4 Ways Technology Is Influencing Social Media

Nowadays, social media facilitates the sharing of thoughts, views, ideas, and information through virtual media. It is an interactive technology that helps them communicate and stay in touch with their family, friends, and others worldwide. With time social media has become part of our life that no one can disagree with. Social media are the applications that help to communicate with people: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. But, do you know how social media is emerging? It’s with the use of the right technology. The new invention of technology is shaping the future and influencing social media in how humans communicate. Every day you see a lot of transformation in social media, from smartphones to virtual reality. In contrast, technology influences social media in many ways. Here let’s delve deeper into this article.

The Role Of Technology In Social Media

Have you thought of what ‘social media’ is in a virtual world? Probably, yes. Social media is a technology that helps to interact with other people. It all begins with the invention of laptops and smartphones on a high level, starting with mobile apps. According to the studies, 91% of users are engaging with social media using their smartphones. And now, new technologies are emerging that give a fully immersive experience for users to get information and communicate with people. Ultimately, every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and more is rolling out interactive features to attract people. Now, you are clear with it. Hope so.

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There are various reasons beyond adopting a mobile application for social media usage.

  • Applications are user-friendly and convenient to use through mobile phones.
  • Smartphones’ built-in features include a microphone, camera, location, etc.
  • Easy to create and share content.

Now, you might understand the need for social media in day-to-day life. Technology influences social media in various ways, incorporating features like QR codes, geotagging, APIs, etc., that make social media stay forever. The invention of technology makes social media very accessible and safe in real-time. People can enjoy the seamless user experience and step into the new world of evolution.

4 Technologies That Driving Social Media Future

Technology and social media are interrelated and take the world towards growth. So here, let’s explore the list of technologies that drive the future of social media.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the new technologies that is hyping all over the world, and knows that it is impacting social media in every means. AI is a major component integrated into every social media platform in today’s digital landscape. As a result, technology is recreating the social media platform and playing a pivotal role in helping users use the platforms easily. Here let us know how AI helps on different platforms.

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  • Facebook: Everyone knows that Facebook is the number one social media platform with approximately 4.9 billion users. This platform makes use of advanced machine learning for multiple tasks. It determines the target audience for advertisements and increases exposure.
  • Instagram: AI in Instagram works to customize or rank the posts on Explore, Feed, Stories, and Reels. The content is prioritized in the user’s Feed based on relevance, popularity, and freshness. If you want to boost your online presence on this platform, ensure to use Instagram Reels features which are best for interacting with users. Moreover, to help AI to prioritize your content, leverage Trollishly and increase the chance of your content’s viewership.
  • Snapchat: The platform is full of interactive features that users use computer vision to monitor physical features in real-time.
  • Linkedin: It is a professional social networking tool that AI helps to connect people with similar interests and the same profession.

These platforms are a few examples to know how AI has become an essential part of all the genres of social media platforms. AI reduces the amount of content creation which is more effective for marketing.

#2 Internet Of Things [IoT]

Internet of things is a technology that is of immense use for social media tracking and marketing. Do you want to know what IoT is? It is the things with software, sensor, and procession ability connected to the other devices over the internet or through another communication medium. This is the technology that connects and transfers information by interconnecting different things. Top industries like Disney, N&W and Tencent, etc., often work with professional social media application development services to develop a better solution. With clear insights, they make better business decisions.

#3 Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is trending and is one of the most popular features on social media applications. Now, integrating AR works in a real-world environment that resides from a user’s perspective of the real world. It is to be most evident with Snapchat. Its trending face filters are preferred by businesses and individuals to create and provide the most attractive content that engages a wide array of users. Another business-specific feature of AR is discoverable in social media advertisements. Well, AR helps people or businesses to interact in the real environment.

#4 Radio Frequency Identification Tags

Do you know what RFID means? It is a technology where digital information is encoded in smart labels or RFID tags to track the items. RFID stores data about an object or individual with a unique identification number. For example, RFID cards, RFID key fobs, and RFID wristbands are customized per the user’s requirements to make the connections easier. For instance, if you are running an event using RFID wristbands, you can connect with the number of people at the moment, which tends to build greater engagement. Furthermore, using RFID, users can share a multitude of photos and share their experiences on various social media networks.

Wrapping It Up

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Technologies in social media are one of the key reasons for the tremendous growth of the domain in terms of users and business growth. There is a multitude of technologies that are ruling social media. So, if you are using social media for your own purpose or business, determine your requirements and use the technologies that reward you in several ways. The above are the few technologies listed to help you know how it influences social media.