7 New Technologies That Made Riding Motorcycles Safer

Safe driving and handling of any type of vehicle must always be our priority. As road users, each of us is responsible for our actions. This means that we must not and have no right to endanger anyone’s safety, not even our own. Therefore, if you are a motorcyclist, you should know that you must behave responsibly. You must be asking what does that mean?

Of course, we are talking about respecting traffic rules and using appropriate driving equipment. Your motorcycle must always be in technically correct condition. It is a rule that applies to everyone who wants to stay safe during the entire movement from one point to another.

1. Wind and insect deflector

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Wind and insects can be a serious problem while driving. We believe you already use a helmet yourself, but to protect yourself from wind and insects you need much more advanced solutions. If you click here, you will find a lot of useful information about why deflectors are an important part of driving such a motor vehicle.

It may seem aesthetically unattractive, but if you use deflectors, you protect yourself from unpleasant wind, dust, and sand particles, as well as insects that can enter your nose or mouth and endanger safety.

Also, if you’re driving in the rain, deflectors will help improve your visibility on the road. The rainwater runs off and prevents the glass from fogging. That is why it can be said that it is a must in motorcycling equipment. Invest in a quality deflector, as it’s not worth risking your safety just because of insects and wind.

2. Wearable airbags

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Airbags aren’t just for cars. They have a protective function for every vehicle you use. In the event of a collision, these airbags are activated and offer additional protection for both the driver and the passenger. In many cases, they protect against fatal injuries, which can lead to permanent disability or even death.

They are usually built into vests or jackets, and the protective system is independent of the motorcycle itself. So, could you find anything better than technology to help you survive a car accident? However, we must emphasize that these wearable airbags will not do any magic to protect you, so obeying the traffic rules should be your priority.

3. Anti-lock brakes

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Older motorcycle models had a safety accessory that over the years has proven to be more dangerous than we thought. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the brake lock contributes to the engine stopping, but also to a serious fall of the driver.

Anti-lock systems prevent this, so it can be said that it is easier for riders to establish control over the motorcycle than when the wheels are completely locked.

4. Rider assistance

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Sensors and integrated safety systems are something we are familiar with in cars. The good news is that these systems work great for motorcycles as well. It combines several different technologies for the ultimate safety of motorcyclists.

This prevents possible blind spot accidents, and the driver can react in time whenever he notices an obstacle on the road. That way, you don’t put yourself in danger and you have time to adapt to the road conditions. We have to say that this technology works really well, preventing serious incidents over the years.

5. Improved helmet designs

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Helmets today are made from quality materials. This ensures that the helmet is really safe and will not cause more damage in the event of an accident. In motorcyclists, the head usually suffers and the injuries are often irreversible and permanent. That’s why everyone appeals to the importance of wearing a helmet.

Today’s designs are anatomical and comfortable, and even if the material is heavy, wearing it is not at all problematic for drivers. Of course, most motorcyclists are aware of the benefits of a helmet and never fail to carry it with them, even for short distances.

6. Lights that adapt to road conditions

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Sometimes the light from the motorcycle itself is not enough for us to see what is happening on the road. But the problem is overcome with sensors that adapt to road conditions and allow better visibility.

This feature is available on newer motorcycle models. Of course, it can also be installed on older models, which contributes to better safety for all road users.

7. Communication with other vehicles

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For adventurers who love group rides, communication is more than important. Unforeseen incidents happen sometimes, so it’s perfectly normal if you want to interact with the group. This improves the safety of all road users and can react in time if someone gets separated or lost.

Why is it important to embrace technology in traffic?

Many consider technology to be a distraction from the road, but what is certain is that with this help, safety comes to a truly enviable high level. On the other hand, you always have to be focused on the things happening on the road, instead of looking at the display and waiting for the sensor to let you know.

Technology in such cases is only an aid and not the main means that enables safe driving. But at the same time, it helps you in various ways to prevent serious injuries and even avoid an accident.

Many of the technologies we mentioned are not new at all. But what is unique about them is that they are useful and upgraded enough, so that we consider that we are mostly protected from the risks. However, this does not mean that the protection is 100%. Sometimes it is more important to see the dangers ourselves than to wait for something to happen and treat the consequences. This is a rule that applies to almost any traffic activity.

Therefore, at the conclusion of this article, we will repeat only one thing. Always obey traffic signs and adjust your driving accordingly to road conditions. Only in this way are you and your passenger safe, as well as all other participants who are part of the traffic flow at that moment.