6 Ways Technology Is Revolutionising the Renewable Energy Industry – 2024 Guide

Much can be said about the importance of technological advancements and the impact it has on modern society. But there are few industries that have benefited from technology more than the renewable energy industry.

Truthfully speaking, we would be living in a different world if it wasn’t for the revolutionizing of renewable energy. But what is the impact of such advancements? What changes has it brought to the industry, and how does it impact our lives?

Well, this is the part of the article where we explain to you the 6 ways technological advancements managed to revolutionize the renewable energy industry.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. The Internet of Things

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IoT, as it is more commonly referred to, the Internet of Things is a growing network of devices where the sole connectivity comes from the internet.

All of these devices can be connected with one another using the internet, and that has brought forth something revolutionary.

Namely, by enabling internet connectivity, devices can function as one and can be monitored from a single point of view. Successful integration of such tech has managed to cut down energy waste by 20%.

This technology is an industry-changing one that has had quite possibly one of the biggest impacts. By integrating IoT, energy companies can track and improve their products as well as reduce losses due to waste.

2. Better Energy Storage Solutions

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Equally important to finding a way to cut back on energy losses is to find a way where to store the excess energy produced.

This has been an issue that scientists worked endlessly to improve the industry and make it more sustainable in the long run. Companies would frequently produce more energy than what the market wanted, so a solution had to be found to store that energy.

And after some time, we came up with batteries. While a battery has always been around the industry, large-storage batteries were somewhat of a myth.

This is where prominent genius-businessmen Elon Musk comes into play. While he and his company, Tesla, weren’t the first to come up with this solution, the Tesla Powerwall is a complex and comprehensive grid system that employs modern batteries to store power.

With the Tesla Powerwall, businesses, companies, and even governments were able to store power and use it in a much less wasteful manner.

3. Analytics? Why Not

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Make no mistake about it, we’re living in the age of information. In this age, information is more valuable than gold. Information is the key that gets you to the gold pot, and those that know how to harness, process, and use information will be swimming in it.

We have developed comprehensive means of collecting information. Some of these are with malicious intent, but most are harmless. Big analytics make it possible for us to collect tons of information, relay it to the people who know how to process it, and watch as it all turns into profit.

That’s exactly what the energy industry has done as a side-effect of the age that we live in. Through big data analytics, the industry manages to process information that directly impacts our environment.

Companies have effective methods of utilizing data and develop solutions based on certain metrics. The industry has become drastically more accurate, sustainable, and ecological due to analytics.

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4. On-Demand Electricity

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Renewable energy is not only ecological and clean, but it is also a great way to meet our energy-consumption needs. This is the primary advantage of such tech and we can use the Earth’s valuable renewable sources to produce electricity anytime we want.

Take the sun for example. Renewable energy is most effective when whole grid systems are collected. These solar-powered grid systems use the sun’s energy to produce electricity and store it in batteries where we can sell it anywhere in the world.

Renewable grid systems have made it possible to create on-demand electricity.

5. Primary Focus

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Wind and solar are our primary focus, but once these were considered impossible.

Through the use of solar panels that create solar farms and wind turbines, we have achieved technological greatness and electrical sustainability.

Sure there are certain downsides to this tech, but the pros drastically outweigh the cons. Solar farms and wind farms have transformed the industry forever.

No more do energy-producing companies need to worry about sustainability when we have already achieved it. Not only that, but the primary focus has been so accurate and effective that we produce energy at a must lower cost.

6. Very Low Cost

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If you’d talk to someone a decade ago on the prospect of using solar panels to power their home, you would be laughed at. No one was willing to take the risk and pay the huge prices that came with installing solar panels.

Nowadays, everyone does it and that has brought down the costs. Nowadays, there are so many companies that offer solar products that you have all the time in the world to make the right and errorless decision.

Renewable energy isn’t only clean and good for the companies, it’s good for the people as it gives them an alternative means to power their homes.

Not only that, but this means is much more cost-effective and comes nowhere near the traditional means of providing electricity to homes.


Much can be said on renewable energy, what it can potentially do, and how it solves key issues. While the industry still has issues that need to be addressed, we are one step further into achieving energy sustainability through technological advancements.

One day, renewable energy will replace coal factors and the traditional method of acquiring it. Also, we have the potential to reduce our carbon footprint and bring much-needed peace to the Earth.