Is it worth Mining Bitcoin in 2024?

Many people have been asking themselves if Mining Bitcoin is worth it or profitable. There is massive domination of the landscape by the large scale mining operations. The Bitcoin mining started early by early adopters who could earn 50BTC every 10 minutes. The Bitcoin Guide below will give you a great perspective of why Bitcoin Mining is worth it.

Bitcoin Guide: the state of Bitcoin today

Mining farms, large Bitcoin mining operations, and many specialized mining devices dominate Bitcoin mining in the current world. The economies of scale are the main benefiting factors of these operations.

Bitcoin Harshrate

Bitcoin Harshrate is a very crucial thing in the mining of Bitcoin. The Harshrate is essential so that if its higher, you will not make maximum profits in Bitcoin. It is because when the Harshrate is higher, the large the number of miners available hence you will earn less.

Is Mining Bitcoin Worth It?

A little miner is digging on graphic card with golden coin. bitcoin mining and crypto currency concept.

Most of the people see the Mining of Bitcoin as not worth it since it requires cheap electricity, sharp technical insight to operate the ASICs and plain luck. You can use tools such as mine BTC or Bitcoin Mining Profitability calculator that will enable you to see if Bitcoin mining is worth it. Here you can choose various coins, add the electricity cost and many other things.

Bitcoin ASIC will help you immensely in mining numerous coins such as BTC, BCHSV, and BCH when operating on a cost-benefit analysis. They will help you in switching between networks to arbitrage opportunities.

Mining BTC is a good thing considering those factors, and mining other coins should not be counted as a financial windfall. If you want to be great in Bitcoin mining, you need to take it as a hobby. It may be profitable or not profitable to you, but bringing enthusiasm is the experience when doing it. It is all fun to create mining rigs, educate yourself about mining Bitcoin, your contribution to network security, and tell your friends or colleagues that you have specialized in Bitcoin mining.

If you want to make more money, purchase Bitcoin from an exchange and then hold it to your wallet. If you have excellent knowledge about Bitcoin mining and how it will look and how much money you will be earning, then it is worth it, and you should go for it. For more bitcoin insights click here.

How to benefit from the rise of Bitcoin


A great way to earn from mining is to buy Bitcoins and keep it a place where it will be very safe. The Exodus wallet is the best way to store the Bitcoin that you have purchased. Exodus is the most preferred in the world of cryptocurrency due to the following factors:

  • It gives support to more than 100 cryptocurrencies.
  • It is effortless to use, and its visuals delightful and appealing.
  • It allows the integration of desktop, mobile, and wallet.
  • You can easily exchange your Bitcoin with other cryptos from your wallet, and you do not need to create any account.
  • Offers 24/7 services to the people

Bitcoin Mining Costs


Electricity and equipment costs are the two significant cots of Bitcoin mining. People who live in homesteads that have cheap electricity are at a great advantage. It is the main reason the Bitcoin mining is a big thing in china since it has a very affordable hydroelectric power.

We have another cost, ASIC, which is minor but not to be ignored. The tiny miners’ costs between $ 1000-$ 3000 and a person need to buy plenty of them have caused considerable disadvantages to the large firms on receiving discounts when purchasing in bulk. ASIC is very expensive hence advisable to buy the best equipment since the current generation of miners offers ROI. The evidence is on the Amazon s the old Bitcoin mining rigs go for less than even $100

However, the ASIC miners become very obsolete fast, and it is their major negative thing. It will serve you for approximately 6-12 months in good conditions before the new ones are invented, and yours becomes obsolete after purchasing the ASIC miner. The cost of a reward ratio is very disappointing if you use mine on old equipment. The old equipment once becomes obsolete; it losses value as you cannot sell it to anyone.

The old ASIC miners are very useless and cannot help you with anything.

Mining pools


A mining pool is another cost of Bitcoin mining. They are collections integrated to share the blocks’ rewards in proportion to contributed mining hash power. However, they have a negative aspect as they unfortunately take control of the pools’ owners. Yet, Miners have a choice to redirect their power to the various mining pools at any time they want. A mining pool is one of the costs affecting Bitcoin mining. The following are the biggest mining pools.

●     Poolin- mines about 18% of all blocks, and it is a public pool. They are found in china and have a website fully in English.

●     F2Pool- it mines 17%

● it comprises of numerous public that can be joined. It mines 15%

●     Antpool- it is found in China, and its owner is BitMain. It mines 11% of all the blocks.

●     ViaBTC- it is the new mining pool that has been in operation for a year. It mines 9% and has majorly targeted the Chinese miners.

●     1THash &58coin- it comprises two pools; 1THash and 58coin.

●     Slush- it is the oldest mining pool and mines 11% of all the blocks. It is the best and most popular pool in the world despite its small size.

● it is a company that cannot be joined and mines 7% of all blocks.

●     Bitfury- it mines 3.5%; it is one of the miners that mine the fewer percentage blocks.


Many people have stated that Bitcoin is a straightforward way of making money. However, Bitcoin mining is dominated by huge companies that enjoy numerous advantages such as cheap equipment, electricity, and very experienced engineers that optimize the operations.