PUBG Show_ How to Show FPS in PUBG

PUBG Show: How to Show FPS in PUBG

How to show FPS in PUBG

Some terms are commonly used by gamers like Response time, FPS, Free Sync, V sync, Ping, and Latency. FPS of Frame Per Second is one of the essential terms in all of these. You know, in today’s world it’s all about eSports now. So, gamers want the best experience out of their game. Therefore, I will be guiding you on how to show FPS in PUBG

What is FPS in PUBG mobile?

If you don’t know what FPS is, it is frames per second. In terms of PUBG, FPS is like how many unique images are transferred in each second. So, in PUBG, mobile FPS depends on mobile RAM and card. So, if you have reasonable and latest mobile, you will automatically have a good FPS. 

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Which FPS is better for PUBG?


Apps for PC like PUBG, Mobile FPS plays an important role. So higher the FPS better the game experience. Higher FPS make the overall game experience smooth and better. In this way, there is a better chance to enhance skills when having more FPS. So, 60 FPS in better. 

Is 30 FPS good for PUBG?

If you FPS in 30, then it is fine. But during the game at some point, there is graphic intensive action involved. Here your frames will drop and will result in lag. 

Method 1: How to show FPS in PUBGAndroid [Guide]

  1. First Step is to navigate to the screen
  2. Then go to Steam Settings 
  3. From these options you see, scroll to “in-game” tab
  4. Now find the option for “in-game FPS counter.”
  5. Here click on the drop-down and select “on.”

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Method 2: How to show FPS Counter PUBG Lite [Guide]

Before getting deep, this guide is for android users only. So, if you are trying to do this for the IOS device. This guide will not work. And Android users don’t need to root their devices. 


  • Install Gamebench on your phone
  • On Android Signup for Gamebench account 
  • Need to Download Gamebench for Windows as well
  • Now login to Web Account with same logins 
  • A USB compatible with PC

Steps to Follow

  • Enable USB Debug on your Android phone
  • Settings > About Phone >Tap on build number several times 
  • Go back to Settings > Developer Options (Enable It)
  • Connect PC with USB Cable
  • Allow debugging connection when you see a popup
  • Launch Gamebench app on PC and Android
  • Click Begin Button 
  • Desktop App will detect your phone and will unlock FPS 

PUBG Show How to Show FPS in PUBG

  • You need to enable 2 permissions from Android (Usage Statics and Draw over other Apps)
  • Once the process is done. No need for USB cable now
  • On Android Go to App and using + button add PUBG App
  • Click on the play button you see with the PUBG image. 
  • If App is stuck add permissions discussed in step 9
  • After doing this. You will see the FPS counter

PUBG Show How to Show FPS in PUBG

How to Get 60 FPS on PUBG Mobile?

Follow these steps to get 60 FPS for PUBG Mobile. The best FPS for PUBG is 60 FPS. You need to change the settings in PUBG Mobile Graphics. 

  • Set Graphics to Smooth
  • Frame Rate to Extreme

The conclusion to Show FPS in PUBG : 

In the end, what you need is an excellent smartphone with the best GPU and CPU. The smoothness and graphics of games depend on the CPU and GPU. For games like PUBG and Fortnite, you need to have max FPS. The Gamebench tools help you securely track PFS. That’s it for this article. See you.

You can also download the Pubg from the play store.