The Banner Saga 2 – 2024 Review

The Banner Saga 2 is intense and unrelenting in its mission to make you feel like the worst leader alive. Starting just from the end of the great battle in the first game, Banner Saga 2 begins from chapter eight. In this mind-blowing game filled with strange and imaginary creatures, there’s an imminent disaster bound to happen. With several dead, the player still exhumed with fear is expected to advance.

For the novice who has not enjoyed the suspense of the game, Banner Saga 2 is a well-strategized game that features the end of a Viking-inspired world. Seeking Aberrang, the only secure shelter, a mixture of humans, giants and centaur-like horse becoming the “darkness” unites them with the dead.

The Game second title enhances the first one with more players to choose from, additional units, more objects enemies and new objectives.

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The feeling is more of an epic novel than a game, with combination combat and story. As described: “The Banner Saga 2 is more than just a tactical role-playing gaming, prepare yourself to have fun!”.  No doubt that the developers put the playing experience first this time making it an addiction and fun lasting game.

If you played the previous release of Banner Saga, you will see that they still maintained that edge to continue struggling for survival, even though you are well aware of the fact that it is almost futile. Banner Saga 2 gives you an ambiance where you have to do everything you can in order to keep everyone above.

It is an immersive game, and when you begin, you do not want to stop because you are concerned eager to know what the next part holds. The world around is decaying, and the inhabitants are also part of the decay.  The scenery is cool, but you will do everything you can do to ensure that your character stays long enough to enjoy the beautiful sights.

The Developers, Stoic, designed a setting to depict the end of all things. The Dredge — the rocky, superficially numb enemies that you usually battle against — are also on the caught in the chase from this Darkness and are just as desperate as you are to make it to the safe haven.

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There are threats and battles throughout the game, even within your defenses and sometimes you will negotiate through conflicts, a little mistake can cause the death of dozens, or even usher you into a battle that you did not envisage and can’t win.

This game is fun and amazing, the graphics are designed to keep you engrossed and the gameplay is fantastic. In the game controls, you have the option to play with a gamepad controller or you can use the keyboard.  it is very scary and there are many jumpscares and it is quite gory and gruesome. The title is long this time, and it is very fun to play and the storyline is amazing. The game is a fascinating one and overall credits to the developers. For its horror, controls, storylines, characters, enemies, and gameplay, it is a great game recommended to enthusiast’s players. It is strongly advised that if you get goosebumps quickly and easily frightened by horrific sights, then you should reconsider playing this game.