What Changes Instagram Prepared For 2024? Business Edition

In the last year, Instagram has become one of the leading platforms when it comes to advertising and selling products online. Not only are there millions of customers, ready to spend their money and buy your products, but there are also numerous tools that you can use. In the following article, we are going to discuss some trends and tools you can use to advertise your business.

First of all, if you haven’t done it yet, you have to switch to a business account. This way, you will have more tools at your disposal and will be able to list your phone number, email address, and other contact info. Basically, you can add any type of information that will help people locate and contact you with ease.

One of the most popular Instagram trends, generally speaking, and also a thing that will help you advertise your account is Instagram Story. Literally, there are millions of these every day and by the looks of it, that number is only going up. In order to increase your online visibility and to reach more customers, you have to upload these regularly, fluidbuzz.com suggests.

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The company understands how popular and important these are which is why now there are numerous filters and tools you can use. Add some stickers or decorative elements to your story to make it more appealing. Clearly, before doing this, you have to consider whether it is appropriate for your business and that doesn’t only depend on the type of your products but also on the age of your target audience.

Furthermore, if you have just created your profile, firstly, you need some followers. Yes, you will get those with time, by creating interesting content, using hashtag and location, and so on. Still, there is a trend that has been popular for some time now and that has been allowing people to quickly and easily increase the number of followers, and you can learn more about on the Manager Gram website.

If you don’t only use this social media platform to advertising your products, but also to sell them, then you are surely aware of the Instagram checkout feature that has just been launched meaning that new features are going to be presented next year. Basically, when you post a photo on your feed or the story, you can add a tag that will show its price and when clicked on it, it will take users to the store, where they can easily make a purchase, without even exiting the app.

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Another trend that is expected to hit its full potential in 2024 is marketing on the explore page. Once they are done with scrolling through their feed, user usually go to the explore page, and what will they find there? Your ad. The best part is that this algorithm tracks users’ interests and shows them posts and products they would enjoy. This means that your ad is going to reach people who are very likely to buy your product.

According to this website, IGTV is a trend that is just starting, meaning we are going to see more of it next year. This feature is a great way to share commercials or film videos and connect with your followers on a more personal level. There is no duration restriction, which means that you can create whatever you want to.

To conclude, in this text, we have only mentioned a few trends that have been popular this past year. Clearly, there are many more that are going to be further developed in the future, plus we cannot wait to see what new features the company will create to increase our experience.