in that country.

The full form is V = Visitors I = International S = Stay A = Admission.

There are different rules regarding visas in every country. Visa on Arrival facility means getting a visa after arriving in a country. Some countries provide free facilities and some charge fees for it. If there is no e-visa facility, then you have to apply offline to get a visa there.

People usually have many confusions regarding this scheme. They feel that it is not the real one. Others feel that e-visa is not required to travel from one country to another. But, let us tell you that an e-visa is one of the important documents required while traveling from one place to another.

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There are five types of e-visa.

  • e-Tourist
  • e-Business
  • e-Conference
  • e-Medical
  • e-Medical Attendant

Every country has its own rules for the approval. Similarly, these rules determine the period for which the rules will be valid. Get to know more details on the application form

How is an e-visa different from an ordinary visa?

For a standard one, the visitor has to submit his passport along with all his personal document papers. Approval is stamped inside the passport. This process takes a lot of paperwork and time. But the advantage is that it is valid for a long time.

Whereas e-visa will be approved online only. It will also take less time and less paperwork comparatively to process. But the drawback is that it is valid for a lesser period.

After applying online for it, you will have to wait for five to seven days. Sometimes the e-visa is issued within three days or sometimes within five days. A copy of it will be sent to you by mail.

Getting it approved is harder than you think.

Applying for an e-visa

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There are several instances when the e-visa is approved instantly after a person applies for it. This provides the convenience of applying for it whenever it is required, and even just days before an upcoming trip. When you provide all correct information in the application and submit the required documents that are all valid. Any discrepancy may delay the procedure.

Please note that your visa may expire within a period of 60 days. Don’t forget that you have an approved one, and it will eventually expire. Don’t apply much in advance. You can contact a suitable company for logistics if you have enough luggage.

The websites available for e-visa are sometimes demanding, and it is not always necessary that you get the visa approved within hours. Don’t Think that you can apply and get it approved within a few hours. Keep at least 4-5 days in hand before the proposed day of travel.

For what purpose can I get eVisa approved.

You can easily get eVisa approved for a variety of reasons.

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  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Mission
  • Visiting your family or friends
  • Transport
  • Sports Activity

Advantages of e-visa over the paper visa

There are a few advantages of getting an e-visa. Let us know the benefits of getting e-visa over paper visas.

  • You have the convenience of obtaining the eVisa online and from the comfort zone of your home. You will not have to visit the visa office to complete all the procedures. You are not required to travel to any consulate or the Visa center. Just use your pc or laptop and an internet connection to apply for it.
  • You will require just a few documents to apply for the visa. To get a tourist one, all you will need is a digital photo, a scanned copy of your passport’s first page. You are not required to provide other details of the arrangements that you have done yourself at the place you are traveling to. However, it would help if you had travel medical insurance to get total security.
  • Getting it is an economical option, and you will not have the hassle of applying for a traditional visa. While applying for a traditional visa you have to make trips to the embassy, but you will get away from such worries when it comes to online visas.

A major disadvantage of getting a eVisa approves is that you cannot extend the period you have applied for the visa. However, you can have the provision of applying for a eVisa for an extended period, so that you can extend your stay, if required. The tourist visa can be granted for 30 days, 1 year, or 5 years. E Visas are of different kinds such as tourist type, Business type or the Conference type.

You need to be very careful while filling up your form online, as even the slightest mistake can result in your e-visa getting rejected.

Yes, your online application may be rejected if

  1. Any incorrect information is given in the application
  2. There is a criminal record of the applicant or a case pending on his name
  3. Any threat to the safety of the citizens
  4. Image or relationship distorted in his own country
  5. He wants to settle in the country and has not applied for an immigrant or work visa
  6. No valid reason for traveling
  7. Illegal means of income
  8. There is no arrangement to stay in the country he is going to
  9. There is no health or travel insurance for travel and stay in another country
  10. Have applied for a visa on concise notice.
  11. The relationship between you and your country is not good
  12. Have any contagious disease like TB and have violated the immigration rules.

Remember the above-mentioned points before applying for your e-visa.