7 Popular LinkedIn Automation Tools — Your Top Choice for 2024

LinkedIn automation software automates your LinkedIn prospecting and attracts more potential customers for your B2B product. You may import your contact list, or provide an audience for your outreach campaigns in any other way, schedule regular messages, and track user engagement.

A reasonable estimate is that within the first month, salespeople using LinkedIn automation tools typically experience a 25% increase in acceptance rates (connection requests) and more than a 30% increase in response rates!

It’s because of improved targeting and lots of time saved, thanks to such tools. Because of the time saved, a sales rep can focus efforts on other tasks and enhance workflow. The productivity is improved greatly.

Is LinkedIn automation still relevant in 2024?

Can messages that look like spam (automated) be effective?

The short answer is yes, they can be effective. Everything depends on the way you write your messages. The tool will only send your messages automatically; it is you who has to feed the tool QUALITY messages.

If you write mass-blasted, spam messages, you’ll get the respective results. A tool is only a tool.

You can benefit greatly by using LinkedIn automation tools: save a wealth of your time, delegate manual lead generation to a tool, cut off manual routine tasks, and get prospect contact data and insights that will drive you to better decisions and more revenue.

What are some of the greatest LinkedIn automation tools available?

Choosing the right automation tool for your tasks is a tricky thing. So, we have brought you the list of the top 7 automation tools based on our honest opinions.

1. Closely – Perfect Automation Tool and B2B Database

Source: youtube.com

Closely is the best answer for every sales team. It’s not just cloud-based LinkedIn automation with a brilliant reputation; it’s also a B2B contact database where you can find anyone’s email address/phone number for sales purposes. And it’s pretty inexpensive!

Closely is our top tool for engaging LinkedIn leads (automated campaigns, templates, customization with placeholders, the option to upload leads from LinkedIn events and groups, and handy analytics) and finding lead emails and phone numbers. It can also auto-like and auto-endorse skills. It is an excellent answer, and you can get it for as little as $50/month.

The sole disadvantage is that there are currently no connections with third-party apps. It’s also important to know that it’s the only tool that’s practically bug-free. Their user interface is praised a lot as well.

2. Octopus CRM – Inexpensive But May Cause Safety Issues

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a proper solution for automating LinkedIn prospecting and managing your LinkedIn contacts.

It’s one of the best LinkedIn lead generation tools available, and it can help you find and nurture prospects through LinkedIn, utilizing almost automated methods.

But as it is an extension so we will not recommend using it. Extensions can cause problems with LinkedIn safety. They’re easily detected and can result in your account getting banned.

3. Phantombuster – Ideal for Techies, Low-Cost Data Scraper

Source: salesdorado.com

For those who use LinkedIn, Phantombuster offers a ton of shortcuts. Go ahead and check it out if you’re a very technical person; you might find it pretty useful. You can send personalized messages to your LinkedIn connections and extract LinkedIn users from a search result or group.

Phantombuster doesn’t have a very user-friendly UI. The sales team typically finds it difficult to begin using it.

This tool also lacks sufficient third-party integrations, and its extension can cause safety harm as well.

4. Expandi – Popular but Missing Key Features

Source: g2.com

Expandi is one of the most famous solutions for automating LinkedIn. This tool helps you to create connection campaigns, and tailored LinkedIn messages and provides targeting features, all of which help in increasing the visibility of your profile and shortening your funnel.

However, some problems prevented us from placing it on the winners’ wall like poor UI, high price, etc.

5. Zotto – Good LinkedIn Automation, but No Customization

Source: ciriondo.com

With the help of Zopto, you can automate your lead generation process and obtain access to new customers and markets. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, there’s nothing to download, and you can be sure your account is safe once it’s set up, which won’t take more than a few minutes.

6. Drippy: a mid-level automation solution

Source: dripify.io

Drippy allows you to create a high-converting sales pipeline on LinkedIn in no time. You can use this cloud-based solution to automate your prospecting.

You can use the tool to import leads from CSV files and build a successful prospecting sequence. This tool simplifies the task of managing leads, but its user interface can be improved.

7. Meet Alfred – Extremely Buggy Automation

Source: meetalfred.com

MeetAlfred aims to make LinkedIn prospecting effortless. You can more effectively target the appropriate users with the appropriate messaging.

Despite the excellent UX, it occasionally had trouble operating, even while connecting to your LinkedIn account. So, bugs may happen.

You can try any of these tools. However, we recommend using cloud-based automation (like Closely or Expandi) to make sure your LinkedIn account stays safe.

Opt for the tools with great customer reviews. Go to Capterra, G2, or Product Hunt to read what users have to say about any of these tools.

Thank you for your attention.