4 Ways to Destroy Your Hard Drive

Living in the world of modern technology have different advantages and disadvantages. However, it also brings some requirements that people need to respect. Being familiar with the newest device is a necessity if you want to ensure personal security. Because of that, many people decide on destroying a hard drive.

At first glance, some people would say that destroying your hard drive doesn’t have any sense. However, according to datadestruction.com, simple reformation of a hard drive is not effective enough. Indeed, you might get the chance to remove most of your data. However, hackers use some methods that allow them to retrieve the deleted data from almost every type of hard drive.

Another option that people like to use is reinstalling the Operating System they use. Even if you do that after hard drive reformatting, the data will remain somewhere on your disk. The only thing you are doing is deleting the file names. We are sure it is not something that would meet your requirements and expectations.

Fortunately for all of us, destroying a hard drive is possible in two different ways. One of the ways is to physically destroy it. However, some people claim that way like that seems too aggressive to them. Because of that, they would decide on using data-wiping programs.

1. Data-Wiping Program

Logically, sometimes we only need to use the software to make things right. The data-wiping programs are the best option you can find on the market. However, there are certain rules when you should use a method like that. It is primarily good to use it when you want to keep the drive usable. Logically, all the data are going to be erased.

The good news is that you can find different programs online for free. We won’t name any of them here and let you do your research. However, we can tell you that using them is possible in a couple of ways. Some versions run off USB flash drives. However, you will also find those that run off a DVD or CD. It is recommendable to check blogs that are reviewing that type of program. Believing in ads and commercials you see sometimes isn’t enough to give you clear directions.

Yet, we need to highlight one crucial disadvantage of the data-wiping programs. We don’t want to guarantee they will protect you completely. So far, they have been a good solution for the majority of people. However, together with modern technology, hackers are also improving their knowledge. We can’t guarantee they, sooner or later, won’t find the way to get your data in this way as well.

2. Destroying Your Hard Drive Physically

Because of the previous fact that we said, destroying your hard drive physically seems like a better solution. In most cases, we want to get rid of the hard drive from our old computer. In that case, you will need to find a way to destroy one of its important parts. More precisely, you will need to destroy the magnetic disk also known under the name platter. Logically, the methods that you can use to accomplish the entire process are different.

Some people would decide on using water to reach their goal. However, water is not so effective as you might think. In that way, you will only disable the electronic parts while the platter will remain untouched. In other words, all the data you have on your hard drive will remain safe.

On the other hand, using magnets to destroy the hard drive is a much smarter choice. However, even the method like that will not bring you the desired results. The results you make will depend a lot on the magnets that you are using. It can be tough to find a magnet that has the power to penetrate the protective steel sheathing. Even if you find a magnet like that, no one guarantees that method like that will work.

3. Be Careful!

Destroying your hard drive might seem easy when you look at other people doing it. However, if you are not careful enough, you might get injured. We are sure that you can find a huge number of DIY methods for destroying hard disk on YouTube. However, all of them require special equipment. For instance, it might happen that bits of the hard drive hit you. Despite that, you need to understand that every item contains some chemicals harmful to your overall health.

4. DIY vs Hiring a Professional

After we explained the security part, we should say a couple of words about the method you should use. We know that some people believe they don’t need any assistance. If that’s the case, eye protection equipment is something you need.

Doing it alone is possible in a couple of ways. To start, you should locate the place where your hard drive is stated. After that, get a screwdriver to the screws. Try to remove them as many as possible until you access your device. The next step is to open the hard drive casing. However, some screws could be hidden from you. Because of that, you will probably need to invest some time searching them around.

When you remove the hard drive, strike the hard drive a couple of times on various sides. Sooner or later, you will manage to open it. Logically, the next step is to find the silver platter disk from inside. How you will destroy it depends on the equipment you have. You can use the hammer as well, but be sure that you are fully protected.

For your own good, hiring a professional to do that instead of you is a much better solution. People that are working in this field for ages possess the so-called cutting-edge technology. Because of that, they are offering shredding services to people that have the same “problem” as you. That might another good reason why you should visit the website we attached above. You will see how the entire hiring process functions and let professionals complete the hard work.