Top Android Applications for Staying Positive and Happy at Home

All of us wish to be happy and a lot more positive in life. At times, it gets harder than you know. The pressure from our jobs and the stress of everyday life can make it challenging for you to stay happy and positive. So, if you wish to maintain a more positive mindset, there are some ways by which you can train yourself to think more clearly, be more positive, and happy. One of the excellent ideas that you can do it is by downloading some positive thinking applications. A lot of us have our phones with us at all times of the day. So, there is no better way than infiltrating your life with happy and positive thoughts than with the right application. 


It is an application, which helps you think positively. The app helps you set goals in different tracks of life, such as boosting your confidence. There are several tracks in the app, each of which comes with its share of activities, games, and quizzes. In most cases, the activities are simple, such as asking you to list down things that you are grateful for or keeping away from all negative words, or picking out the positive words in some game. James, an associate with TrumpLearning, says that he has subscribed to Happify’s annual service because he finds the app so helpful. However, there are also monthly subscriptions available. These subscriptions will help you take good advantage of the full menu of positive thoughts and activities.  


For people who wish to bring in positivity in their life, Pozify is one of the ideal apps for you. The application is useful because it rewards you every time you are a good and positive person. Pozify developers started the app with an objective that positive news should get equal exposure as the negative news. They have tried to keep that as the base element of the application. It is a simple application, which rewards people for spreading and creating valuable content online.

The app wishes to push you to develop and spread the messages of positivity. It is why the application gives you rewards for spreading content in a fun and safe manner. The more mPoints you acquire for sharing positive content, the more points you can trade for cool products and gift cards. If you are feeling somewhat generous, you can use these points for charity instead of redeeming them as gifts. So, in that case, whatever rewards you get out of your points will go as donations to the charity.  


It has a rating of 4.7 stars and is believed to be one of the most effective positivity apps. Jiah, an associate with TAE, says she was shocked when she found out about ThinkUp. She adds that it is one of the best applications to heal and be positive in life. So, no more reading positivity books, you can download this free application, and you will see your life-changing for the better. With the app, you get to design a self-improvement program for yourself, which can help you build your self-esteem and improve your health. The affirmations on the application are curated to help you find just what you need. It can be tailored to the area where you think you need most work. With time, you will get into the habit of positive thinking, and once you do, you will start seeing newer possibilities in life. The best part is they will remind you to read your affirmations every day.  


The application has a rating of 4.7 stars. Trust us when we say this, this application will help you evolve to a better and a positive version of you. The app has been lauded with several awards and recognitions. It will help you with personal care, provide daily motivation, and pep talks. The goal of the application is to help you reduce your worries and overall stress. You do not have to worry about adding it to your to-do list. The app will itself remind you to do things. Be assured; on using the app for a few days, you will start feeling better. With the application, you get motivational texts, 5-minute meditations, and a gratitude journal. For people working on a specific area of the mind or a particular emotion, such as being productive or goal setting, you can begin the 7-day audio challenges. It will help you focus on those areas.