5 Best Tech Goodies to Add to Your Truck in 2024

If you are a truck driver or a fleet owner, you must be aware of the gadgets you can choose to implement on your trucks. A wide range of manufacturers specialize in creating reliable devices – and today that means combining hardware with programs. The technology you can add will make everything easier, less time-consuming, more accurate, and most importantly – safer.

If you are interested in the best technology goodies you can add to your truck, you are reading the right article. In the text below, you will learn about the best gadgets that will make your time on the road easier and safer. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

  1. Dynamic Routing

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When you are driving, you are usually taking goods from one place to another – and the path you take is amongst the most important things. By adding dynamic routing, you will gain various benefits including traffic data, flexibility in the routes you can take, and you might also get an idea of how much time you will need for a specific shipment.

Also, you will have the chance to avoid unnecessary kilometers, by finding a route that will get you to your location faster. Or, you might find a way around a heavy traffic jam or a collision by looking at the updated GPS data. All of these things will lower the operation costs and fuel use – which is incredibly important for our environment.

  1. Collision Reducing Technology

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In the last few years, there were various studies conducted and they all had the same conclusion – heavy trucks are omnipresent in accidents. This might happen due to various factors, however, the fact that they are larger than the passenger vehicles means that they can cause more damage to the smaller vehicles and the people inside of them. Although crash analysis reports most often conclude that the passenger vehicles are at fault, any collision with a heavy truck means that the fleeting company might have to deal with insurance claims and lawsuits.

That is why it is in everyone’s interest to implement a collision mitigation system that will monitor the area for possible crashes, so, drivers can take the necessary action to avoid getting into a crash. The benefits of these systems are quite obvious and this is the reason why implementing a collision mitigation system is now standard practice for all trucks. It will monitor what is happening around your vehicle, which offers drivers the chance to react if necessary.

  1. A GPS

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By implementing a GPS it will be easier for both the drivers and the company management to locate and track trailers/vehicles and the goods inside it. When you think about adding this system to your vehicle, the one thing you think about is preventing theft or loss of it. Well, by adding this system, you can effortlessly monitor what is happening with the trucks, it will be able to warn drivers if they are in areas where trailer theft has been reported – and of course, you will be able to track the trailer if it gets stolen.

When you take all those things into consideration, investing money into implementing these systems makes perfect sense, just as it makes sense that you might want to track your valuable goods. Now, the GPS does not only involve it tracking the trailer/truck, but it also allows a wireless sensor that is directly connected to the fleet management system, meaning that they will get useful data for the company.

  1. Dash Cameras

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Dash cameras, also referred to as in-cab cameras are systems that drivers have been using for a really long time – and they are getting improved daily. The improvements made to these cameras include better picture processing, a better night vision software, as well as HD images and videos that can easily be uploaded and stored on cloud platforms.

There is a wide range of reasons why companies choose to add these devices in their industries, however, the most common one would be as protection against phony insurance claims if an accident happens. You would be surprised by how many people purposefully try to hit a truck since they know that that could mean them getting a lot of money from their insurance policy.

Another reason why someone might choose to implement a dashcam is because of public perception. As previously mentioned, most of the accidents that happen between trucks and other, smaller vehicles are the fault of passenger cars. However, the witnesses and public often think and consider the crash to be the truck’s fault, simply because it is bigger. If the case is taken to court, the companies are usually the ones that end up paying a large amount of money.

However, a dashcam could help with determining who actually caused the accident, hence, the company will be able to save money and their reputation. If you want to check out what dash cameras are best for truck, visit truckdashcam.com.

  1. An Anti-Sway Control Program

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This control system will work together and as a part of your vehicle’s stability control system. It works by regulating the brakes and power when the system feels like the trailer attached to the back of the truck starts swaying. The swaying of the trailer can happen if it is not weighted correctly if there is a strong crosswind in the area you are driving in, as well as if you are going too fast.

However, by having this software implemented, you will not have to worry about the trailer you are pulling, damaging other vehicles, creating a collision, or losing control over your vehicle.


The five tech goodies mentioned above will keep you safe, and they will allow you to save time, as well as money when you are on the road. Another important thing about these gadgets is that some of them might save you from being falsely accused if a collision happens, which in return, can save your trucking company a lot of money. Hence, if you do not have some of the items from this list, do not waste any more time and start browsing through stores to find the gadgets that will fit your needs perfectly.