Integration of a Multifactorial Authentication System for Security Against Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime is a major threat to all businesses, many aspects breach the security of a corporation or institute, so protecting the data of a company is a major task. There are many software that provides security and protection against these crimes. Secure your all application and data with a multifactorial authentication solution.

Cyber crimes are of different types and due to different reasons it may be due to employee turnover or any external competitor, they would steal your data or critical information or may get information of your customers and attack the internal system of your company. This would cause great loss for companies and corporations, inwebo multifactorial authentication solution will provide you complete protection and security of internal data.

Reasons for the cyber attack:


Most cyber-attacks are due to the loss of confidential information or fraudulent transfer that may impact the company’s image and impact the growth of the brand.
it may be due to a large number of users using the same password that may cause leakage of data.

Not using any software or not very strong passwords will be more favorable for the hackers who attack your system. will secure your system and protect your computer from cyber attacks without using any equipment. It provides very high security by combining dynamic random key and hardware system module thus it provides devices password token security, it is very adaptive to your technical system without affecting its performance.

Customer care is the priority of all businesses thus it is necessary to provide access to all of your customers without any resistance and protect all the user’s information and confidential data.

This security software provides 360-degree protection which means it not only protect confidential information but make it easy for all customer to have easy access alongside protecting all the internal and external information.

This makes it easy for the customer to have a secure experience without any equipment the employee and customers can enjoy a good experience without any constrain, for ensuring multifactorial authentication there is no extra gadget but their smartphone and computers served the purpose.

Implementing a multifactorial authentication system is easy and not very time-consuming, it can be implemented without changing the entire architecture or disturbing the already build system, can adapt or overcome already present constrain, and have more than one connector like API, or SDK.

It complies with PSD2 and comply with all the security system and authenticate privacy.

They claim complete security and protection of your system and application thus they fulfill their claim with full quality service they fulfill their commitment to providing quality service, multi-factorial agreement, and service level agreement combine to provide the best protection service.  This authentication system provides easy access to all the information and application, it is easy to implement and customer friendly.

It can easily meet your authentication need and provide a security solution to all cyber attack problems, thus very flexible integration and can be easily adaptive.

Options to enhance security:


You can use different security software to enhance the security system, you can use it adds further protection to your already used protective security system, replace or you can combine the biometric authentication solution, can use tokens, or limit the user.

  • It is 2-factor authentication.
  • It does not require any additional device or equipment, also called a token browser.

It can overcome the authentication challenge in the network of many users, it involves testing, integration, user support, auditing, and data usage analysis.

They have programming interference and developing kits to give full protection of the technical system, identity management services support integration and provision.

It is equipped with an IWDS tool to synchronize users, processes, and programs with this security system, without creating a workflow that will help you to access this customer service solution, you can customize this authentication solution.

It is compatible with Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and management service, with quick and easy integration, it provides smooth security to the users and provides a safer and more productive digital environment for all the safe users as they are well aware of all the challenges of each sector.  Get the benefits of an authentication system for any sector of activity.

Inwebo in different fields:


Healthcare information is very confidential thus it helps in protecting this essential information for patients and the healthcare system.

It can secure and simplify the customer’s experience and improve the conversion rate.

It enhances the customer experience and complies with PSD2 and simplifies the integration.

Cybercrime will affect the reputation of the industry or company thus it affects the brand image, thus will protect against cyber threats.

Cyberattacks can cause a financial crisis for the company and destroy the already build in image of the industry, thus protecting and improving customer experience.

Most systems are complex and difficult but inwebo is very simple and easy to integrate without causing any complexity.

A cyber attack can affect community functions but this amazing software can protect society from this crisis.

The working environment is changing most businesses are online and are system based and data is stored in the system thus cybercrime and cyber attacks are increasing and using inwebo for the safety of data and confidential information.

It provides authentication without hardware or any tool or equipment, thus providing services without any hardware support.

Its ease, simplicity, and authentication are the success of inwebo.

It provides report access to the customers and satisfaction to MFA, the solution is user-friendly and easily integrated.

Management of workforce:

The integrated security software will help in the management of the workforce, it handles the security system very efficiently and effectively thus serving as a company partner in the management of all the applications either internal or external, and management of data and confidential information thus protecting the progress of a company.

This help in improving growth and development thus easily recognizing the risk factors associated with the cyber threat.

Improve your financial outcome of the company by using this safety as a customer service solution.