How Cannabis Cultivators Are Using New Technology to Be More Productive in 2024?

One of the blooming businesses today is growing cannabis, and considering how greatly accepted legalizing it was, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Now, for many years the art of growing this plant has been perfected, and today we can say that we are as close to perfection as possible.

Of course, tech has a huge role in all that, as you can create ideal conditions for growing cannabis almost anywhere today, and certain advancements in the cannabis growing industry have also helped with dealing with some other issues. That is why today, we will focus more on how cannabis cultivators are using new technology to be more productive.

LED Lights for Better Growth

Each plant needs proper lightning for its growth, and cannabis is not an exception, which is why cultivators have needed to find a way to provide the plants with enough light on a daily basis. A lot of knowledge is necessary for calculating a daily light integral during the different stages of marijuana growth, and thanks to LED lighting, it is possible to provide it.

Not only that LED can replace daylight and allow plants to grow even in indoor conditions, but we can also set up the time they will automatically turn on and off, so we do not need to worry about forgetting that important thing.


Keep in mind that one of the reasons for such a big expansion of growing this plant, besides being finally legal, is about the conditions as regardless of where you are, with the right equipment and a bit of knowledge, you can easily grow cannabis. Besides the fact that LED is much better for plants than any other type of lightning, it is also environmentally friendly and reduces pollution, which makes it the best choice. The only downside is its price, as they are a little more expensive than HPS lightning that was used before, but if we consider their lifespan, we will see that LED is worth all the money.

Automatic Temperature Control

Another important factor for any plant growth is temperature, as unlike people or animals, they cannot regulate it on their own. Extremely hot or cold temperatures will damage the cannabis, slow its flowering and even reduce the potency it should have and change the smell. Regular thermometers that have been used before were not enough, as they were able only to measure the room temperature, which is not enough if we want to improve our business.

Take Care of Lst

If we want to achieve that, we need to measure the room temperature and leaf surface temperature and take care that LST is 2-4 degrees lower all the time. The plant breathes through the leaves, and these systems are used as a cooling system, which is why this temperature always needs to be lower than the environmental one. If not, the plant will not grow as fast as it should, and it can lead to many problems, and as the worst case scenario, it can even mean that all the work you have placed in growing it will be for nothing.

Adjusting the Temperature


Growing cannabis can be an extremely profitable business, but only if one knows what they are doing, and here, many people who start growing it are unaware that the temperature needs to be adjusted. That is why another important factor you need to control is the difference between the daily and nightly temperature, as it should never be the same.

The temperature at night needs to be about ten degrees lower than the one during the day because it simulates conditions from nature, and that’s the primary goal here. Also, if one lacks experience, it’s always a good thing to consult someone who has spent more time growing cannabis, as adjusting the right temperature is of vast importance. On the other hand, thanks to new infrared thermometers and automatic temperature regulation, all we need is to set the temperature we want, and everything will be done automatically.

Watering Is Much Easier Now

Besides regulating the temperature, watering is probably the hardest part of growing any plant, as it is a tiny difference between dry and too moisture soil, and that tiny difference becomes big when it comes to growth. Thanks to new technology, there is no need to worry about watering the cannabis anymore because sensors are used to measure the soil humidity and send a signal to sprinkles that keep it to the optimum.

It makes everything much easier and the entire plantation much more productive, as the plants get the best possible conditions for their growth. Understandably, this also means that you will have to pay a bit more to get these sensors, but think of it as a smart investment that will pay itself in the near future. Overall, the tech has really advanced so much lately, which makes growing cannabis much easier and less time-consuming, and, what matters the most, doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Pick the Right Seeds


Even though this is not that much related to the tech, it’s a crucial step and also something where most people make a mistake. Namely, picking the right type of seeds is one of the first and most important steps toward growing your cannabis growing empire. Now, the main choice is usually between regs and feminized seeds.

Needless to say that a much better and cost-efficient choice is the second option, as they produce much more female plants. Yes, some will state that the benefit of rigs is that they can generate both types of plants, but in essence, that just means more work and much more time spent on separating them.

Another thing is that no one can be certain whether, and if so, how many female blooms will regs produce, which is not something you will have to worry about with feminized seeds. Understandably, this decision is yours, and yours only, but make sure to go through all the facts before making any decision, and you can find more info on this topic at