E-learning Across Generations: How Different Age Groups Embrace Online Education?

Online classes and courses became very popular in recent years. It is not a surprise considering the convenience we can get from that. For example, you can easily learn something new, or even change the course of your career by focusing on some online course.

That is especially valuable for adults who are interested in starting a new position. Going to public classes can be challenging for them due to work and other duties. In that matter, this model is perfect if you want to learn a new skill so that you can follow the most recent trends and become more competitive in the job market.

Some of the most popular online courses are related to the IT industry. If you want to learn more about available options, visit elearningindustry.com. In this article, we will analyze more about how different groups are embracing this new model of learning.

Pre-School Period

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Parents are having a key role during this time when it comes to motivation and helping their kids gain proper habits of learning new things. Kids are getting digital literacy at a very young age today, which is not surprising due to the expansion of various devices. For example, it is common that a child will start using a tablet or a smartphone as early as only 2 or 3 years of age. Even though they will only be interested in entertainment, there are many ways to introduce educational content to them as well.

Creators of educational content are aware that small kids will be interested only in something that is engaging. In that matter, you can find a lot of options with interactive games and interesting videos that will help children learn some basics like reading, basic math, and a lot of other lessons that will prepare them for elementary school. However, keep in mind that it is very rare that a kid will look for these courses alone. Therefore, you, as a parent, must be a guide.

Elementary School

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This can be a challenging time for kids because they already have a lot of regular classes, and it is common that most kids will look at any additional courses a bit overwhelming. On the other side, standard elementary school is proven to not be too efficient in providing every kid with the right level of education. There are usually classes of around 30 kids, and they will share the same experience. However, not all of them will be able to follow the lessons at the same pace.

That is the main reason why online tutoring is a great solution. Parents usually try to help kids by working with them and teaching them some basic things. However, that will be even more efficient with private classes and individual experience a kid will get with online tutoring.

For example, math can be challenging, and there are videos and online tutors that can explain it in a way where the kid will understand it with less difficulty. The same is for any other subject, such as chemistry, history, English, and more. Still, we have to mention that the proper habits are crucial. Kids will be interested in using their devices and internet only to play games, watch content, and use social media. Therefore, parents must be involved and to even consider rules and limits when it comes to using the phone and PC.

College Students

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It became quite common after the pandemic that many Universities are offering online classes. There is no difference between being in the classroom or watching the same lesson from home. There is also a possibility to interact with the professor by typing questions. Besides that, there are consolations available where you can use Skype, Zoom, and similar platforms.

The additional classes are even more valuable. Keeping up with all lessons in college can be challenging. In that matter, it is crucial to find a way to follow-up and secure good grades. That is the main reason why online tutoring is the most popular among students. Whenever you have a problem with learning, or you even failed some subject, there is always an online course, a tutor, or a lot of videos about the related topic that will help you improve your grades.

Another reason why this model of education is more popular among students is related to their ability to focus. While procrastination is still common, it is not at the same level as it is among younger generations. People between 20 and 25 are aware of the value and importance of having the ability to get additional help and knowledge. According to the statistics, around 50% of students are using some form of online education.


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The higher percentage of people that are using this model of learning is among those between 30 and 40 years of age. This group is mostly interested in expanding their knowledge to get a promotion or change the profession. As we already mentioned, the IT sector is especially popular, and most people will try to learn coding and graphic design.

However, procrastination and failure to complete the course is also highest in this group. There are many factors that are affecting that, like the fact that you already have a job, family, additional activities, and a need to rest or hang out with friends after work instead of learning. Therefore, motivation and dedication are crucial.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the online model is very popular, but not all groups and ages are using it in the right way. Kids must have a guide and understanding of how important it is for their future education to seek additional knowledge. On the other hand, the adults will often start a course they won’t complete.

The conclusion is that students find it the most valuable, and they are getting the most of it. In the end, anyone can learn a lot of new things, and even change the course of their careers with the right selection of online tutoring and various materials available on the internet.