What to Look for When Selecting a Technology Product for a Senior 2024

It can sometimes be a complicated task developing a piece of technology that will be suitable for people of all ages. With the technology industry growing at such a rapid pace, sometimes older people have a tough time keeping up with the growing advancements. Technology has a lot to offer everyone, including senior citizens, but there are important things to keep in mind when that technology is used by people increasing in age. When selecting technology for a senior, the product has to be tailored in a way that will work for them, even despite the restrictions caused by the aging process.

The Technology Has to Keep in Mind the Decline of Sight/Hearing in Seniors

When people reach around 40 years of age and forward, they start to have a harder time focusing in on smaller words that are up close. This is known as presbyopia. Because of this, devices that use screens need to have ever increasingly larger fonts so that people will be able to read efficiently as they age. Many devices have specific options where the font size can be adjusted. In addition, colour vision is also affected by age. So, if a technology product is designed that places a large emphasis on deciphering between colors, there should ideally be optional ways to use that piece of technology without requiring any colour-coded symbols or information.

In the same way, if the device being used is heavily reliant on video visual and audio information, then providing subtitles on the screen is a good idea. It’s safe to say that looking for a technology product that has the option to increase font size, change the color of objects or text on screen, increase or decrease volume, and comes with a big screen are ideal things to keep in mind when selecting one.

The Technology Should Be Designed Around Limited Motor Functions in Seniors

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Another part of the natural ageing process is the decline in overall motor control and manual dexterity. If a software program requires very fast and precise clicks of a mouse, then older people will have a harder time using it. Having a touch-screen interface is a good alternative to traditional mouse clicking because in most cases, app-based programs provide simplicity and ease of use that many seniors prefer.

One study found that the buttons that are on a touch-screen should ideally be around 9.6 mm on a diagonal positioning for optimal use. In addition to the decline of regular motor functions, many older people simply have never had the opportunity or desire to learn or understand all of the latest technology on the market. The overwhelming amount of information even in something like selecting the right computer to purchase can be daunting for anyone, let alone someone that’s never even sat behind a monitor.

Use of Technology for Older People

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Because of the sometimes steep learning curve in understanding a new piece of technology, occasionally, older people get frustrated and end up barely using them, if even at all. But, if they perceive there to be a clear advantage to using that piece of technology, then they won’t be as intimidated in learning how to use it. Helping an older person understand how certain technology can benefit them will help them realize that the learning curve will be worth it.

One study pointed to the interesting statistic that older folk are the biggest population group that uses tablet-based devices. If you consider everything talked about previously, this becomes no surprise. Tablets for seniors are generally fairly straightforward to use, they have the option to increase the font and app size, they can be used in a comfortable setting, and they have large screens. Smartphones for seniors aren’t as popular because they are a much smaller screen, and font size can only be increased so much.

Technology Products on the Market for Seniors

There are a number of different technology products on the market that are focused around the physical and mental dynamics of old-age.

Alexa for seniors has been a growing trend, and that comes as no surprise for a number of reasons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It doesn’t require a substantial amount of manual dexterity.
  • You can use it anywhere in the house.


Amazon Echo

Grandpad Tablet is another device that keeps in mind the previously mentioned points in what to look out for when selecting a technology product for seniors.

  • It lets seniors easily connect with family members and specialists.
  • You can order rides, play games, check the weather, browse the internet, play music, and check email.
  • It is simple to use.


The Jitterbug Smart 2 is a device concentrated towards seniors that also contains features focused around the aging process.

  • It has a simple interface.
  • Includes a variety of health services.
  • Safety services come included.
  • Large fonts

Jitterbug Smart 2

After doing a brief review on these products and confirming what to look for when selecting a technology product for a senior, there is one thing that they all have in common. They are all extremely easy to use. Simplicity of the technology chosen for seniors is the number one thing that appears to be the most important when considering a technology product. While not all of these pieces of technology will work for every senior in every single way, there is one technology product out there that comes miles ahead of the competition and is packed full of options. This technology product is called Sirona TV.

What is Sirona TV?


Sirona TV is a fascinating piece of technology that connects directly to a television. It provides older people with the ability to easily connect with their family, play games with their loved ones, monitor and regulate their health, keep up to date with the weather, among many other useful features. Sirona TV has taken into account all of the many facets of the ageing process and formulated a piece of technology that works great for older people. Sirona TV combines all of the elements that all of these products have, compiles it into one technology product, and gives seniors the opportunity to reap the benefits. It is an easy to use, easy to learn, cost-effective device that will increase the overall well-being of anyone that utilizes it.