Tips for Making the Most of CTV Advertising in 2024

Becoming a successful business owner in today’s world is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, the 21st century brought many tools to our lives. People can now promote their business and products in many different ways. Despite social media networks, they can use emails, blogs, vlogs, and other stuff. Yet, one of the marketing methods that may grab your attention is CTV advertising. We are sure that some people hear about CTV advertising for the first time. Because of that, we would like to introduce them a little. 

What Exactly IS CTV Advertising?


We will try to explain CTV advertising in a simple way. CTV refers to connected television and it defines televisions that can connect to the internet and other host video content. In most cases, the programs offer some different types of services compared to traditional cable providers. The only way to access video content on CTV is through apps. 

Knowing what CTV is will tell you what exactly CTV advertising is. In short terms, it is a form of video advertising that can reach different types of devices. For instance, it can reach mobile devices, tablets, computers, etc. Traditional TV advertising has certain limits and you will manage to advertise only on one device. 

Difference Between Connected TV and OTT


We are sure that you have heard about Over-the-top platforms. Some people believe that CTV and OTT are the same things. However, that is far away from the truth. A good example of OTT is Hulu and Netflix. People can access these platforms without subscribing to a cable provider. On the other hand, CTV refers to the type of devices that people use to access OTT programs. That is the main difference between these two things. 

Now when we explained everything, let’s get to the point. We would like to share some tips for making the most of CTV advertising. 2024 is a turbulent year because of many reasons. That is the reason why you need to use the opportunity like that in a clever way. 

Before Everything – Follow the Trends!


You do not have to be a genius to realize how important it is to follow the trends. The same rule counts when we talk about CTV advertising. Each marketer needs to follow the news and updates from publishers. Despite that, it is important to follow all the stats connected with this type of media. Those insights will tell you everything about the interests and habits of your consumers. 

It is important to react promptly in this case. If you start following the trends before others, be sure that you will split from the masses. 

Connect CTV With Other Supporting Add Channels 


We know that running a video ad between episodes might seem like a big thing. However, you need to understand that method like that is not enough. No one guarantees that a consumer is going to pay attention to the content you published. Because of that, you need to find a way to prove to yourself that your target audience heard your campaign message. 

Still, there is one thing that we need to say here. Entrepreneurs and marketers often do not understand that messages can sometimes be overwhelming. You need to be clever and send a message entertainingly and engagingly. Because of that, connecting CTV with other supporting add channels can be the right choice. There are 4 different combinations that we will help you make the most out of CTV advertising. 

First of all, you should make a mixture of CTV advertising and retargeting combination. The mixture like that is a great opportunity for sequential messaging. The second option you have is using CTV together with programmatic display combination. When a consumer watches the add published by the same brand on different mediums, the brand resonance becomes statistically higher. We do not want to say that statistics say the full story. Yet, trying out the method like that will surely be helpful. 

The third option you have is using connected TV advertising together with Paid Search Combination. Believe it or not, the sponsored content can be an effective push that will convince the consumer to complete the transaction. 

The fourth choice you have is the combination of all things we previously mentioned. You will manage to get strong storytelling to add by using them all. Of course, we do not want to say that doing that is always going to be the perfect solution. Your success depends on your brand, the products you offer, etc. 

The Programmatic Way


There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself before running a CTV ad. The most important thing that you need to determine is what exactly you want to achieve. Despite that, you also need to know how much money you need to invest to reach your goal. 

The importance of timing is huge when we talk about ad spending optimization. Let’s use a real-life example to make things clearer here. Imagine that you are enjoying Saturday night while watching your favorite TV show. In the meantime, you see two different video ads. One add offers a discount on all the food that you can order. The other one gives you a discount for the programming course. You do not have to be a genius to realize which one of those two adds are going to be more effective. The food delivery ad is more relevant at that moment. That is the reason why programmatic ads are going to improve your timing and results. 

On the other hand, the pacing is an equally important factor. You mustn’t allow that you spend your monthly budget in the first week. When you start the CTV advertising, you must start it slowly. Over time, you will get the necessary data that will give you further directions. For instance, you will find out how your perfect customer looks like. When you get those directions, you can easily raise your investments. 

Final Thought

Before we say “goodbye” to each other, there is one thing we would like to say. You will manage to find different platforms that allow CTV publishers to build their ad monetization solutions. After they do that, they can easily sell the inventory to their advertising platforms. If you want to find out more about that, we recommend you check which options TheViewPoint offers.