Work for These IT Companies When You Live in Albany

The tech industry is a big one, and over the years the breadth and depth of jobs has grown. This booming industry is a challenging one, and offers those seeking a place among it many ways to apply their unique skill set to the working world.

If you’re looking at Albany houses for sale as a place to settle down, consider working for one of these IT companies in the area. But, we also know that finding a job in this area is not the only problem that you have. You also want to find a good house with good living conditions. Some people would like to find a home in an extremely quiet neighborhood.

On the other hand, others can’t afford to purchase one. Instead of that, they will look for something to rent. In both ways, you can visit here and find out more information about buying and renting a house. Now when we made this clear, it is about time to start exploring the IT sector and find IT companies you can work for.



Linium is a large company with over 3,000 employees and an annual revenue of $107 million. It’s a cloud transformation consultancy group that offers solutions for companies that aid in driving growth and efficiency.

Linium helps companies leverage cloud technology to improve user experience, carve a path to company growth, and improve internal operations.

The company has delivered over 3,500 successful engagements since 2004.



This highly regarded e-commerce network is utilized by the world’s leading retailers and brands in their retail and ecommerce business sectors.

They provide ecommerce fulfillment and marketing solutions for businesses, helping implement strategies that increase revenue and improve efficiency.

CommerceHub works with over 15,000 retailers, brands and suppliers, including The Home Depot, Macy’s, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more.

Its headquarters are in Albany, and they employ over 400 people and offer competitive salaries.

Vicarious Visions


Those in the gaming sect of technology will love working here, a video game developer that was founded in 1991.

If you like a company that doesn’t feel corporate, Vicarious is a good choice. It’s a small company that employs approximately 250 people.

The company has worked on games like Diablo Resurrection and Tony Hawk Pro Skater.



Intevity is another small tech company in Albany, one that develops technology and solutions to drive business growth.

They pride themselves on their “human first” philosophy, working to make sure everything they do is anchored in a people-forward way of thinking and working.

They focus on helping businesses to have more efficient customer service, seamless e-commerce, creation of technology that converts customers to sales, and they also audit current systems in place and advise on how to improve them.



The most notable name on the tech scene in Albany, Microsoft is a mecca for tech lovers.

The multinational corporation produces computer software, consumer electronics, video games, personal computers, cloud services, and other technological resources.

It is the largest vendor of computer software in the world and has offices in more than 60 countries.

Odds are, you’ve used a Microsoft product or two throughout your life.



Convergint Technologies designs, installs, and services security, fire alarm, life safety, audio-visual, and building automation solutions.

There are thousands of workers across the globe, and the company prides itself in investing millions of dollars per year on employee training and certifications.

Convergint’s products can be seen across a myriad of industries: financial institutions, healthcare buildings, higher education properties, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceuticals, retail, transportation, and mining.

They are an established company, having been in business since 2001.

Groff Networks


Groff Networks is an IT company that is founded back in 2005 and since then its focus of business is serving small businesses with cybersecurity and cloud resolutions. They are very committed to the concept of the independent business because they think that those businesses have a specific passion for working purpose towards offering help to the employees, families, and whole communities. Therefore, Groff Networks’ goal is to help those businesses to change, support, and improve their work.

Northeast Network Solutions


The goal of Northeast Network Solutions is completely opposite that of the Groff Networks company. More precisely, they are not focused on helping small businesses. Instead, they are conducting a more generalistic approach. They are describing their IT services in the way that they are representing themselves as a service provider that can provide hosted cloud services, monitoring, administration of network and data backup as well as data recovery.

Their primary goal is to implement new innovative software and hardware packages that are now available and help businesses of all sizes. Therefore, with this company, all businesses can rely on their technology. The best thing is that they are offering even emergency services for problems that occur outside of business hours which means that you can always rely on the Northeast Network Solutions IT company.

National Business Technologies


National Business Technologies is very popular and we can freely say an old Albany company. You will be surprised to hear that the company is established back in 1927 and since then its crucial business goal refers to be graphics and photo equipment. Nowadays, they are a highly famous company for graphic hardware including printers and scanners, however, they created and expanded the IT sector as well.

Even though they contain the world National in their name, the company is based right in downtown Albany and offers IT services. Their approach is based on providing high-quality business technology, managing both IT and print sectors of services and they also help customers to reduce unnecessary expenses. Their technology solutions really gained huge popularity.

Albany IT Group


While many IT companies in Albany are actually focused on a hardware solution, there is one popular company called Albany IT Group that is mainly focused on software problems. This company is completely an IT one, however, there is one important thing to mention – not only that they are software support providers, but they are also software consultants.

In other words, they are helping businesses to define and refine the tools that are necessary in order to stay competitive in a business industry with the latest technology innovation ideas. Their collaborative approach are providing a reliable sense because they are ready to figure out with the businesses how they can develop the best solution possible for specific needs. In that way, they are considering all companies as they are individuals with specific requirements. This is called custom software development. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Albany IT Group is the first one to take the mobile-friendly approach to software design. This means that they are creating custom apps for different purposes.