How to Prepare a Technological Survival Kit for Your Next Trip

Traveling has become a hobby for many, but when it comes to every getaway in this computerized society where gadgets are used on a daily basis, the question arises, what should I leave behind, and what should I take with me?

Let’s imagine the worst-case scenario: what if your cell phone charging cable fails and you run out of battery? Do you need recommendations for charging your gadgets? If you don’t want to overthink it, check out this tech survival kit prepared by ExpressVPN. It has a checklist with all tech essentials you’ll need on your trip.

First of all, the cell phone will allow you to keep a lot of things under control. Traveling to the beach, going into the mountains, or visiting cities around the world will become a better travel companion and the key to geting you out of trouble. For example, some applications make life easier, whatever the destination you choose,which is at your fingertips, for free, but to have access to all its benefits, we must not forget these accessories.

A power bank so you don’t get hung up


And as you walk with your mobile on your back, sooner or later, you will have to charge the battery, and you may not find an outlet at hand, an available or compatible charger. In that case, the ideal thing to do is to get a power bank: you will not lack energy for three or four full charges.

The tricky part comes now: which model to choose? It depends on your mobile’s compatibility and the model’s size and the autonomy. But if you do not want to fail, we recommend you go for a battery compatible with the fleet of terminals in several countries. You can also get a plug-in charger, another alternative for those who have lost theirs or want a replacement.

International SIM card

If you are traveling abroad, you will most likely need such a card. Depending on the phone company and the tariff you sign up with, you can purchase a SIM card to enjoy unlimited text messages and national and international calls. You will only need an unlocked cell phone to use it during your travels.

A handful of applications, of course


In this case, you’ll need some apps to organize your trip: we suggest you keep an eye on road information, possible detours, road closures, or “caravans” with Maps or Waze. What’s the weather going to be like? For that, you can use the complete AccuWeather. There is also Help me – Sos International, a free app that allows you to connect with the police, ambulance, and fire department of 200 countries and automatically send the GPS coordinates of the user’s location in case of emergency.

In times of travel, any guide can be crucial not to miss details. The Kolobee app can be, in this sense, handy. It offers the possibility of converting your mobile map into a route in which warnings are launched when you are within 200 meters of a historical monument or place with a fascinating history.

Applications to locate cheap flights and hotels, ditto, or gas stations that have the fuel at the best price are almost a must these days: you will save more than you think.


There are more and more storage possibilities that new technologies offer to transport data. But, on any trip, the indispensable device is the USB pendrive. The portable external hard disk has already established itself as another good option, thanks to the improved ratio between the amount of storable data and its size/weight.

If, dispite everything, forgetfulness occurs, smartphone cards can function as data carriers. All you need is a USB cable to connect the cell phone to the laptop or a computer with a reader for this type of card. In any case, uploading all the necessary documents to the cloud will never fail.

The cables


In case of a business trip where the computer cannot be missing, it is essential not to forget them. The most common types of cables to count are serial adapters (power and battery plugs), USB/Fireware adapters (for transferring documents), and audio and video adapters for the laptop for presentations, including the handy remote control for slideshows. It is also a good idea to find out what type of plugs are used in the country of destination.


Most hotels and public work and leisure centers offer wi-fi access, either free or paid. However, to avoid any bad connection problems at a key moment, it is necessary to have the help of a wi-fi network card to take with you everywhere. It is also highly recommended to have a network cable to connect to the signal more securely.



Being in constant communication with family, friends, the office in case of business trips is a common need. In addition to having access to the e-mail manager, video conferencing programs, such as Skype, can sometimes be very useful. Normally laptops have a camera included, but you can also pack a webcam in your suitcase and install it, if necessary, on a public computer.


There are several anti-theft systems for laptops on the market. In any case, it is necessary to get a good briefcase or backpack to transport the laptop as comfortably as possible and not be tempted to leave it parked in a bad place for a break. It is also useful to make use of some kind of protective case.

Noise-canceling headphones

If you are one of those who, for example, every time a saeta or chorale starts to sing you get a headache, but you still want to attend and enjoy all the visual and artistic aspect they offer, you can always make use of noise-canceling headphones -active, if possible-. Also in case of traveling for work they will be very useful. Choose the one that best fits your budget.

Suitcases with measures suitable for air travel and security items for luggage are essential when traveling, and we have found that a technological survival kit (cables and adapters or storage devices, etc.) can not be missing. Those little things that sometimes we do not count on and that can unnecessarily complicate the trip or the stay.