3 Surefire Ways to Build an Engaged Audience on SoundCloud – 2024 Guide

SoundCloud is a great resource when it comes to promote and share music with the world. However, using this platform to showcase your music craft means you are not achieving its full potential. Here are 3 surefire ways to leverage this biggest platform and build loyal fans without buying SoundCloud followers.

Get exclusive

People want to listen to the best music on SoundCloud. They go to your profile with the hope to listen to the newest and exclusive music. So make sure to showcase your best music on your profile. If you are a pro user then use the spotlight feature to capture the attention of the user towards the track that you specifically want to promote. This feature lets you pin up to up to 5 soundtracks to the top of your SoundCloud profile. You can even pin up a specific playlist to the profile’s top. This way, people can hear the music that you want to promote. You can use this feature to highlight your best song, new album or singles. If you want to build engage audience then you soundtracks should have more searchable based on the music genre, keywords associated with your tracks, the title of track and name of the artist. So, it is important to add proper tags with your music.

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Host a Podcast

Podcasting is the best way to build an audience on SoundCloud apart from your music craft. You can host a podcast about music on this platform to draw the attention of many. This is a great way to connect with your followers and listeners about you and your music or anything that would be engaging. Moreover, it gives your followers the personal side of your life. You can come up with a short-term podcast rather than the ongoing podcasts. You can record these short-term podcasts while you are in your studio or at home to share your thoughts with your fans. Your loyal fans will surely admire your short podcast. You could ask questions to your listeners and provoke thoughts. If you are new to SoundCloud and short on ideas, don’t fret, listen to the other artists, musicians and industry peers’ podcasts for getting some inspiration and come up with something new idea. This way, you can also build a huge audience with the help of buying SoundCloud followers from wbix.com.

Join Groups

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Whenever you join any platform, don’t forget to join its group because community speaking can insanely increase your exposure on this platform and build the audience. Do it on Soundcloud and share the link of your playlists and tracks on a different group in order to build following. You can find these group that other artists with similar music genre belong to and submit your music to be shared here. You can find the group in the search feature of SoundCloud. You can find groups with different music genres like hip hop, pop, indie rock, country music, rap and more. Don’t be spammy when you post your tracks on the groups. Your SoundCloud plays and followers will be increased over time without buying SoundCloud followers.